" My Holiday 2 "


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I admit I miss home but I truly appreciate the opportunity of going back here for a holiday. I have adjusted to the humid weather, the people- including their jestings and the Freudian Slip group ( ha,ha! ), the sweet drinks and bread, the famous Bangus- daing, fried, sinigang, whichever way they cook it, it's still the best! the local dishes like pinakbet, binagoongan, even our tender, juicy hotdog, ha,ha,ha,hmmm...but most of all to be with the people who are closest to your heart is still the best thing this holiday has offered, and for me its- Family and church. Especially my favourite person in the world- Jennifer, who has grown smarter, stronger and braver ( special mention! ) I'll definitely miss our chikas and musings about life, people and our shared annoyance for that grumpy old guard at CEC, ha,ha,ha.
Well, it's just a bit sad to know that a couple of weeks from now everything we are enjoying will turn into memories, sniff! , Hey- I know, I know I'm getting a bit too senti, blog-reader.
We'll be leaving our town of Calasiao- Dagupan, our dear homeland once again and resume our Kiwi life of quiet boredom. Jeez, what a bugger.
I'll definitely miss the Malls, the 'Tiangge ', the bibingka and ginataan, Max's, the mami and siopao of Rubi's, the halo-halo and congee of Chowking and of course my favourite resto in this part of town- Jam Sweet Jam.
The buzz and elbowing of people wherever you go, the Kalesa rides! but of course, my children really enjoyed that, though I kinda winced every time the kalesa driver ( ? ) whipped the horse on its side, albeit gently.
And lest I forget let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to see that Manila, and the provinces are cleaner- way,way cleaner than before, because as far as I can remember you can see and smell rubbish in every nook and cranny of the Philippines ( sorry, but tis' true ) Now, whoa...the streets are clear of piles of rubbish, candy wrappers etcetera. Amazing.
Hey, now, I havent even gone into shopping yet- the Philippines will always be the shopping capital of Asia, well- alright, probably second to Hong Kong...but anyway, the newest venture of the famous SM chain of malls- the Mall Of Asia, is truly by far the largest in this region, and we've been there twice and it lived up to its name. Huge, is all I can say.
Ok, so I guess you're getting sick of me by now blog-reader esp. after rattling on and on about my holiday...so I'll end here but I'll be back with even more details, mwah ha ha...Until then!

" Choose Ye This Day... "


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I have heard somewhere that when life begins no one really notices- like for example, the growth of a new blade of grass, a sapling breaking through and out of the ground, or the very first heartbeat of a life in a mothers womb. Life breaking forth and existing. Things that no one knows about except for the source of it all, the Creator Himself. It is quite an intimate and amazing thing, dont you think?
There are no fireworks, there are no bells clanging, nor people celebrating...when life first begins, everything on earth is silent. But the God that we serve, who knoweth all things and sees all things- He knows, because He ordained that life to come forth.

Its the same thing with our walk with Him. When our hearts for the first time bowed down before Him, when our will, for the very first time is wholly surrendered to Him, when our soul cries out for salvation and mercy, nobody knows about it...nobody but Jesus. He knows the desires of our hearts, He knows the truth about us despite the facade that we put on for everybody, He knows us...every single thing about us. And when we feel that He is drawing us towards Him- that is the greatest thing that will probably happen in your entire life, believe me or not- the greatest opportunity that will come by your way is when God calls you, because that is the right time to respond.

Most people take it lightly though, probably because they think He will always be there waiting...that He is a loving God and full of patience and longsuffering- and yes, all that is true, except that He wont always be there to call, He wont always be there to move your waters, He wont be there all the time. Because with God- there is an appointed time for everything, there is a right and ripe time- AND when you miss your last call, thats it, friend.

The mercy seat wont always be open, there is a time of judgement coming, and every single one who lived here on earth will be held accountable for every deed, word and decision that we have made. That is truth for you, plain and clear. The bible says so. Find out for yourself if you doubt what you've just read. Because there is one thing the Lord wouldnt do for us- He wouldnt decide for us. He would not force His will and plan in our lives upon us.

We get to choose, we get to decide- to lay down our own will, our ambitions, hopes and plans and take up our cross of reproach, trial, persecution and humiliation to follow Him...or live a care-free, selfish life which leads to eternal separation from Him and death to our souls in the end. Sadly for most people, they do not choose Jesus Christ, or they take their own sweet time, mulling in the mud of the world. But try as they might to avoid His call, it will still come back to them, even in their deathbeds- choose ye this day who you will serve?

