Although Christmas is really a worldly tradition, still it reminds everybody that Jesus was born on this earth. At least somehow, that reality still echoes out despite the fact that Jesus wasn't really born on December...although again and again the devil tries to replace Him with Santa and gifts and merrymaking- I guess for a christian after the festivities of the day, we really know what it's all about.
Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all, has come into the world- He came to lay down His life for us. He endured the great suffering of pain and of a brockenheart so He could pave a way for us to reach eternity. And it's a blood stained path, blog reader, stained with His blood because it's the only way of redemption.
I hope we don't loose this precious thought amidst the busyness of this season.
Jesus Christ is the greatest and best present given to mankind. He is the reason for our celebration. Let us not forget Him. Let us not forget who we are.
It makes me sad to see how God's voice is drowned out by the world. People don't hear Him anymore...even christians. That precious still, small voice is life itself and yet we ignore it. No wonder in these last days Jesus is outside the door, knocking to get in because people have continually rejected Him.
Shame on us, shame on you and neglect our God, our Creator and ignore such a great gift of salvation and eternal life because God paid for it with His blood and yet we shut Him out. We pretend He does not see what we do and think. It may be hard to admit nevertheless it's true isn't it ? we all are guilty in one way or another.
That is why we need to be constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit otherwise no soul would be saved. It's easy to forget about Him...the devil has set up the world in such a way that we'll forget who we are and who God is, the genuine purpose of living, of our existence.
I pray for God's mercy and grace, that He opens our spiritual eyes and hearts so we could seek Him...because only He has the power to do it. Only He has the power to stir us unto repentance- to hunger and thirst for Him.
It's not too late to come to Him, friend. Let us seek a closer walk with God. He won't disappoint you. In fact He is your only hope.



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Satan has the world swaying to his rythm, it might be a hard saying but it's true anyway. When you step outside the box and look in, it's a very different view- what seemed to be a normal world to all, you know, everbody getting along with their lives, in fact it isn't.

There is MORE to this life than that blog-reader. We weren't born to get rich, to be popular, nor to attain all the knowledge in this world. We were born to make a choice. But satan has blinded our eyes, and stopped our ears from hearing the truth. And just as God has angels, satan has his demons unleashed to keep us from seeing the truth, to keep us from serving Jesus.

People are so oblivious to the truth about God, to our purpose in this life, to the point that people no longer believe there is a God OR people laugh, scorn and mock those who do take Him seriously.
He has turned into a myth, a fictitious character, a religious icon, even as an expression ! the young ones thought that the name " Jesus Christ" is only an expression...they do not know who He is. They do not know the power that precious name holds ! the name of their God, their Creator.
As for the believers, it is a sad truth but sometimes we follow Him for different reasons...
We have the responsibility to make sure we follow with a pure heart.
Because there is a great battle going on, friend. People on earth are making their decision right now whether they'll serve God or not and it's not just for the unbeliever too, same thing goes for the christian believer. There is a call going out to everyone-


The world today is saturated with distractions and all forms of evil so the ordinary man cannot fully see God. And the evil in our age is the subtle cannot detect it as evil but one needs spiritual eyes to see. Evil is subtly embedded in music, in technology, in politics, in fashion & trend...May God have mercy on our souls.
Let us pray often and ask for discernment, and healing of our souls, our hearts and minds. To stir the waters of our heart unto genuine repentance so it would bear the right fruit in our lives. Let us immerse ourselves in His pure Word and in His presence despite the world, despite ourselves...
As for fellow believers-
Let us go to higher ground ! there is a higher ground. Let's not stop here and get comfortable with what the world offers. We are pilgrims. This is not our true home. Let's get closer to Jesus, let us walk closer to Him and pray for the strenght that we need to forsake sin. Let's get people to Jesus, let us show them that there is a God alive in our midst through the testimony of our lives. May we have a servants heart and serve others with mercy, love and grace. Let us hunger more and thirst more for Him. Let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling. And may we follow and serve with a pure heart.
I pray you have spiritual ears to hear and understand what I'm saying.
God is our only hope. There is none here that is greater than the other for we are all part of His body,we all need Christ in our lives and we all need each other.
And despite the wounds, depite the scars, despite the suffering that we attained in His name, let us not weary fellow warrior in Christ. It won't be for very long.
Sorrow and suffering may last for the night but joy cometh in the morning.

Let us fight the greatest battle in this life with joy because He has already won for us. It is not easy, fellow warrior to fight against evil but the Lord God has prevailed even before this all started. Let us be assured and truly believe that we have the victory.
The hosts of God's angels are looking down on us, watching, cheering us on, there is no more hindrance, we're nearly there ! we're nearly home. Let's go on higher with Him.

Praise to our Faithful God !


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I haven't posted anything for awhile & that's because I was not in the spiritual state to do so...I have been discouraged and down and there was this gray cloud hanging over my head that I just cannot rid of but I am free from all that, God has brocken the chains that were trying to bind me & He delivered me, praise God.
I know that our christian walk isn't that easy, we have all sorts of things to overcome & that we get sidetracked every now & then, that is why I am truly grateful to Jesus whose patience, love & Word never fails me. And I love Him...I truly do, even if oft times I fail, stumble and fall- Christ is faithful to lift me up again from the filth of this world. Without Him I am nothing- and that is my testimony. His blood covered a multitude of my sins and I know He'll see me through to the end because He promised it.

God again made me realize that even if we go through phases in our spiritual life which brings about hopelessness, discouragements, and fear- it does not mean that He changed his mind about does not mean we're no longer His, it doesn't mean He gave up on us. it's just the enemy trying to convince you & me that God has forsaken us. But He never will, friend.
Whilst down in the 'dumps' so to speak, I thought- well , maybe He has given up on me, maybe I'm just deceiving myself...and so I stopped reading my bible at nights, I stopped myself from praying, but you know what, blog-reader ?

I missed Him. I terribly, terribly missed Jesus. I was heartbrocken. You know why ? because He is my all in all, He is everything to me and deep down in my heart - I know, I know that I belong to Him, I know that I love Him, I know that it's His name that is etched on my heart. I just know. There never was a pretension. I love the Lord and I know it's true love. I know He placed that love in my heart before the foundation of the world.

And despite the doubts that satan tried to plant in my head and in my heart...God has sent His Word to cut through all the invisible ropes that the enemy tried to bind me with.
Certainly, it is a spiritual battle- we cannot see with our eyes but our great God is fighting for us, despite our doubts, despite our fears, despite ourselves really.
He only needs to remind us of who we are in Him and that predestinated truth will shatter all the chains. Amen !
Truly we are serving a great and mighty God.

To our Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory, honour and power !

In God's Time


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Everyone longs to give himself to someone--
To have a deep soul relationship with another;
To be loved thoroughly and exclusively;
But God, to a Christian says:
"No, not until you are satisfied,
fulfilled, and content
with being loved by Me alone;
with giving yourself totally
and unreservedly to Me alone;
with having an intense, personal,
and unique relationship with Me;
Discovering that only in Me is
your satisfaction to be found,
Will you be capable of the perfect human
relationship That I have for you.
You will never be united with another
until you are united with Me;
Exclusive of anyone or anything else;
Exclusive of anyone to hear desires or longings.
I want you to stop planning, stop wishing,
And allow Me to give you the most
thrilling plan existing--
One that you cannot imagine.
I want you to have the best!
Please allow Me to give you the best.
You just keep watching Me,
experiencing the satisfaction That I am.
Keep listening and learning
the things I tell you.
You just wait, that's all.
Don't be anxious; don't worry.
Don't look around at the things
others have gotten
or that I have given them.
Don't look at the things you think you want.
You just keep looking to Me,
or you'll miss what I want to show you.
And then, when you're ready.
I'll surprise you with a love far more wonderful
than anyyou would dream of.
You see, until you are ready,
and the one I have for you is ready.
(For I am working even at this moment to
have both of you ready at the same time);
Until you are both satisfied exclusively with Me,
and the life I've prepared for you,
You won't be able to experience the love
that exemplifies your
relationship with Me.(For this is the perfect love.)
And, dear child, I want you to
have this most wonderful love.
I want you to see, in the flesh,
a picture of your relationship with Me.
And enjoy, materially and concretely,
the everlasting union of beauty,
perfection, and love that I offer you with Myself.
Know that I love you utterly.
I am God; believe it, and be satisfied.

