" Letting Go "


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Life is not an easy road to travel and we realize that truth as we grow older. Everything gets complicated along the way, life throws all sorts of things at us and we get overwhelmed by so many things that our faith gets lost in the process. And for the devil it is an opportune time to hang gray clouds of depression over us, see. We are weak and frail and if our trust is not rooted in the Lord Jesus, we are easy prey.
Life is an everyday battle between right and wrong, when we try to do the right thing- all forces from the devil will come rushing at you, you don't really see it but it's there but let me tell you that there is a God who knows every single thing we go through, He knows it.
And you might say- why is he not doing anything about it? He has, my friend. He has given a solution to all our sorrow, to all our tears and heartaches, to all our pain, our sickness and diseases, to all the battles you will ever face. He finished it all at calvary. You may think- " oh I've heard it all before and it didn't do me any good, it's just words..." Well, you're just too blinded to see. Or even too proud to admit to yourself that you do need to change, that you need God to be able to bring that to pass. Worried about what other folks might say if you become one of those ' holy- rollers '.
Truth is no one can boast of great strenght nor greater faith, no one can ever be superior. We can all fall and tumble down in a blink of an eye because it is only Gods strenght, mercy and grace that holds each and every one of us. We need to believe, we need to trust Him. We need to let go of the things that keeps us from serving Him completely- all our worries and cares, our reputation, our pride, our bad habits and way of thinking, all the bitterness and past hurts.
I know it's not easy it is indeed a difficult thing to do but sometimes that is what He wants us to do, He needs us to let go of the hindrances so He could heal us from the inside out. So, we could start to become a reflection of Him.
Our walk with Jesus follows a blueprint, ' He orders the steps of a righteous man...' so when the pillar of fire moves we have to uproot our tent and follow His leading. That is how christians live their lives, we don't really plan because He does all the planning for us. We just need to wait on Him. It took the Lord years and years for me to finally let go of the things I am trying to keep for myself, I've gone through very hard times to be able to see and realize that I need to surrender all to be free. That the true meaning of freedom is not in ' keeping your own right ' but in ' letting go ' of that right.
Now, when I look back in time, I am truly grateful that He allowed me to experience all the sufferings, pain and heartaches because those were God's tools to chip off my rough edges- and mind you I've got plenty. Now I have collected stones in my pocket- reminders of the lessons God has taught me. They act as landmarks of my growth and maturity.
Those ' awful ' experiences made me love Jesus more, made me cling to Him more and I learnt to be confident in His word. They taught me to trust God in everything, now He is everything to me...I can't imagine myself without Him. Our God is a good God. He is faithful to all of us and all the words put together aren't enough to describe God's goodness. Amen.
" But what things were gain to me, I counted loss for Christ.
Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,..." Philippians 2 : 7 & 8

" My Passion For Christ "


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Dear Blog-reader,
I am quite aware that I am dishing out all these things about christianity in my blog and I know the danger of being tagged as a fanatic, or extreme or whatever word you could find synonymous to those others I've mentioned above but nevertheless...I dont really care.
Blogging for me is a journey to getting to know myself better and I've found out that you cannot really maintain a blog unless you talk about your passions in life, I guess that's what makes it stand out from all the other peas in the pod, dont you agree?
And I found out that the number one passion in my life is our Lord Jesus, He changed my life, and it is a very good thing...that is the reason why I started this blog, because I want everybody to know that there is a God, that He exists, that He is not a myth or a figment of someones imagination and that He is not far away. I know we live in a cynical generation, friend, and I have bumped into really cynical, sarcastic, or intellectual people at every turn in my life...they have one thing in common- they always think they have you and your faith- figured out.
They psyche you up, they make their assumptions as to why you are a christian, they mock and snicker behind your back, or dismiss you as a nutcase. Well, they just havent met the Lord in a personal way. You know what? when you have had an experience with God, when He touches your heart, there is no turning back...
He quenches the thirst and hunger that food, drink and all the money and pleasure in this world cannot fill. The things the world offers are just temporary, but what Jesus offers us is eternal.I know I could go on and on about it...and thats where this blog comes in. I started this, thinking- if only at least one person stumbles on this and they would probably read a little, and if it makes them think about their life and their salvation, and give their heart a little bit of a nudge...then this would all be worthwhile for me.
I know I am straightforward with my postings in this blog but, in this day and age, someone has to. We need to get shaken and our rugs pulled off under our feet every now and then, all of us really...because we all cling to false security and assurances, when there is only one person we need, to give our weary souls a rest- and thats God. That is all I wanted to share.And thank you blog-reader, whoever you may be, for letting a ray of sunhine in, in your heart, God bless you and may He keep us til we reach eternity! Shalom.

" That Day On Calvary " by William Branham


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I've extracted some parts of the preaching but not all because it is quite lenghty...
I hope it becomes a blessing to you.