But for those who can still hear Him calling and has decided to follow His word and voice for this hour- Arent we priveleged? that out of the billions of people who lived on this earth, He paid attention to you? And that despite our weaknesses and failures He would not give up on us? We are just so blessed that He is patient and longsuffering towards us, and that He gives us second chances- because in our flesh we always lean to our carnal nature, the nature that resists anything godly or pure. But He has overcomed all things for us and redeemed us, purchased us with His blood, sealed us with the Holy Ghost.

That when He touched us, and His life started within us- He is bound by His Word to finish what He began in us? because He loves us, He genuinely loves us. He promised it and we claim that promise, why? because we are foreordained to do so. He knew us and called us before the foundation of the world. He preserved a people unto Himself. So for those who truly, genuinely love and follow the Lord Jesus Christ- let us then assume our places in His body for the rapture to come. Because persnally that is my only ambition, to be with Jesus.

" And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose ye this day whom ye will serve...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. " JOSHUA 24:15

" On Blogging and Freudian Slips "


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Certain people seem to have a knack for tongue slips, or Freudian slips (in honor of Freud the philosopher, of course, who became famous for his sexuality theories- meaning he pulled out all the taboo subjects and brought them out in the open for his peers and for all of the generations to come to ponder on, well anyway thats another story...), they just are effortlessly, naturally without any sense of tact, so to speak. They often speak their thoughts out loud and most of them dont even realize the weight of words they spew out...tsk, tsk. And its funny because when they themselves get a dose of their own medicine from another person, they react so strongly about it. I guess we all have had encounters with Freudian slip people and the experience we have with them are unpleasant of course, because they tend to go ridiculing on and on about you or something/someone else and its simply annoying.
Anyways, I used to react sensitively to taunts and freudian slips of all manners, but now I find it humurous...(and for people who still havent got a clue of what I am talking about- well, just, uhhh...move on to the next blog ?), up to a certain point of course. But, I consider myself a survivor. I've grown to tolerate 98% of taunting, criticsm and sarcasm- which is often thrown my way, with wisdom and maturity by the grace of God.
I have a question, blog reader, do you think blogging makes Freudian slips legit?
Well for me- I think so...I happen to click on the " forward to another blog " button and lo and behold the next blog contained very profane words and he was talking about another mans wife,ewww. I couldnt miss it cause the words were in bold print. Oh, dear.
I think its because the nature of blogging is just so liberal. You can and may write about everything you want. There are agreements by your host that you tick on which we all are familiar with, but its just SOP. Truth is, your blog reflects the kind of person that you are and after starting off with a few decent postings, well, the natural you comes out. I guess a blog is another form of a comfort zone. Ok, ok- I hate to cut this short but I have to end this posting, because I am in the middle of something- I actually am doing my research whilst writing this post, thats why the flow of my thoughts isnt as seamless as they use to, sorry!
Well, thanks anyway, imaginary blog-reader for taking the time to bear with all my musings about life and more...til next issue?

" Just Another Day...Really? "


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Another day, another week really has passed, days just seem to overlap each other dont they? This is a ' nothing much' posting I'm writing blog- reader, so bear with me...thanks. Just want to breathe out my weeks' care a little.
Today has been one of the most interesting days I've ever had, and I'll tell you why, alright? -----
Well, firstly I do have a reason to celebrate- because this morning I got a letter from the University I applied to about the course I wanted to pursue after this course that I am currently doing-- and--- my pre-entry test for the Bachelor of Nursing course came out fine, I got offered a placement, after doing an hour and a half test of critical thinking and what- have- you, out of 250 applicants and with only 30 placements left in the Bay of Plenty area...so I give myself a pat on the back for that, which I hope is not too arrogant of me to do. Feels good, yhesss. Having said that though , am going through a dilemma- wether to plunge in or not, because of my concerns with my kids, because if I do push through with my schooling, no one will look after them ( sigh ) which I cannot afford to happen. So, really, I'm in a bit of a bind. Bugger.
Second, this week I'm really flat out...gee, I went to school,did a huge assesment and got heaps of assignments thrown my way, I've worked in 3 different wards- which kept me on my toes,( and out of breathe, I should say )...did safety watches on a brain injured man and on a dementia patient as well- which was mentally and emotionally challenging, in fact I feel drained. I just got home from my shift at the hospital and, my feet's really sore. And, I have a presentation on our Anatomy and Physiology subject come Monday....hu,hu,hu...help! Yes, all that plus cooking, cleaning the house, spending time with kids and hubby and family.
Talk about multi-tasking. Tsk, tsk.
And have I not mentioned we had visitors who stayed over for 2 nights? Tonight, I've just gone home from my duty and here I am- blogging at 1 in the morning. Yup, I have gone mad. But I feel the need to breathe it all out...and write it all down. Dont ask me how but I managed to squeeze in 2 hours this noon to spend lunch, out with my 2 lovely sisters at our favourite Italian restaurant, sipped beautiful moccachinos' and ate truffles for dessert.
All these in one day. I reckon I'm entitled to the guiness' world book of records, dont you think? Now could somebody please give me my trophy?