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" PRESS ON ! "


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For genuine Christ seeking people, the world is getting worse by the day...You don't even have to mouth the words because it's quite evident and it's getting too uncomfortable even. Satan's handiwork is imprinted in every facet of this world that we are living in and nobody notices except for true believers. Everyone has been desensitized, slowly and surely and it is such a sad situation. Really. AND when somebody is brave enough to voice it out it's just dismissed as fanaticsm.

People will turn to anything except to God and it's true. You give them the Bible they won't read it but they spend money on gossip magazines, pornography or romance novels, you try to share your personal experiences or testimonies about what the Lord has done to you and they'll think you're extreme, cuckoo, or a fanatic and they'll brush off the topic and change the subject as fast as they can or are polite enough to listen but it does not really anchor in their hearts, to them it's just a story, 'good for you', no big deal...Your life to them, is not lived to the fullest.

They prefer the substitute life that Satan designed for those who aren't wary, for those who would choose it, instead of a life hid in Christ as living manifestations of Him- the true life that we were suppose to live. Let that sink real deep, friend. We weren't born to go clubbing , to get drunk til we pass out, to expose our bodies and parade to the streets almost naked, to watch immoral acts, to live adulterous lives, nor to become tyrants or oppressors of others...we weren't born in this world to outdo each other intelectually and physically, to slave ourselves to get rich, to suffer, to hurt, to harm ourselves or others, to plug ungodly, sensual music into our ears 24/7 thru mp 3's, ( I hope you can read between the lines with what I am saying ). We were not born just to live our lives and survive this life that we were given. Think about it.

Our lives, so precious in His sight were meant to be God fearing, our physical bodies meant to be covered and respected, our hearts- meant to be pure, our souls - meant to be His, and His only, for He is our Bridegroom. Now, I hope your heart catches it and I am speaking to fellow believers in Jesus- because the substitute life is not our life.
This is the age where lukewarm condition will be manifested, a conditon where it's neither hot nor cold, where God has become an icon of religion and not a living, resurrected God. Satan has cleverly and subtly devised all sorts of distraction so people would not seek Jesus.

We have everything in this day, the technology, the knowledge, progress has grown by leaps and bounds but genuine faith has dwindled down to almost non existent, may be a hard saying but it's true- there's the internet, which is 90% pornography according to statistics and research, we've got Hollywood where young ones look up to and idolize movie 'stars' who are in actual fact: drug addicts, anorexics, perverts, adulterers and fornicators, law breakers, immoral men and women ! and parents who do not have genuine motherly/fatherly hearts that they allow their children to do whatever they want, whenever they want...the world IS falling apart because they have rejected Jesus.

They have become comfortable with what the world offers and they forgot that we were born with a purpose- that we were born to seek our Creator and serve Him. To be sons and daughters of God so we could be like Him, simply put. And as in the days of Noah when he vigilantly preached to them and pointed their hearts to God and pressed on about salvation and to turn away from evil- he was mocked and labeled as will it be in this day. Crying out against sin and evil will one day become a crime, especially when the squeezing time comes. But God hath promised to all who belongs to Him- that not a hair in their heads will be harmed, He will come and take us home, Amen. And how those who loved Him and waited for him will rejoice when that day comes and rest assured- our God will see us through.

Lift up your heads for redemption is near fellow warrior in Christ! Press on!

Open Our Eyes, Lord


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I do not even know how to begin this post because there is so much truth I wanted to share to you...Anyhow, let me begin by saying that believe it or not dear friend, the world- our world is rejecting God, and I am praying you're not one of them. Intentionally or not.

The whole world is in a lukewarm condition and this spirit is seeping in our churches and into our hearts, and it's death. Now, I am speaking to fellow believers here so if anyone gets offended I will not apologize for it but let me go on...
The signs of the end days are quite evident but what makes me sad is the fact that people have forgotten that God is here, right now, alive & waiting for us to make our decision about Him. We keep putting Him off for later- WHY ?

The sad thing is- we're running out of time blog- reader. The Gentile age is nearly over, we are living in a very dark age spiritually that there is hardly any light we could follow BUT it's not yet too late blog- reader - God sent us a prophet for this day & age.
A prophet to light our path so we could reach Him, so we could see Jesus once again, in plain light, His holy light. And not in the warped, distorted, perverted image that satan made out of God through false religion. God sent us a prophet so He could use a man to speak to us once again, to refresh our memories about Him and reveal the truth to us, to use layman's term, so to speak, for us to understand the deep things of God better.

That is how He sends us a message- through a prophet, and from the Old down through the New testament even after that, that's how God does it. And because He is the same yesterday, today and forever , we could have confidence in that.
Now I know this sounds new to some of you & you're a bit uncomfortable about it, some may even scoff - nevertheless it's true, and truth will never change despite what everybody thinks, see ? It is an act of grace from God. Sending a prophet our way is an act of mercy. But as usual, the world will not recognize it, they'll label it as cult or what-have-you. Typical tactic of the enemy, see ? once again to cover God's acts so the people of the earth would not be able to see.

BUT for the predestined people of God- they will see, their ears will hear what the Spirit sayeth because that is their time of refreshing. That message is for them, the deep calleth unto the deep. The sheep knows His voice, the sheperds voice and only they will recognize it is God. So, Lord have mercy on us. May we all see, may we all hear God speaking through the prophet for this age- William Branham.

Now, please read & consider before you label anything negative to it:

( see >> )

I pray our good God opens your spiritual eyes. Amen.

" And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely. " Rev.22: 17



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2 Corinthians 4:8-12 (New International Version):
We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus' sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.

I've always asked the Lord to remind me of who I am, who I really am. Because I do not want to forget why I am here on this earth, manifested in this time and generation, I do not want to forget why I am serving Him. Opposed to what the whole world thinks, I believe-no, I know, that living does not merely consists of raising a family, working, getting an education, etcetera...although those things are well and good, I'm not against that lest anyone misunderstand what I'm trying to say but I truly believe that all of us, every single one of us were born and brought to existence to be given the great opportunity to know our Maker, to know, to serve and follow him.

I guess it's no secret that at the end of the day, we are going to face God and account for every single thing we have done, acted and decided on whilst here on earth. Everything would be exposed under His righteous light- all sins even our secret sins and there's nobody there to point a finger on for blame, except yourself. It's just you and Him when that time finally comes.

Despite our achievements, despite the riches we have accumulated on this earth, despite the fame, the popularity, despite the elite social status we might have, the millions of money in the bank, even if we have all the Phd's, degree's in all the universities of the world - all of that would not matter, friend. Nothing else stands and it will all boil down to one thing- have you served Him or not ?

Our God is not a respecter of persons. He does not look at our achievements, our wealth- that is just rubbish to him. But there is one thing he does take notice of- our heart. He looks at our heart. He is looking for genuine repentance, genuine desire towards Him, a genuine walk and not just being a half-baked, professing christian. It's high time we take Him seriously, let us not tarry any longer.

