Last Resort?


Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 | By Kaye | In

I may have already been labeled as a fanatic and it won't surprise me either. I know most people wouldn't understand what I'm trying to say but still I will try, hoping that somehow somebody may find even just a little bit of light through this blog. I'm not out to convert anyone, just wanting to share my experience with God and how real He is to me, to let everybody know especially in this dark day and age that there is hope, there is truth, there is a standard of right and wrong and that there is a God who exists and that He's no fairytale nor imagined- God is real and He is still changing lives and saving souls...and I am one of those whom He saved, how can I deny it?

I feel that in this very wicked generation it gets harder and harder to get through to people, nobody listens anymore to that still, small voice, nobody takes Gods word seriously anymore and I rarely find anbody outside church who even respect it enough to give it some thought. The devil has turned everyone into may sound crude to some of you but that's the truth.
People don't turn to God for help anymore, they'll turn to shrinks, to crystal healings, to colour therapy which I find absurd, they'll turn to alcohol, drugs which isn't new...they'll turn to anything else except to their Creator. It's really sad but that's how people are these days, I know some people who believe in the devil but not God. Seeking God has become last resort. It's a shameful thing but that's the truth. The very purpose why we were created- to serve the Almighty God has been erased from our minds and anything that is associated with God has been desensitized from us, it's even considered ' old-fashion ', or cult or what have you...
We get busy with our lives, we strive hard to achieve our goals and that's all good, that's being a responsible person but that's not the ' be all ' of our existence- our responsibilty not merely comprises the natural and the outward man but also and for me personally - more importantly, our soul, the inner man. We will all die you see, and we will face our Creator after this life and answer for every single thing we have done and face judgement for it BUT if we accept His plan of salvation, if we repent and sin no more, if we believe Jesus Christ and trust in Him and surrender our will to Him then He will see us through this evil and untoward generation.
He will save your soul. And despite all the evil around us and in us, He will give you victory over these things because He already won the battle- yours and mine- it just takes faith to believe that He truly has, my friend. It just takes faith. Would you rather believe the evil over good? the devil over God? would you rather believe all the psychology, logic, dogma in the world put together than the Word of God? let those questions sink in because deep in your heart you know the answer.
I know nobody wants to be damned, no one wants to go to hell, so let's make a conscious decision to ask the Lord to help us change our lives- if you only let Jesus Christ into your heart, into your life things will never be the same. He is the ONLY one who can quench our thirst and fill every need. You may try to brush this thought off or take it lightly, probably scoff and snicker but it's your call, your decision. I'm just saying- you can't escape it, you can't brush it off forever. We are obliged to give an answer when that day comes.
Are you ready?

The Altar Of Prayer


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We often hear people testify about their answered prayer, about the things the Lord has done for them and how great it truly is, but not until we have experienced it ourselves do we realize the power it unleashes in our lives. Sometimes we even feel silly because we appear to be talking to the wind or talking to ourselves ( or so it may seem to us ) and more often than not it's the desperation the drives us to utter even a phrase or two of prayer...some dont even bother at all.

But praying is a very powerful thing- and I'm not talking about vain repetitions or chants or memorized prayers. I am talking about the real thing, the 'straight from the heart' talk And it's not just all about asking either- asking for blessings, asking for help, asking for relief from our lifes' worries and cares, it may be part of it but certainly is not all of it.
I know some people have the vaguest idea about praying because when they pray they ask God for such and such- like winning the lotto or something so they could help others or give a church a big donation BUT our requests and prayers should align with His Word and will, others get disappointed because their prayers were not answered ( according to their imagined outcomes ) God indeed answers ALL our prayers but not always with a YES, see, it can be a WAIT or perhaps NO.
Prayer is above and beyond that. Praying can be a simple singing of a hymn or even a melody, it can be a sentence or two of thanks in the morning, or you can shut your bedroom door and pray til the wee hours of the morning...whatever form it may take, it has to be a sincere, heartfelt attempt to connect with God. It makes a lot of difference. It is intimate, it is sweet. It is an experience with our God Almighty.
True prayer is when we go to our altar- not the man made altar but the Altar of our heart, it's when our heart and soul desperately seek for Gods will and voice, it's pouring out who we are and all we are to God, it's where we breathe out our cares and worries, it's where we grieve for the sins we have committed and ask for forgiveness, it's where we sing the sweetest hymns only our soul can utter, it is where we keep still and silent and wait on Him, it's where we die daily to our will, it's where He anoints us and gives us strenght for the next battle. But above all- it is the trysting place of the bride and the Bridegroom.
Praying is where the Bridegroom whisphers His love to the Bride. He wooes our spirit and draws us near. It's not complicated, friend. You talk to Him as you would a friend. Simple. All you have to do is be sincere and true about it. He wont judge you, He wont place demands on you. Our Lord Jesus loves you, it's His pleasure to hear from you, it's His pleasure to help you- to ease your fears and worries, calm the storms in your life...After all He is our Creator, we are fearfully made in His image. He made you and me didnt He? I guess that says it all. Amen.
" And having a high priest over the house of God; let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil concsience, and our bodies washed with pure water. " Heb. 10: 21-22
" Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace in time of need. " Heb. 4:16

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