" The Last Junction "


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Let me paint you a scenario...after years of travelling, walking along lifes' paths, climbing hills, mountains and crossing rivers , you suddenly come to a halt- because there's this great junction ahead, and you scratch your head thinking- havent I avoided a dozen of these before?, but then again you noticed this one is mighty different than the other ones. This seemed important, looming...you just can sense it.

You look to the left, then to your right and there is absolutely no other divertion to take except for these two highways. The left highway looked more festive than the other one, you can see people from far off merrymaking, you could hear some of your favourite tunes being played...you looked even closely and hey- you can see your old friends and some of your relatives having a good time, and everything in your flesh seem to sway you in that direction, but there is something strange about it all.

So, you found a rock to sit on and pondered for a little while, you peered at the other road- it was quiet, you cant see anybody, but there are fresh footprints which meant somebody must've been walking ahead, perhaps not too distant from where you are now. That sad, dusty road is really very unattractive...but as you sat there, you can faintly hear someone humming a tune, and you recognize that tune- isnt that one of those hymns you used to hear whenever you pass by that old church in the neighbourhood on Sundays? yeah, thats it, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound- you've always liked that song, it unfailingly fills your heart with peace and rest but at the same time your flesh resists it.

You let out a sigh, as it dawned upon you, what this junction is all about. This is what you have been avoiding all these years and you thought you could get around it- and you did, for a time.
Now you realize, you can never really get round it, no sir, not in another lifetime...and here you are now at the end of the road, here it is looming before you. You know very well that you have to make a decision, you have to choose and you know where each of these roads lead to.

People dont really take this seriously because they have heard it a thousand times before- on TV, on the radio, in their churches and sadly from people whose life does not match what they profess. And it has turned out to be a fairytale for them, God has become a cartoon character. A myth. Even the rapture of the saints of God has been interpreted in various manners. Nobody cares anymore about their souls' salvation. But we can never escape it friends. We are held accountable for every single thing we think, everything we do, most especially. And when you know that God is telling you something, and you just ignore it...you are held accountable for it.

Even with the abundance of make believers all around us, there is still that group of people who are indeed, truly christians, and you can tell, I believe in your heart you can tell, if you have come in contact with a true follower of Jesus Christ. And you better pay attention when God talks to you.
Because there will come a time in your life when He will ask you for the last time, and that opportunity will never come again, even if you ask Him with tears.
The Bible says that- Gods' spirit will not always strive with man. God is giving out His last warning, it really pays to take heed.
Remember, we can put off responsibility but we can never avoid accountability.

Friend, it is time. The scripture says "Today is the day of salvation". Let us receive the gift of salvation and redemption that Christ generously offers us, which He paid for with His very life. I hope you do not take it lightly.
At the end of the day, it is your decision, which road your'e going to take.

" Desensitized "


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Truly this generation is fulfilling the Sodom and Gomorrah condition, where they just would'nt respond anymore to Gods' call. Where when you try to do the right thing accordingto Gods Word - you get snickered at behind your back, and labelled as a legalist, when you know in your heart you only want to do what is pleasing to Him, as a christian. And it'll get worse and worse. Just last week, the NZ education sector announced that praying in schools is illegal ( sigh...), you could actually be brought to court for it.
Violence, sex and other immoralities in films and print get by without being noticed especially when famous actors or models portray them or if it is ' artistically ' done, sounds familiar doesnt it?