Lord, may you find us ready at your coming...may you always bring to our remembrance who we are and what we are here for. May we be not distracted by all the world's glitter and gold, and all it's form of entertainment which was designed by the enemy to draw us away from you...Lord Jesus, draw us closer to your side, may we walk beside you while you hold our hand and see us through all the storms of this life. Calm all the unrests in our lives and most of all forgive us of all our errors and wayward ways. Restore us, Lord Jesus. May we grow as mature battlefront christian warriors, ready to fight and overcome. May we be your humble manifestations on this earth so that other people may know You have resurrected from the grave, alive in our midst. Help us Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


" A Forgiving Heart "


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I used to be one of those people who never forget. I never forget all the offences, insults or other forms of hurt and pain that certain people have inflicted on me. I used to keep them all bottled up inside that I'm pretty sure I could go off like a bomb anytime another battery of offence come my way. I keep track of incidents and episodes of sufferings and oppression by other people. Although I am not vindictive, unknowingly I have kept grudges in my heart.
And it stayed there for a long time...

A lot of people say forgiveness is easier said than done and without any hypocrisy- it is true. It is hard because forgiving requires as much humility as asking for forgiveness. It is equivalent to wiping the slate clean, it means letting down your guard and whatever pride you might have and open yourself up again towards the other party/ies. True forgiveness requires a lot from you.
It requires you to let go of all the bitterness you have towards the other person, it requires understanding, compassion and humility. And we're either bounded or set free by that choice.
We could be bounded forever by grudges, bitterness and pain if we refuse to forgive or we could be free from all that. It is a choice we make. And for me- it took Jesus Christ's example of great mercy and love to move me into forgiving ( and then surrendering my life over to Him ). He changed my whole perception, He changed me. He set me free from the shackles of an unforgiving heart.

I could still look back to that one situation in my life where I was really breaking down- crying to the Lord asking for Him to avenge me for all my soul was in angst. I feel mad, hurt, depressed...oppressed. I was on the verge of giving it all up. But while I was brooding with those thoughts and emotions- the Lord was ever so gently, speaking to my mind and in my heart- He wants me to pray instead for that person. And I was taken aback for awhile, I asked why? He wants me to forgive. My mind was made up to just go but He wants me to stay.
I wasn't imagining nor was I drunk that time but I was sure it was the Lord. A sweet, still small voice in the back of my mind- gentle yet persistent.

I gave Jesus my whole heart that afternoon and I told Him- if this is what you want me to do then I'll do it as long as you keep me close to you all the way to the end, as long as I have you with me I'll be okay. I just know I will. Then began my love affair with the Lord. He took away all the bitterness in my heart. I felt lighter and most of all- I felt free. I am free. Burdens indeed become lighter and brighter indeed is my way...

Forgiving is giving hope and change a chance- even if it may take awhile to see it, even if in our eyes they don't deserve it. For who are we to withold forgiveness ? We do learn life's lessons from our bad experiences and that is something we do not forget because it is added wisdom. Learning from the past is valuable but bear in mind that people who has grieved us can change, so it won't hurt to give them a chance. Especially if we give it to the Lord.

Friend, there is power in forgiveness. It is a door that opens up to healing- healing from all past hurts including every single person who has caused us to feel that way. Sometimes staying angry is easier than letting it all go but it won't help us at all to stay miserable. Don't hold on to bad memories and don't re- live it over and over again in your head, it will just pull you down. Make room for second chances. God Himself is a God of second chances. " Then Peter came unto him, and said, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him, seven times?
Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, until seven times: but until seventy times seven. " Mattew 18: 21- 22

Calvary is the best example of it. God didn't gave up on us but He forgave all our sins- even if we don't deserve it and even if we didn't ask for it and yet He brought Himself to the cross, a meek and gentle lamb, making a way for us through his sacrifice to be able to reconcile us to Himself. In His eyes- we are perfect.
Let's be merciful unto others as our Lord Jesus Christ is to us, and you won't regret it. It's time to let go of that bondage, it's time for you to heal from past hurts and move on.

The Story Of The Velveteen Rabbit


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The Skin Horse had lived longer in the nursery than any of the others. He was so old that his brown coat was bald in patches and showed the seams underneath, and most of the hairs in his tail had been pulled out to string bead necklaces. He was wise, for he had seen a long succession of mechanical toys arrive to boast and swagger, and by-and-by break their mainsprings and pass away, and he knew that they were only toys, and would never turn into anything else. For nursery magic is very strange and wonderful, and only those playthings that are old and wise and experienced like the Skin Horse understand all about it.

"What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?"
"Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."
"Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit.
"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."
"Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?"
"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand."

A brother from church, Bro. Gene, shared us this story two Sundays ago and it touched the very core of my heart. Somehow, it fitted right in with my life experiences and my spiritual journey. Well, it truly blessed me. So, for those who haven't got an inkling about what I am talking about- ' The Story Of The Velveteen Rabbit ' is a classic childrens' story from 1922 by Margery Williams, written with such heart and wisdom which I think benefits children and adults alike.
It perfectly defines the true meaning of beauty, character and the path to being genuine or 'real' . I think it is a timely reminder for all of us especially in this day and age where too much emphasis on outward appearance is very much promoted and encouraged.

Do read it all and I hope you'd find your nugget of wisdom hidden somewhere...

The Bride Of Christ


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I know I often mention the term " Bride " or " bride of Christ " in my postings and forgive me if I don't further elaborate on what it is because it is very in depth but because Kip asked me (hi! Kip ^_^ ) about it, now I have the opportunity to explain it to you blog- blog reader:

The Bible often talks about Jesus Christ and that He's coming back in the end days and rapture the Bride. One perfect example in the Bible would be the parable of the ten Virgins ( read: John 3: 15- 16 )- they were all waiting for the arrival of the Bridegroom but five of those ten, slept and when the Bridegroom came, they missed him, they were the foolish virgins. The wise Virgins though kept vigil and took with them, their lamps trimmed and full of oil to meet him- he found them waiting and ready for him. The foolish virgins were without oil, untrimmed lamps and unprepared for His coming. And so, they were left behind.

The ten Virgins represents two kinds of believers: the Bride ( genuine christians )- who are the wise virgins, full of the Holy ghost ( oil ), lining up with the Word ( trimmed lamps ) so when the rapture ( the arrival of the Bridegroom ) takes place, they will be found ready, spotless and pure. ( read: whole chapter of Ephesians 5 ) " That he mightpresent it to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." Eph.5: 27 On the other hand, there are those who will be left behind ( the five foolish virgins ) because although they too are followers of Jesus Christ they do not have 'the oil' of the Holy Ghost, they haven't fully obeyed Him or believed Him, though they are sincere- these are those who will have to go through the Great tribulation...( now, that's another subject )

Genuine believers, holy ghost filled christians are collectively called- the Bride Of Christ. They are the ones who refuse to compromise with the world and worldly things, they are the ones who decided to live a life of obedience to God, His word and his message for our day. Not to be confused as one particular church, as some lay claim to- but a body of Christ, composed of Holy Ghost filled individuals who genuinely serve the Lord, people who have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour since the days of the church of Acts up to the present.
Typologies from the Old Testament concerning God's relationship to His chosen bride are: Ruth the moabite and Boaz, Queen Esther and King Ahasuerus, Isaac and Rebekah, God Himself unto the nation Israel.

