" My Holiday 2 "


Posted on Tuesday, December 05, 2006 | By Kaye | In

I admit I miss home but I truly appreciate the opportunity of going back here for a holiday. I have adjusted to the humid weather, the people- including their jestings and the Freudian Slip group ( ha,ha! ), the sweet drinks and bread, the famous Bangus- daing, fried, sinigang, whichever way they cook it, it's still the best! the local dishes like pinakbet, binagoongan, even our tender, juicy hotdog, ha,ha,ha,hmmm...but most of all to be with the people who are closest to your heart is still the best thing this holiday has offered, and for me its- Family and church. Especially my favourite person in the world- Jennifer, who has grown smarter, stronger and braver ( special mention! ) I'll definitely miss our chikas and musings about life, people and our shared annoyance for that grumpy old guard at CEC, ha,ha,ha.
Well, it's just a bit sad to know that a couple of weeks from now everything we are enjoying will turn into memories, sniff! , Hey- I know, I know I'm getting a bit too senti, blog-reader.
We'll be leaving our town of Calasiao- Dagupan, our dear homeland once again and resume our Kiwi life of quiet boredom. Jeez, what a bugger.
I'll definitely miss the Malls, the 'Tiangge ', the bibingka and ginataan, Max's, the mami and siopao of Rubi's, the halo-halo and congee of Chowking and of course my favourite resto in this part of town- Jam Sweet Jam.
The buzz and elbowing of people wherever you go, the Kalesa rides! but of course, my children really enjoyed that, though I kinda winced every time the kalesa driver ( ? ) whipped the horse on its side, albeit gently.
And lest I forget let me tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to see that Manila, and the provinces are cleaner- way,way cleaner than before, because as far as I can remember you can see and smell rubbish in every nook and cranny of the Philippines ( sorry, but tis' true ) Now, whoa...the streets are clear of piles of rubbish, candy wrappers etcetera. Amazing.
Hey, now, I havent even gone into shopping yet- the Philippines will always be the shopping capital of Asia, well- alright, probably second to Hong Kong...but anyway, the newest venture of the famous SM chain of malls- the Mall Of Asia, is truly by far the largest in this region, and we've been there twice and it lived up to its name. Huge, is all I can say.
Ok, so I guess you're getting sick of me by now blog-reader esp. after rattling on and on about my holiday...so I'll end here but I'll be back with even more details, mwah ha ha...Until then!
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