Simple explanation really, everyone is being desensitized. Violence, sex and low morals are common things, they happen everyday to everyone. The next generation- OUR children- will grow up with this environment, with this mental conditioning...and its sad isnt it?
Its sad because you can see and feel it, not only out there in the world but now even amongst true believers. Let us be wary, fellow christians and let us continue on with the battle- for it is indeed a battle and all of us are battlefront warriors.
Let's not be ashamed of who we are in Christ, even if we have to suffer mens' reproach. This is the time where we need to cling closely to the Lord Jesus, where we need to pray more and meditate more on His Word.
We need more of Him and we have to realize that before its too late.

" All or Nothing "


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Following Jesus is not a game we play. Though most people trivialize it. Being a christian is a life changing decision which entails self- denial and laying down ones will. Its easier said than done, I know, because even now there are areas in my life that needed yielding still. But the good thing is the Lord is there to help us and He'll make sure He finishes what He started in us...and if you believe that then you'll be alright but if you doubt, nothing life changing will ever happen to you. So it really boils down to one thing, faith.

We all hold on to something, different things. It may be money, reputation, ambitions, lust, temporary pleasures in life really. I guess its human nature, its because deep inside we all know there is something out there to hold on to. The devil just tries to give us the wrong things. He has this bag of tricks that keeps us mesmerized, ( like a donkey with a carrot dangled in front of it) and it makes us forget that we are sons and daughters of the living God. We forget the very reason why we are born in this world. Its to serve Him.

I know not everyone will understand what I' m trying to say, I will always pass off as a fanatic or extremist even and I do not really expect everybody to agree because I know not all of us are predestinated, but anyway for those who do understand then this is for you...
Let us just serve God with all of our hearts. If we decide to follow Him then lets do so 100% , because this isnt a game we play, being a christian isnt a put-on, its not a " sunday-play "where we go to church, wear our sunday clothes, lift up our hands to worship and yet deep inside our hearts betray us. Come Monday we are back to the miry clay, enjoying it even.
Let us know our place in Him and assume it. Let us be SURE of our calling, " Let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling..." Let us manifest our confession and not just mouth the words.
Because to follow Jesus is to lay down our everything or nothing at all. And do we really think we could hide our erring ways from Him? he knows our coming and goings, He knows the thoughts that rise from our hearts even before we say them, He knows everything about us. It just makes me sad for people who cannot give over their lives to God, they are somewhat stuck in that condition, just going round and round and round. We need Gods transforming power. Thing is we can only benefit from that if we let go. If we let go of the thing or things we are holding on to.
Making a conscious decision, a conscious effort every single day that " this day I will give my life to Jesus ", take it one day at a time till one day you'll wake up and know that He has taken the reins from you. Just let go.

" Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you REST.
Take my yoke upon you, and LEARN OF ME; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and Ye shall FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. " Matt.11: 28-30
" Wherefore the rather, bethren give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things , ye shall never fall: " 1Peter 1: 10
" Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you. Clense your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. " James 4: 8

" When Christ is Not Enough "


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It's a sad, sad reality...and it really breaks my heart that I will get to personally see the day when our Lord Jesus will not be taken seriously anymore by people. They are too absorbed with the world and the eventual death it offers, I dare say they strive with all their might to go to hell, unknowingly perhaps.
People just do not care at all ! they're only focused on temporary pleasures...living in the moment kinda' thing. Lustful, materialistic, filling the mind with evil imaginings, without holiness, without remorse, knowingly disobeying the Word ( tsk,tsk ) then going to church on Sundays. I just dont get it! Sometimes I think, especially for people that I love...sometimes I feel I want it more for them than they do themselves, because there is just no will.

I do not second guess my salvation, I know I am sealed in Christ but I am worried about the people I love. I do not want to judge them when the Judgement day comes, because in that day, I will either be for them or a witness against them, see. And the wrath that God has been holding up will be unleashed, for that is the appointed time for it. Its just that nobody is taking it seriously enough to STOP them on their tracks and TOTALLY repent and give over their lives to Him. Its beyond pathetic. Its sad.

We all have been warned, repeatedly enough- but most people keep ignoring it, probably finding it humuorous even ( God forbid! )... But we all are presented with choices each and every day of our lives, what you choose to do is your sole responsibility and YOU WILL ANSWER FOR IT in Gods throne one day.
But hey you have another choice, God gave you an option- and you'll only benefit from it if you'll take it...He bore all our sins, past, present and future, He is interceding for us right this very minute. He has paid for your soul, you will not stand before Him in the day of Judgement because you are pardoned.