Marriage is designed by God and that is considered holy because it symbolizes His desire for a Bride, His union with his Bride- those who love him and in the end of days or end times, a rapture would take place. I believe that. And I believe I would be part of it.
I could go on and on really but I'll end here. I hope it helped. Here are some links to browse over concerning this subject:



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People get discouraged from serving God and surrendering their lives over to Him because they are in bondage to a lot of things. They are slaves to drinking, gossip, smoking, adultery and fornication, lying, envy, pride, materialism, lust etc... AND all these things are by- products of unbelief. Unbelief to God and His Word. We take God's word lightly, too lightly in fact we don't even consider to think about it, we don't really allow it to saturate our hearts and lives. Yeah, sometimes we read the Bible but it's just letters we see. We don't really take it in, you know ? then it just becomes religion, a tradition or habit see?

The first step towards breaking free from unbelief is FAITH. Believe Him unconditionally. Have faith in His plans for you, trust Him with everything especially when there are situations in your life that you can't understand. And when there are unanswered questions or prayers, do not doubt- it's probably not the right time yet for Him to make a move, be patient and learn to wait because God is never late, friend- He comes at the right time, ALL THE TIME.

Let Him hold your hand and bring you through the tough and rough patches of your life. Draw nigh unto God and He won't disappoint you. Read the Bible and meditate. Pray, go to a place where there's only you and God, no disturbance ( no cellphones...). Confess all your sins to Him, repent of them and OBEY what He says. Attend a fellowship, where Jesus Christ is uplifted, where God's word is the highlight ( and not the singing and dancing...).

And you ask- what if it's difficult to let go ? it's true blog reader, it is hard and it will be hard because it's human nature to disobey God. We were ' born and shaped in iniquity' ( Psalm 51: 5 ) that's what the Bible says. We were born in sin. If we were left to our own devices- do you think we'd go after holiness ? after living a life of sacrifice and obedience ? I don't think so. But He already won the battle for us, blog reader, we only have to play our roles out. The bible is overflowing with His promises and assurances for you and me, let's have confidence in Him. " My yoke is easy, and my burden is light..." Matt. 11: 30
Every part of us itches after the pleasure of the flesh because we still are in the flesh, but we must realize that it is God who stirs the waters of our hearts unto repentance. If you feel restless and thoughts about God sneaks up on you everytime, perhaps in the back of your mind and then in your heart- that's God. He is the one who draws us near to Him. He is the one who seeks after us and if you think you're on a mission to find God, friend- it's the other way around, He is the one who puts those godly thoughts in your heart, He is the one with the mission. If we could only keep still for a moment so we could hear what He's trying to tell us, then repent of our sins and make a life changing decision to serve Him for good- He's just there - ready and waiting.
It only takes the supernatural powers of God to break free from all the chains that hinder us from following Him. So, don't take too long thinking about it . Time will be up soon and He's coming to take His Bride away, whether were ready or not. I hope you consider His invitation.

" Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. "
2 COR. 6:2



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" Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeemeth thy life from destruction; Who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies. " Psalms 103: 1-5

There is only one thing in my life that I am certain on, one sure thing that I can bet my very life on- that our God keeps His Word, that Jesus Christ is the same today, as he was yesterday and will be the same God tomorrow. That- for me is my holy grail. I know when He says something or when I have a prayer request unto the Lord, I am confident He will bring it to pass, it doesn't matter when but for sure it WILL come to pass.

I remember the times when I was going through very stormy episodes in my life, it feels like I was caught in the middle of a raging storm and there is no exit, every road leads to self-destruction or suffering...and worse, one problem overlaps another so there I was alone and inside and out- brocken. Brocken, trampled on and irrepairable. And the angst inside my soul is becoming unbearable with each day that passed. There I was bravely and trying my hardest to face life head on despite my problems but being brave isn't enough blog- reader. Putting on a front isn't enough, pleasing everybody isn't enough. And so I realized- the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that I need to seek Him first, to surrender and serve Him first so that He can fix every single chaos in my life. I need to open my heart to Him and let Jesus in.

And let me tell you that He did. He healed and is continually healing every single hurt that my heart has kept hidden all those years, the Lord has been very patient with me because I can be really stubborn but thank goodness we have a God who loves us so much He draws us near to his side whenever we become wayward. So everytime I remember or share my testimony to others about what I have gone through and how the Lord upheld me and made a way for me to come out of it all a better woman- by His grace, love and compassion, you'll hear a crack in my voice and tears will roll down my cheeks but I can't help it really because it is so true to me, God is so true to me, in my life and it's precious.

God's love is overwhelming. In fact words alone aren't enough to describe them to you. Somehow in all the chaos that were surrounding me, I knew He was there watching over me, keeping me strong and keeping me safe from all the insanity, from the enemy who is trying so hard to break me in all kinds of ways, see? and for all that I am grateful. I am indeed so, very grateful.

So, dear friend, whoever you may be and you're feeling hopeless and helpless, drowned in depression and bitterness- you are not alone, you are not forsaken,WE HAVE JESUS...He is the anchor of our soul, He's watching over you more than you'll ever know friend.
He will keep you strong and steady amidst the huge waves that is trying to drown your hopes out...
WE HAVE A GOD who values your tears and can be touched by our infirmities.
HE IS A TRIED AND TRUE FRIEND when everbody else has turned you down.

I know cause I've been there and you know what? JESUS was there with me, holding my hand and leading me on to a better place and if Jesus did that for me, I know he'll do it for you. Amen. May God bless you and keep you.
" The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plentous in mercy...For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward them that fear Him.
As far as the east is from the west, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pitieth His children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear Him. For He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we are dust. " PSALMS 103 : 8, 11- 13

" For we have not an high priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted as we are. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. " HEB. 4: 15



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Sometimes when I look in me or around me, I wonder and ask myself- what did God saw in me? what did He saw in us? the world is stinking full of filth, unrighteousness, perversion, iniquity...sin.
I don't even need that many words to open your eyes about the ' Sodom and Gomorrah ' condition of the world. Women hardly wear anything at all, they strut to the streets almost naked and no one cares, people talk and take drugs, they smoke like there's no tomorrow, they guzzle down alcohol like water, homosexuality is legal and is a warmly accepted culture, adultery and fornication is no longer an issue- it's the norm, rebellious children- parents no longer feel their right to exercise discipline because children no longer listen, perversions and immorality- especially on the net, - AND ALL THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL in this day and age.
They abound and no one says anything loud enough to rattle anybody to their senses, no one even raises an eyebrow.

This is the generation we're living in now blog- reader. This is where we're at.
Look at the killings, the genocide going on in Africa, the war in Iran, young children being taught how to use a rifle, how to aim and shoot, look at child prostitution and abuse, children as young as 13 having an abortion, look at same sex marriages....Now, open your eyes to all these things, quite unsavory to even read about it in one sitting huh? it can even be too much.
If I look inwardly at myself- no amount of good thing I've done in my lifetime could ever hold water when I face Him one day, even the Bible says our own good works are as filthy rags compared to His Holiness, see ( not that it's a bad thing of course ).

God is so holy and pure and me- me? I'm vulnerable and imperfect, a coward, a weakling as a matter of fact no matter what I do. And that's the truth.
So, imagine God's eyes beholding all these wickedness and even the hidden sin we all make. A whole world reeking with rotteness and stench. Honestly? sometimes it truly makes me wonder why. BUT...As I ponder on all these givens plus my being ' small ' and being a weakling, one thing crossed my mind...

God, our Lord Jesus Christ, is seeing something that we cannot see with our naked eyes. He is looking beyond the filth, beyond the evil. He will deal with all that, see...( all the wickedness in His time ) but in his sight, when He looks out there into our world- He sees the most precious, the most lovely thing to Him. Our souls, His very creation. And He desired that all of us be saved see, he made a plan of redemption, a way of escape, He gave His own life as sacrifice at Calvary and it does not stop there but He also knows that all of us would not make it.

I hope I could sugar coat it for you and me...but truth is, not all of us would make it. A lot of people would not choose Jesus. But knowing that, still, He made a way out especially for those who would choose Him. And that group of people, Abraham's seed- He will protect because they're under the blood covenant. Anyone who will serve God in spirit and in TRUTH is under that covenant. That is His promise. We are part of God and He is part of us...
We are His Bride, shimmering like diamonds, His very reflection in this dark, evil world. Living testimonies of His existence, new creatures walking around the earth, the very manifestation of Him.
He bothered, friend because WE ARE WORTH MORE THAN LIFE to Him. He made a way of escape. We are in the last days. Go ahead and scoff or mock me...but here I am telling you the truth, it's really plain as day. It's not the time to kid around, friend. It's the time to tremble, God will not forever hold His peace with the wickedness of the world. He will judge soon.

" Come unto me, all ye that labour and`are heavy laden, and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest in your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden, light. " Mattew 11: 28- 30



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I am amazed to find a poem that really captures how God answers really blessed me and I hope it blesses you too.

When the idea is not right, God says, "No."
No-when the idea is not the best.

No-when the idea is absolutely wrong.
No-when though it may help you, it could create problems for someone else.
When the time is not right, God says, "Slow."
What a catastrophe it would be if God answered every prayer at the snap of your fingers.

Do you know what would happen? God would become your servant, not your master.
Suddenly God would be working for you instead of you working for God.
Remember: God's delays are not God's denials.

God's timing is perfect. Patience is what we need in prayer.

When you are not right, God says, "Grow."
The selfish person has to grow in unselfishness.

The cautious person must grow in courage.
The timid person must grow in confidence.
The dominating person must grow in sensitivity.
The critical person must grow in tolerance.
The negative person must grow in positive attitudes.
The pleasure-seeking person must grow in compassion for suffering people.
When everything is all right, God says, "Go."

Then miracles happen:
A hopeless alcoholic is set free!
A drug addict finds release !
A doubter becomes as a child in his belief.
Diseased tissue responds to treatment, and healing begins.
The door to your dream suddenly swings open and there stands God saying, "Go!"



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Here are some really good messages to listen...let us nurture our soul with the pure Word of God. We are what we eat. Amen! >>> CLICK AND BE BLESSED!

" The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of God shall stand forever " Isaiah 40: 8

" In The Eye Of The Storm "


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Here you are caught in the middle of a howling, raging storm. You look around and all you see are flying debris- surrounded by bits and pieces of your dreams, you sit there helplessly, waiting for something, someone to wake you up from this terrible nightmare, someone to show you the way out. You try your best to put on a brave front for all the world to see but deep inside you started melting away...and this scares you, the fact that you know hopelessness has started eating away at your last thread of sanity.

I've been there a lot of times, friend. Too many times in fact and I tell you one thing- when you're trapped in the direst siuation, in that frightening storm- all we see is how terrible things are, how dark and hopeless, all we see is the chaos- that is what the devil wants us to see, that is what he wants us to feel...hopelessness, despair, sorrow, pain which will lead to unbelief- to not believe God's word.
BUT there is HOPE blog- reader and I know in this kind of circumstance you may not believe me when I say that God is right there beside you. Yes, you read that right, He is near to those who are brocken hearted He said so Himself :
Psalm 34:18- 19 " The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a brocken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit ...Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of it all ".

Do you believe Him?
Don't let the devil take over your life. YOU have the power to choose, see? I know it's not easy but it is possible, Jesus already paved the way to Him, He wouldn't ask us to surrender ourselves to Him and just leave us groping in the dark? it's not Him, it's not His nature to do that, He will help you. God is more than able to deliver you, He is the ' Great I am ' remember?

YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN GOD'S SIGHT if you weren't He wouldn't have died in Calvary, He wouldn't have bothered at all. We are bought with a price friend, God paid for us in full, God paid for us with His life though we are undeserving and are like filthy rags, to Him- in His sight we are worth something. Think about it, let that sink deep in your heart. And if we love Him we will value that gift of redemption. We have no excuse and we can't make excuses the rest of our lives because we will account for it all. But if we draw nigh unto Him He WILL draw nigh unto us. I don't know how else to say it because words will never really be enough to tell you of His great, eternal love for you and me...but I know it, I know it's true and it's here for us if we only believe.

If you are standing, hopeless, helpless in the middle of a raging storm I only have one word to say- LOOK UP ! don't look around you where all you see is chaos and all you feel is pain, LOOK UP ! Jesus Christ is the answer, let Him lift you out, let Him heal all your hidden hurt. There is no other answer, no other way but Him.



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It's time. I can feel the stirring of the waters of my heart
I have been in the dumps lately blog- reader and I have struggled a lot but now I know what I want, I know what to do and I will follow my hearts desire... I love the Lord Jesus, he is the only one I'll ever need in this life and I'm certain as certain can be that I will not survive without Him. Storms have been raging round about and inside me but let them rage, let them howl- I know I am God's property, I am sealed for eternity and I am bethroted to Him and nothings going to take that away. He calls and He draws me near so I will come and take my place. Amen.

" To Bear And Forbear One Another "


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I guess it's easy for all of us to make ' assumptions ' about one another especially when the other person we take notice of has plenty of weaknesses or is in a particular situation, stage or circumstance in life.
And some people are just too quick to jump into conclusions and judge another... even if they don't really know what's going on in their life or what's in the person's heart, see.
And sad to say this kind of attitude is not exclusive to unbelievers, this is quite common in christians too and I think it's a shameful thing and ought to be rebuked.

Let us not give place to that kind of spirit, we should be reminded that not everyone is spiritually strong all the time and that we are trekking individual roads thus we all are at different stages with regards to spiritual growth in Christ Jesus. Only He knows the truth about each and everyone of us despite what other people think of you.

God is not a respecter of persons, He loved the sinner, He loves the lowly, the weak, He does not discriminate between those who are ' good ' christians or not so good ones, see? He is faithful and loving to all who needs Him and even to those who don't. That is why He gives strenght to the weak, to the weary...He encourages, ministers to us, reminds us all the time.

Why should we think differently, act differently when our God Almighty doesn't? Let us follow His example, let us bear and forbear one another, let us be aware that we are all vulnerable- what we judge others might happen to us too so let us not deem ourselves higher or more ' christianlike ' than the other, that kind of spirit is deceiving for none is higher than anyone. Only God Himself and yet He displayed how lowly and humble He can be.

It's pleasing to the Lord for us to have the spirit and attitude of forbearance and unconditional love towards those who are spiritually weak. And let me tell you- it will be an encouragement to them, a blessing, a manifestation of God's love to them through you. Amen. Let us be God's light for other christians to follow because the truth is- it's only God's grace, mercy and love that holds us to where we are now. Amen.

" He that is weak in faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations. "

" Let us not therefore judge one another anymore: but judge this rather that no man put a stumblingblock or on occassion to fall in his brothers way. "

ROMANS 14:1 & 13

" Heartsick "


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I haven't made any posts lately blog- reader, firstly because I only blog here when there's something in my heart that I know might help others but other than that reason I won't write anything. Second, ( gulp, this is hard...) I feel like a failure lately. But, here I am blogging again...I'm being brave you see.
You know what? it frustrates me sometimes when there are things that I know I should do yet I still can't? it just makes me feel really, really bad. I love Jesus so much but I still hold back some things, no biggie ones but still... and it makes my heart sick.