Will you take up His offer? will you open your hands and let go of everthing youre holding on to, to be able to grasp His? will you take His hand with all your heart and carry the cross for Him? And will you do that because you want to?
What's your choice?

" Pothole "


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You know how it is when the road you take is all smooth and cruising and suddenly your tires get stuck in a pothole? well, thats how I'am right now... and things seem a bit more than they should because, well, everything ran perfectly just before. I know, I know the simile isnt that good and is a bit muddled, which just exacerbates how I feel. Hmm...it doesnt take much guessing blog reader but yeah, am a bit in the dumps right now...just a bit.
So, youre saying?...yup, I'm human too.

I wont tell, but I've learned once more that great expectations lead to failed expectations most of the time except when were dealing with God of course. Its because we are fallible and weak. The flesh cannot be converted, thats why we needed redeeming. We need Calvary, a kinsman redeemer. That is the reason why John wept in Revelations', because he thought no one would come forward to take the book and open the seals...because he knew, if no one can, we are all doomed, there is no way of escape. But God had planned it all before the foundation of the world. He knew we needed saving from the flesh and everything else... Especially in our day, where it is a Sodom and Gomorrah condition.
We just need to fight it back until our physical redemption comes, that is the rapture. We are already eternally secure in Him. Its just this pesthouse we need to rid off. But then again the Lord has provided a way for us whilst here on earth...thats what the Holy Ghost is given for - to enable us to fight back, for the blood to speak for us when we get trapped to sin, to remind us every minute, " to act like frontlets over our eyes" according to the old testament.
Our thoughts reaches Gods throne before we even speak it, according to Bro.Branham, and I truly believe that.

The devil will always try to find a way to get through to us so he could accuse us of sin before God, and lest we underestimate him, he does so easily get to us- its just God holding him back for us all the time. That is why we really cannot judge other people, especially when they are going thru something. We are all vulnerable, we are all capable of making mistakes, its innate to say the least, its only when you truly become a christian and is filled with the Holy Ghost is the time when its been washed out of you for good. We still make mistakes and trip or even backslide but it isnt innate anymore. We are a new creature in Christ.
And that, my friend, is Gods provided way. Only through Him.
So, let us fight the good fight of faith and finish the course.
Because believe it or not, its our only hope.

" Fried Brains Anyone? "


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Mwa-ha,ha,ha,ha...I'm going crazy blog reader, I didnt realize that going back to school after 10 years of ' vacancy ' has implications, tsk,tsk...All these medical jargon is frying my brains out! What? -- its my fault now eh? yeah, yeah, youre right as usual...But then again FYI I'm utterly, insatiably enjoying the challenge of adult learning, so much so I have observed that people in my class are starting to raise their brows whenever I get to answer questions, in laymans terms silly, I'm starting to become a nuisance...( oh dear! ). And so I promise, I wouldnt engage myself to the self appointed post of being the only student in class...ha,ha,ha...I know- thats one revelation isnt it? Shame. I didnt realize I was self- indulgent.LOL :->
OK, seriously now, I do like challenges. The synchronized ( as it seem to me ), onrush of tasks, assessments and presentations within a timeframe is so...stimulating. I like to see how I cope, how I do with every single bit of task. To me its a self-discovery trip. I found out how conscientious I can be, a bit of a pefectionist with my work, that I tend to overdo some things, etcetera... Well, yeah despite the fact that I think I am now developing migraine, and the "stare- at- the- wall-after-school" syndrome ( ha,ha,ha ) I am definitely loving it!
To develop friendships as well is a big plus for me, I get to know people from all walks of life and from all ages. Its a great way to broaden the mind, to not be judgemental, to listen to other peoples life experiences- which are quite enlightning by the way and to be tolerant of others ( because they are probably doing the same...), It makes me realize that we are all in the same boat together.
Well for all that and more, I am glad I decided to " plunge in " again. It may not be for everyone but I know it is for me...for now.