I know and I have a deep conviction of total surrender and probably there ARE things that will be hard to surrender- BUT I believe God will ripen our desire to give it all to Him. And I thank Him for that. I thank Him in advance because I know He will give me the strenght that I ask for to be able to overcome.
And guess what? the Lord knows that, He knows we cannot overcome that is why He gave His life at Calvary. His blood, pure, unadulterated is the only acceptable sacrifice. And He did it for you, for me but sometimes we forget just how big that is, it is priceless. He clothed Himself with our sin to take upon our chastisement. It is deeper and more precious than what we think of it now. And I appreciate that. so...I will give up the things I ought to. It's a small thing compared to what He has done and given.

I realized walking the 'walk' means trusting Him in everything WITH everything and it's a never-ending lesson. God with His infinite wisdom ministers to us every single day, we just need to listen hard and when we do, His voice will drown out the noise of the world- even our very own voice, our doubts and fears, our 'own' opinions until all we hear is Him. Isn't that wonderful? we are priveleged to hear that still, small voice. He gives us peace and rest, He calms the storm.
And isn't He good to remind us these things? ( even at this very moment I am being reminded ). Praise the Lord for His faithfulness- even to us, who are unfaithful and unworthy, for in Christ Jesus He reconciled ALL things.

" Letting Go "


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Life is not an easy road to travel and we realize that truth as we grow older. Everything gets complicated along the way, life throws all sorts of things at us and we get overwhelmed by so many things that our faith gets lost in the process. And for the devil it is an opportune time to hang gray clouds of depression over us, see. We are weak and frail and if our trust is not rooted in the Lord Jesus, we are easy prey.
Life is an everyday battle between right and wrong, when we try to do the right thing- all forces from the devil will come rushing at you, you don't really see it but it's there but let me tell you that there is a God who knows every single thing we go through, He knows it.
And you might say- why is he not doing anything about it? He has, my friend. He has given a solution to all our sorrow, to all our tears and heartaches, to all our pain, our sickness and diseases, to all the battles you will ever face. He finished it all at calvary. You may think- " oh I've heard it all before and it didn't do me any good, it's just words..." Well, you're just too blinded to see. Or even too proud to admit to yourself that you do need to change, that you need God to be able to bring that to pass. Worried about what other folks might say if you become one of those ' holy- rollers '.
Truth is no one can boast of great strenght nor greater faith, no one can ever be superior. We can all fall and tumble down in a blink of an eye because it is only Gods strenght, mercy and grace that holds each and every one of us. We need to believe, we need to trust Him. We need to let go of the things that keeps us from serving Him completely- all our worries and cares, our reputation, our pride, our bad habits and way of thinking, all the bitterness and past hurts.
I know it's not easy it is indeed a difficult thing to do but sometimes that is what He wants us to do, He needs us to let go of the hindrances so He could heal us from the inside out. So, we could start to become a reflection of Him.
Our walk with Jesus follows a blueprint, ' He orders the steps of a righteous man...' so when the pillar of fire moves we have to uproot our tent and follow His leading. That is how christians live their lives, we don't really plan because He does all the planning for us. We just need to wait on Him. It took the Lord years and years for me to finally let go of the things I am trying to keep for myself, I've gone through very hard times to be able to see and realize that I need to surrender all to be free. That the true meaning of freedom is not in ' keeping your own right ' but in ' letting go ' of that right.
Now, when I look back in time, I am truly grateful that He allowed me to experience all the sufferings, pain and heartaches because those were God's tools to chip off my rough edges- and mind you I've got plenty. Now I have collected stones in my pocket- reminders of the lessons God has taught me. They act as landmarks of my growth and maturity.
Those ' awful ' experiences made me love Jesus more, made me cling to Him more and I learnt to be confident in His word. They taught me to trust God in everything, now He is everything to me...I can't imagine myself without Him. Our God is a good God. He is faithful to all of us and all the words put together aren't enough to describe God's goodness. Amen.
" But what things were gain to me, I counted loss for Christ.
Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,..." Philippians 2 : 7 & 8

" My Passion For Christ "


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Dear Blog-reader,
I am quite aware that I am dishing out all these things about christianity in my blog and I know the danger of being tagged as a fanatic, or extreme or whatever word you could find synonymous to those others I've mentioned above but nevertheless...I dont really care.
Blogging for me is a journey to getting to know myself better and I've found out that you cannot really maintain a blog unless you talk about your passions in life, I guess that's what makes it stand out from all the other peas in the pod, dont you agree?
And I found out that the number one passion in my life is our Lord Jesus, He changed my life, and it is a very good thing...that is the reason why I started this blog, because I want everybody to know that there is a God, that He exists, that He is not a myth or a figment of someones imagination and that He is not far away. I know we live in a cynical generation, friend, and I have bumped into really cynical, sarcastic, or intellectual people at every turn in my life...they have one thing in common- they always think they have you and your faith- figured out.
They psyche you up, they make their assumptions as to why you are a christian, they mock and snicker behind your back, or dismiss you as a nutcase. Well, they just havent met the Lord in a personal way. You know what? when you have had an experience with God, when He touches your heart, there is no turning back...
He quenches the thirst and hunger that food, drink and all the money and pleasure in this world cannot fill. The things the world offers are just temporary, but what Jesus offers us is eternal.I know I could go on and on about it...and thats where this blog comes in. I started this, thinking- if only at least one person stumbles on this and they would probably read a little, and if it makes them think about their life and their salvation, and give their heart a little bit of a nudge...then this would all be worthwhile for me.
I know I am straightforward with my postings in this blog but, in this day and age, someone has to. We need to get shaken and our rugs pulled off under our feet every now and then, all of us really...because we all cling to false security and assurances, when there is only one person we need, to give our weary souls a rest- and thats God. That is all I wanted to share.And thank you blog-reader, whoever you may be, for letting a ray of sunhine in, in your heart, God bless you and may He keep us til we reach eternity! Shalom.

" That Day On Calvary " by William Branham


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I've extracted some parts of the preaching but not all because it is quite lenghty...
I hope it becomes a blessing to you.