" Therapeutic "


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Yes, when I think of blogging isnt that the perfect word? well for me it is... ( LOL ) I mean hey- you can just throw anything out in the blue ( internet blue, that is ) without a care in the world ! and besides its free, which is great because you know how it is nowadays. Isnt it an awesome thing to make your thoughts, ideas, and whatever more ( probably heartaches too ) open to the cyber community ? yeah its a bit risky because your thoughts are out there for them to dissect, ridicule or absorb and needless to say there'll be those unsavory group of people who only dig into the ' unsavory stuff ', thats why even in the world of blogging there should be etiquette.
Unfortunately its just an option.
Nothing much to worry though because not all blogs get read anyway...it'll probably take ages for someone to even accidentally stumble upon your humble work, and they'll just probably raise an eyebrow and say - ' yeah, right...' he,he,he...
BUT blogging serves its purpose anyhow. Therapy or whatever reason it may be, you have your own little niche, with your own thoughts, ideas... your own small contribution to the online society, for better or for worse. I want mine to be ' for better '.

" Comfort Zone "


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We always hear people talk about their 'comfort zone', which suggests limitations/ boundaries/perimeters, their very own 'space' I think is the proper word. We all have one or use to have one, because to say otherwise would be hypocrital. Its our bubble, its a place where we know who we are, or more aptly- we 'thought' we knew who we are ( until you decide to explore beyond it...) or what were capable of.

Inside your comfort zone, everything is - well, in order or everything is where it should be. Your action, your reaction- in other words YOU are holding the reins. But truth is we can only control our lives to a certain degree. So I will be brave enough to suggest that our comfort zone is only an illusion... because that is our own making, our own design and our own concept. And because there IS a genuine source of comfort, the eternal kind of comfort and rest. We think we can hold everything on our own but sadly - we cannot. Now thats something to think about...

Do you want to know the downside of it though? one cannot grow inside a bubble. You have a limited perspective about life, about human interaction, you become stagnant. And it eventually gets boring, why? because...there is no challenge, there is no battle, there are no cuts and bruises to sharpen the senses, there is not enough suffering to purge ones' character.
I believe the best thing that you can get out of life is " character ". And I believe you only get it OUTSIDE your comfort zone. Outside is where the battle begins.

Outside is where you really get to know yourself, what kind of decisions you are going to make, which path you are heading for, which side between good and evil you tend to lean on and will lean on, who you really are, to learn to let go and do what is right. Because ' stepping out' of it is not the whole point, its when you decide youre finally ready to go beyond your own comfort and boundaries, allowing God access to your life ( because I believe His way is the only true way...) to learn to embrace it AND learn from it.

It might not be an overnight thing to some people, because it asks for sacrifice. Change requires sacrifice. Most of us needs a long process because as we grew older, weve put on layers and layers of barriers, sometimes thorny ones too. It isnt simple. The Lord knows what He's in for when He stretches His hand out to us. But wont it be worth it? for our very own sakes?

To be able to finally bend yourself to reach down or up to others genuinely, to be able to discern the right from the wrong, to have the strenght to say NO, to acknowledge truth when it comes and to be forgiving to others and to yourself knowing that we are all imperfect. And thats when true self respect begins- when you have made the decision to step out, to be brave enough to meet life head on, to be able to embrace sorrow and suffering, who are Gods greatest teachers.
Then we can look at ourselves in the mirror and see a mature man shining with character. Then you have come full circle to who you are.
Why wait then? Isnt it time to finally break out of it?

" Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning...or putting onof apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price."
1 PETER 3: 3-4

"The Kiwi Dream"