1 Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Lord, we know that Thou art God, and after reading this sacred and holy Word, we can still see that Your nature has not changed. You are always God. And it seem like that Jesus was not going to have any help, that He was taken by wicked hands, and was hacked to pieces, and spit upon, and mocked, and hanging on the cross, bleeding, dying; and seemed like there was no help nowhere, till even He cried Himself, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" But You act in the moment that when nothing else can act.We are given to know, Lord, that if we have any rivers that we cannot cross, if we have any mountains we cannot go through, God specializes in doing things that others cannot do. You are a specialist on the job. For You know the reason of that day on Calvary. You, being God, the infinite One, knew this hour must come. But when it was fulfilled, then You showed You were God. You showed Who was Boss.
6-3 You shook the earth, and the saints that slept in the ground come out. You've blackened the sun in the night, as the darkness of night, showing that You were God, but You seemed to be silent so long. Let us from this draw this conclusion: that as long as we are walking in the Spirit, led by the hand of God, no matter what seems to be wrong, yet we are facing Calvary, God will speak in the right hour at the right time.Now, Father God, we would ask forgiveness of our sins and our trespasses. We would ask for Your Spirit to lead us. Lead us as the Dove led the Lamb. Let us be obedient to whatever may befall us, knowing this, that God works all things well, and know that it'll be all right.Be with us today in this service. We pray that You'll save those who are in condition to be saved and are seeking for salvation. Fill those with Eternal Life who are seeking such. We pray that You'll heal those that are sick and afflicted that have come seeking healing. And we'll praise Thee for it. We ask it in the Name of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
Paragraph 15-3
15-3 He was just one Man, the perfect Man. He gave His life, and He made an example for you.Now, what must we do. Now, the first thing I want to say is: Jesus never lived for Himself. His Life was spent for others. That's perfectly Eternal Life. When you say you go to church and you do good things, that's fine. But when you live your life to yourself, you haven't Eternal Life. Eternal life is living for others.It proved it when He come in the Lamb of God. He lived and had Eternal Life, because He did not live for Himself. He lived for others. And you receive Eternal Life by receiving that day, and you don't live for yourself no more. You live for others.
20-7 Tell me any man, tell me, any women can come to Calvary, and try to be a big somebody because somebody said something. Tell me where you can look in the face of Calvary in its right light, that day in Calvary...How can you have your day on Calvary and come out a stuffed shirt? How can you come out a puppet for some organization or preach some manmade doctrine? Why don't it humble you to the Word of God? If you ever go there, you'll come out humble. How can you want to be some big something in your organization with a feather in your hat, when Jesus Christ the Son of God humbled Himself to a hacked-up body to a spitted face, until shame and disgrace, and they stripped His clothes off, and crucified Him before the world, despising the shame? How can you go to Calvary and come away anything different than what He was: a disgrace, a shame?Oh, you say, "They'll kick me out." Let them kick. Have your day at Calvary. God will have His way with you. Let me quote that again. Have your day at Calvary; God will have His way with you. Let us pray.
21-3 Lord, O God, take us all up to Calvary just now. Let us get away from self, Lord, the fear of man, the fear of what somebody else is going to say. Why, the whole world laughed at Him, made fun of Him. But He was obedient to death; He was obedient to disgrace. He was obedient even under the federal government. We realize that when Satan smote this earth, he became the ruler and authority in this earth. He witnessed the same before our Lord and said, "These kingdoms are mine. I'll do with them what I will." And we realize that from that day to this, this world, under the curse, has been ruled by the one that cursed it. But God, O God, we serve a Kingdom that's uncursed.Father God, how marvelous it is that You've done some great things in the--in the picture world today, letting these great pictures like "Ten Commandments," and so forth, come out, to let men and women see, that wouldn't even darken a church door, but let them see what it is. God's way is a rejected way by the world, because we're like we going to Russia under Communism...We are in this world, but we're not of this world. We have went to Calvary. We've crucified ourselves, with the Kingdom of God, to be one of His. No matter what the world says, we take the way with the Lord's despised few. We go on to the resurrection, and we believe that that's soon at hand, Lord, to when we will be resurrected into a Kingdom that will take over this world as Daniel foresaw it, and it broke all the world up into little chaff, and the wind blew it off of the summer threshing floors. But the Mountain, the Stone, growed into a great Mountain that covered the earth. That Stone shall come. O God, we want to be a part of it. Let us deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and live for Christ, live for others. Grant it, Lord.
22-1 If there be some here this morning that doesn't know Him as Saviour and would like to be remembered in the closing prayer, and would like for this to be your day at Calvary, would you raise your hands, and say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham. I want to know Him as my Saviour." God bless you, young fellow. Someone else? God bless you, my brother, back there. Would there be someone else say, "I want to know Him. I want this to be a day at Calvary for me. I'm sick and tired. What's the use of me trifling around here with the very thing that I was born to do? I was born, born to be a son of God, and here I am holding on to the things of the world. God, let me be crucified today. Let me crucify today myself and my ideas, that I might live with Christ and live for others. No matter what they do to me, if they make fun of me, and persecute me, and say all evil against me, and things, let me just humbly walk along, meek like a lamb, like He did. Someday He's promised to raise me up again at the last days. I'm looking for that day."Would there be some more hands go up? God bless you back there, and you. All right, some more, just would... God bless you, God bless you. Some more that before we pray...
22-3 Our heavenly Father, it was said when Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, "As many as believed was added unto the church." They truly believe with all their hearts, these people that just raised their hand. I believe that they have believed with all their hearts. And if they have, there's a pool of water waiting here. They want those sins forgiven; there's somebody here that can baptize them in that Name, and the only Name that there is under heaven given among men, that we must be saved. For as I quoted the Scripture a few moments ago, that repentance and remission of sin must be preached in His Name to all the world, beginning at Jerusalem... And at Jerusalem, when repentance and remission of sin was preached, the apostle told them of the Scriptures and said they must repent first and then be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. That was the preacher's business to do. For them to repent, and him to baptize them for the remission of their sins, "Whosoever sins you remit, to them they are remitted. Whosoever sins you retain, to them they are retained."
23-1 Father, how did the world ever get off on a tantrum like they have? Why not believe the simple Gospel? And they even bring in for that to substitute false names, false baptisms, false Holy Spirit baptisms, shaking hands with ministers, using the titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost which is never in the Scriptures, a document made by Roman men, not a Christian teaching nowhere in the Bible. Remission of sins cannot be remitted through titles, but through the Name of Jesus Christ.Now, Father, we know it's very unpopular. Your ways has always been that way; but let men and women this morning come to that day, that day at Calvary, where Jesus despising that day, that shame to be stripped off, to be hacked to pieces, to be spit on, and made fun of by the whole world, by the church, by the people who should've loved Him; and yet in all of that, He opened not His mouth and went and died for those people that were making fun of Him.
23-3 God, take us to Calvary this morning, and if they say we're crazy, they say we got the Scriptures wrong, whatever they want to say, God, they cannot stand in the Presence of God and say it's wrong.They cannot cover their sins by the Bible. The Bible uncovers their sins, their unbelief to be popular to do like the rest of the crowd. Let them come to Calvary this morning and begin at Jerusalem, that repentance and remission of sins must be preached in His Name to all nations beginning at Jerusalem. Let them take that same crucified step to be hacked, and spit upon, and made fun of, and called everything that can be called in the line of religious renegades, tearer-up of churches, all they want to call.May we, Lord, this morning take our way with the Lord's despised few. May we walk like the apostles did, neither turning right or left, and from the goodness of our hearts serve God. Grant it, Father.Now, heal the sick and the afflicted that's coming into the prayer line. May these who raise their hands, in their hearts repent right now. May they who have stood back so long, quickly move to the water and have their sins remitted upon the Name of the sacrifice, Jesus Christ the Son of God. Amen.

Last Resort?


Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 | By Kaye | In

I may have already been labeled as a fanatic and it won't surprise me either. I know most people wouldn't understand what I'm trying to say but still I will try, hoping that somehow somebody may find even just a little bit of light through this blog. I'm not out to convert anyone, just wanting to share my experience with God and how real He is to me, to let everybody know especially in this dark day and age that there is hope, there is truth, there is a standard of right and wrong and that there is a God who exists and that He's no fairytale nor imagined- God is real and He is still changing lives and saving souls...and I am one of those whom He saved, how can I deny it?