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We've heard a great deal about living the great American Dream but let me tell you about the'Kiwi Dream'. May I begin by saying NZ truly is a 'clean and green' country, hardly any trash or traffic- and if they do say there IS traffic, its still by Philippine standards anyway- not considered as. The roads and highways are smooth as smooth can be.
The people are generally warm and very friendly, for example- just walking along a footpath and someone is walking past by you , there is a 99%chance they will greet you (and to reciprocate is the usual norm of course).
The population is made up of the local natives called Maoris, ' Pakeha' which refers to Caucasians- who are usually of the european, irish, or english descent, South Africans, Indians, and Asians- most of them Chinese.
There's a lot of funny names of towns and streets too (given you are a Filipino) ,shall I rattle on? ok...there's a place called "Pukekohe", "Aongatete", "Pukehinahina" and the like. Here's one for the laughs- a huge billboard saying "A Slice of Heaven- Pukekohe" ( he,he...go figure!)
The landscape of the country is breathtaking, nature lovers will find NZ a haven. Rolling hills and mountains dotted with flocks of sheep, 'black and white' cows, deers...the air itself is so fresh and clean it hurts my nose when I breathe it in too deeply, 'Crisp" is the best word to describe it. Kiwis are the outdoorsy type of people, they like bushwalking, mountain climbing, skiing, kayaking. Sports is a big thing here, its deeply integrated in their system. And top of the list is Rugby- with the NZ All Blacks of course, followed by Cricket ( which I personally find boring), and still a lot more, too many to mention anyway...
And everybody works, its just a way of life. It isnt uncommon to see a 16 year old working in cafes' , supermarkets, gas stations, well wherever work is available. As for education, schooling is free from Primary to Intermediate (middle school) to college (their term for HS) and when they choose to go to a University, the government provides a student loan, interest free. There is also an abundance of 'adult learners', people my age and surprisingly even older ones who gets a second chance to attain the educational achievement they need. The learning environment is quite good too, as they try to implement a stress free atmosphere- My first day at the Uni, the professor was playing classical music on the background while lecturing, sassy huh?
The climate is a bit of everything though, its a popular saying here that we get four seasons in one day, and yup we do especially in winter. Coming from a tropical country, I love experiencing the four seasons. Me loving summer is a given but I particularly like Autumn because of the golden, amber coloured leaves...reds, yellows, quite earthy.
Special needs people especially kids are well taken care of by the government, they will provide what they need from equipment to nappies and medicine etc...free of charge. That alone for me is quite impressive, dont you think?
Cafe' culture is alive and kicking- take your pick from flat white, to mochaccinos', capuccinos, long black, short black, macchiato or the liquer infused coffees which you can buy for reasonable prices , followed by fine dining, and yes- the fish and chips thing, which is popular with all age groups, not to forget- meat pies, pavlovas, roast beefs and lambs are a favourite. Kiwis love to drink (and overdrink!) so friday nights, bars are choke full of people and that goes on til Sundays, its like a drinkfest or something.
Well anyway thats how I know NZ from living here...and I havent even covered it all ! but I love it. I appreciate everything about it. And grateful to be part of this humble Kiwi dream. Kia Ora!

"Living the Life"


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Being a christian isnt easy especially in this generation. Where being a 'Born Again'is often ridiculed and mocked. It has even evolved into a trend. It's a shame specially for people who have seen the light and who truly loves the Lord...but it's all part of it- Jesus Himself said that we who are true christians will suffer reproach.
I do accept that but it doesnt make it easier. I've been through it so many times...feeling like an oddball, sticking out like a sore thumb, being ridiculed behind my back, BUT allow me to say that I'am proud to follow Christ, I'am willing to bear all kinds of reproach because I love Him and I guess only kindred spirits will understand that. And apart from that there are endless forms of temptation and they arent the easy type, those are the ones targeted at your weaknesses...your very own waterloos' I suppose.

Yes we do fail and quite often perhaps but am I grateful that He holds me up and sees me through. That is the confidence that we have in God, the reality that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the only unchanging thing in this unstable and ever changing world. We know we can count on Him and that He will never fail.

Given all His wonderful qualities, I realized that the only thing I could give back to the Lord is my desire to draw nearer to Him, to be able to manifest His life through mine that others may see, that despite all the cruelty,chaos and negative things in this world there is a God who loves them and is concern and willing to help and lift them out of the miry clay...if they let Him. Walking and living Gods'way is a life changing experience and when you do you wont trade it for anything else. That I can guarantee. Though it isnt a bed of roses as some might think, at the end of the road and everythings been said and done...choosing Christ is more than worth it.

" One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple."
PSALM 27 : 4

" Sacrilegious"


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That was the first thing that entered my mind when I saw the news on the telly just the other day, about a young man supposedly a 'pastor' handing out updated english versions of the bible, in neon pink nonetheless (...wait theres more) AND in big, bold letters which says-- ( hang on to your seats) Jesus Loves Porn Stars....ugh! there I said it! I almost puked in disgust! and my jaw dropped just like what happened to you now dear reader. He was giving them away in a mall and was being interviewed about it, and there he was proud of his work...explaining away saying that it makes it easier for them to 'distribute' bibles that way, meaning in that unwholesome packaging. I hate to admit that sex indeed sells. You can see it in every single thing, from adverts to everything else, they just abound with sexual undertones seething beneath the surface, but hey- using it to promote Gods word is just extremely horrid. It's downright evil. It robs the integrity of the bible. And porn stars? oh, for crying out loud... "Sacrilegious" is even an understatement dont you agree?
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