I feel that in this very wicked generation it gets harder and harder to get through to people, nobody listens anymore to that still, small voice, nobody takes Gods word seriously anymore and I rarely find anbody outside church who even respect it enough to give it some thought. The devil has turned everyone into may sound crude to some of you but that's the truth.
People don't turn to God for help anymore, they'll turn to shrinks, to crystal healings, to colour therapy which I find absurd, they'll turn to alcohol, drugs which isn't new...they'll turn to anything else except to their Creator. It's really sad but that's how people are these days, I know some people who believe in the devil but not God. Seeking God has become last resort. It's a shameful thing but that's the truth. The very purpose why we were created- to serve the Almighty God has been erased from our minds and anything that is associated with God has been desensitized from us, it's even considered ' old-fashion ', or cult or what have you...
We get busy with our lives, we strive hard to achieve our goals and that's all good, that's being a responsible person but that's not the ' be all ' of our existence- our responsibilty not merely comprises the natural and the outward man but also and for me personally - more importantly, our soul, the inner man. We will all die you see, and we will face our Creator after this life and answer for every single thing we have done and face judgement for it BUT if we accept His plan of salvation, if we repent and sin no more, if we believe Jesus Christ and trust in Him and surrender our will to Him then He will see us through this evil and untoward generation.
He will save your soul. And despite all the evil around us and in us, He will give you victory over these things because He already won the battle- yours and mine- it just takes faith to believe that He truly has, my friend. It just takes faith. Would you rather believe the evil over good? the devil over God? would you rather believe all the psychology, logic, dogma in the world put together than the Word of God? let those questions sink in because deep in your heart you know the answer.
I know nobody wants to be damned, no one wants to go to hell, so let's make a conscious decision to ask the Lord to help us change our lives- if you only let Jesus Christ into your heart, into your life things will never be the same. He is the ONLY one who can quench our thirst and fill every need. You may try to brush this thought off or take it lightly, probably scoff and snicker but it's your call, your decision. I'm just saying- you can't escape it, you can't brush it off forever. We are obliged to give an answer when that day comes.
Are you ready?

The Altar Of Prayer


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We often hear people testify about their answered prayer, about the things the Lord has done for them and how great it truly is, but not until we have experienced it ourselves do we realize the power it unleashes in our lives. Sometimes we even feel silly because we appear to be talking to the wind or talking to ourselves ( or so it may seem to us ) and more often than not it's the desperation the drives us to utter even a phrase or two of prayer...some dont even bother at all.

But praying is a very powerful thing- and I'm not talking about vain repetitions or chants or memorized prayers. I am talking about the real thing, the 'straight from the heart' talk And it's not just all about asking either- asking for blessings, asking for help, asking for relief from our lifes' worries and cares, it may be part of it but certainly is not all of it.
I know some people have the vaguest idea about praying because when they pray they ask God for such and such- like winning the lotto or something so they could help others or give a church a big donation BUT our requests and prayers should align with His Word and will, others get disappointed because their prayers were not answered ( according to their imagined outcomes ) God indeed answers ALL our prayers but not always with a YES, see, it can be a WAIT or perhaps NO.
Prayer is above and beyond that. Praying can be a simple singing of a hymn or even a melody, it can be a sentence or two of thanks in the morning, or you can shut your bedroom door and pray til the wee hours of the morning...whatever form it may take, it has to be a sincere, heartfelt attempt to connect with God. It makes a lot of difference. It is intimate, it is sweet. It is an experience with our God Almighty.
True prayer is when we go to our altar- not the man made altar but the Altar of our heart, it's when our heart and soul desperately seek for Gods will and voice, it's pouring out who we are and all we are to God, it's where we breathe out our cares and worries, it's where we grieve for the sins we have committed and ask for forgiveness, it's where we sing the sweetest hymns only our soul can utter, it is where we keep still and silent and wait on Him, it's where we die daily to our will, it's where He anoints us and gives us strenght for the next battle. But above all- it is the trysting place of the bride and the Bridegroom.
Praying is where the Bridegroom whisphers His love to the Bride. He wooes our spirit and draws us near. It's not complicated, friend. You talk to Him as you would a friend. Simple. All you have to do is be sincere and true about it. He wont judge you, He wont place demands on you. Our Lord Jesus loves you, it's His pleasure to hear from you, it's His pleasure to help you- to ease your fears and worries, calm the storms in your life...After all He is our Creator, we are fearfully made in His image. He made you and me didnt He? I guess that says it all. Amen.
" And having a high priest over the house of God; let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil concsience, and our bodies washed with pure water. " Heb. 10: 21-22
" Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace in time of need. " Heb. 4:16

" Be Still And Know That I' Am GOD- A Testimony "


Posted on Monday, February 12, 2007 | By Kaye | In

I have learnt an important and life changing lesson today at church. The Lord really spoke to my heart and opened my eyes. I have been struggling for quite sometime now...struggling about worries, cares about my life. I seem to have drifted farther from Him, like what current does when your in the water, getting farther from the beach without ever realizing it in a matter of minutes- slowly but surely.
That's what the devil does to us, friend. A slow and sure kill, a wolf circling its prey. I got engulfed by a bit of depression because that's what happens when you start to doubt the promises He's given you, I felt trapped in a heavy fog that I just cant seem to get out of...
I tried to pray and I did but it's just words rolling off my tounge, I cant feel Him- He felt so far. I realized, I had backslidden in my heart. And I admit, blog-reader, I really felt bad, I could almost hear my heart break when this realization hit me...He's almost out of sight, or so I thought. I was sad, angry for allowing myself to drift away. I also felt scared. Scared to loose my Jesus, scared to loose my Lord, as if it was a hopeless case.
BUT... this morning He broke all the chains that started to bind me, He cleared away the fog, He opened my eyes to see and anointed my ears to hear. He rebuked the brewing storm in my heart and calmed the waves- and for me these are not figures of speech, blog-reader, He is able, nay, more than able to bring that to pass. And He has. For me, He has. All He wanted was to keep me still for a moment, catch my hearts' attention, to give Him a chance to do something about it...and not just watch me go down, rock bottom.

Sometimes because I really, really want to please God, I just go on without waiting on Him, I put in a lot of my own effort to be a better christian. I try so hard, forgetting that He has given me ' rest ' from all worries and from my own works, in all areas of my life. I have this thinking that somehow if I stick to all the rules of christianity, I will be a better christian. But how wrong can I get, blog-reader. Completely, utterly wrong.

This is what traps many christians today. We may be walking in the middle of the road but when we allow ourselves to get distracted by the world, we get out of line in our walk with God. We try to to solve our problems, we try to do God's service without His will, we think we can help God, but it's not like that.
Then when nothing comes out of our futile efforts, we get discouraged, we let our guards down. The enemy, who's always waiting for a chance- will come rushing in at you, from all directions- attacking your weaknesses, putting thoughts and ideas, worries and care that are against the word of God, thoughts that are opposite to His promises ( all subtly done, of course ) then doubt will start creeping in behind you along with depression...and let me say that all these ungodly things are from the devil. We have to recognize that. And it takes Gods' light to scatter away all the darkness that tries to overcome you. Only Him.

And let me tell you- that He will rise to the occassion, He will not allow anything evil to touch you for you are His. Amen! We are His. He is our Saviour from the enemy. He is our Rock and our salvation. Jesus Christ is the anchor in our stormy lives, He is our hope, our help that never fails, even when the devil tries to convince you otherwise...He will not let you down.

Two things He has shown me: first I should cast all my cares upon Him, ALL. And leave it there with Him, to not go back to it anymore...second, how important it is to go to fellowship- church. Because by the washing of the Word we are being cleansed, by hearing the Word He can talk to you, He can shine his light in the dark places of your heart- expose what is wrong, show you where you've tripped and fallen and give you hope in Him, so we could get up again, refreshed and renewed, to draw strenght from Him and not from our own resources.
Because that is our only chance. That is God's provided way. And if we truly love Him, we will abide in His word.

Now, I feel different, I felt all the weight lift off from me. I can feel God's sweet presence again, sitting in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Isnt that awesome? we have a great God. He is the sheperd of our soul and He is on our side- what an honour, what a privelege. And I really appreciate our Lord Jesus, His nature, His just and loving ways, His patience with me. I know for sure that without Him I am lost. He is real in my life, He isnt a figment of my imagination. He has done wonderful things for me.
This is my testimony. Though your sin be as red as scarlet, He can wash it as white as snow...only believe, my friend, dont loose hope.

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