1 Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Lord, we know that Thou art God, and after reading this sacred and holy Word, we can still see that Your nature has not changed. You are always God. And it seem like that Jesus was not going to have any help, that He was taken by wicked hands, and was hacked to pieces, and spit upon, and mocked, and hanging on the cross, bleeding, dying; and seemed like there was no help nowhere, till even He cried Himself, "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" But You act in the moment that when nothing else can act.We are given to know, Lord, that if we have any rivers that we cannot cross, if we have any mountains we cannot go through, God specializes in doing things that others cannot do. You are a specialist on the job. For You know the reason of that day on Calvary. You, being God, the infinite One, knew this hour must come. But when it was fulfilled, then You showed You were God. You showed Who was Boss.
6-3 You shook the earth, and the saints that slept in the ground come out. You've blackened the sun in the night, as the darkness of night, showing that You were God, but You seemed to be silent so long. Let us from this draw this conclusion: that as long as we are walking in the Spirit, led by the hand of God, no matter what seems to be wrong, yet we are facing Calvary, God will speak in the right hour at the right time.Now, Father God, we would ask forgiveness of our sins and our trespasses. We would ask for Your Spirit to lead us. Lead us as the Dove led the Lamb. Let us be obedient to whatever may befall us, knowing this, that God works all things well, and know that it'll be all right.Be with us today in this service. We pray that You'll save those who are in condition to be saved and are seeking for salvation. Fill those with Eternal Life who are seeking such. We pray that You'll heal those that are sick and afflicted that have come seeking healing. And we'll praise Thee for it. We ask it in the Name of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
Paragraph 15-3
15-3 He was just one Man, the perfect Man. He gave His life, and He made an example for you.Now, what must we do. Now, the first thing I want to say is: Jesus never lived for Himself. His Life was spent for others. That's perfectly Eternal Life. When you say you go to church and you do good things, that's fine. But when you live your life to yourself, you haven't Eternal Life. Eternal life is living for others.It proved it when He come in the Lamb of God. He lived and had Eternal Life, because He did not live for Himself. He lived for others. And you receive Eternal Life by receiving that day, and you don't live for yourself no more. You live for others.
20-7 Tell me any man, tell me, any women can come to Calvary, and try to be a big somebody because somebody said something. Tell me where you can look in the face of Calvary in its right light, that day in Calvary...How can you have your day on Calvary and come out a stuffed shirt? How can you come out a puppet for some organization or preach some manmade doctrine? Why don't it humble you to the Word of God? If you ever go there, you'll come out humble. How can you want to be some big something in your organization with a feather in your hat, when Jesus Christ the Son of God humbled Himself to a hacked-up body to a spitted face, until shame and disgrace, and they stripped His clothes off, and crucified Him before the world, despising the shame? How can you go to Calvary and come away anything different than what He was: a disgrace, a shame?Oh, you say, "They'll kick me out." Let them kick. Have your day at Calvary. God will have His way with you. Let me quote that again. Have your day at Calvary; God will have His way with you. Let us pray.
21-3 Lord, O God, take us all up to Calvary just now. Let us get away from self, Lord, the fear of man, the fear of what somebody else is going to say. Why, the whole world laughed at Him, made fun of Him. But He was obedient to death; He was obedient to disgrace. He was obedient even under the federal government. We realize that when Satan smote this earth, he became the ruler and authority in this earth. He witnessed the same before our Lord and said, "These kingdoms are mine. I'll do with them what I will." And we realize that from that day to this, this world, under the curse, has been ruled by the one that cursed it. But God, O God, we serve a Kingdom that's uncursed.Father God, how marvelous it is that You've done some great things in the--in the picture world today, letting these great pictures like "Ten Commandments," and so forth, come out, to let men and women see, that wouldn't even darken a church door, but let them see what it is. God's way is a rejected way by the world, because we're like we going to Russia under Communism...We are in this world, but we're not of this world. We have went to Calvary. We've crucified ourselves, with the Kingdom of God, to be one of His. No matter what the world says, we take the way with the Lord's despised few. We go on to the resurrection, and we believe that that's soon at hand, Lord, to when we will be resurrected into a Kingdom that will take over this world as Daniel foresaw it, and it broke all the world up into little chaff, and the wind blew it off of the summer threshing floors. But the Mountain, the Stone, growed into a great Mountain that covered the earth. That Stone shall come. O God, we want to be a part of it. Let us deny ourselves, take up our cross daily, and live for Christ, live for others. Grant it, Lord.
22-1 If there be some here this morning that doesn't know Him as Saviour and would like to be remembered in the closing prayer, and would like for this to be your day at Calvary, would you raise your hands, and say, "Pray for me, Brother Branham. I want to know Him as my Saviour." God bless you, young fellow. Someone else? God bless you, my brother, back there. Would there be someone else say, "I want to know Him. I want this to be a day at Calvary for me. I'm sick and tired. What's the use of me trifling around here with the very thing that I was born to do? I was born, born to be a son of God, and here I am holding on to the things of the world. God, let me be crucified today. Let me crucify today myself and my ideas, that I might live with Christ and live for others. No matter what they do to me, if they make fun of me, and persecute me, and say all evil against me, and things, let me just humbly walk along, meek like a lamb, like He did. Someday He's promised to raise me up again at the last days. I'm looking for that day."Would there be some more hands go up? God bless you back there, and you. All right, some more, just would... God bless you, God bless you. Some more that before we pray...
22-3 Our heavenly Father, it was said when Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, "As many as believed was added unto the church." They truly believe with all their hearts, these people that just raised their hand. I believe that they have believed with all their hearts. And if they have, there's a pool of water waiting here. They want those sins forgiven; there's somebody here that can baptize them in that Name, and the only Name that there is under heaven given among men, that we must be saved. For as I quoted the Scripture a few moments ago, that repentance and remission of sin must be preached in His Name to all the world, beginning at Jerusalem... And at Jerusalem, when repentance and remission of sin was preached, the apostle told them of the Scriptures and said they must repent first and then be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. That was the preacher's business to do. For them to repent, and him to baptize them for the remission of their sins, "Whosoever sins you remit, to them they are remitted. Whosoever sins you retain, to them they are retained."
23-1 Father, how did the world ever get off on a tantrum like they have? Why not believe the simple Gospel? And they even bring in for that to substitute false names, false baptisms, false Holy Spirit baptisms, shaking hands with ministers, using the titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost which is never in the Scriptures, a document made by Roman men, not a Christian teaching nowhere in the Bible. Remission of sins cannot be remitted through titles, but through the Name of Jesus Christ.Now, Father, we know it's very unpopular. Your ways has always been that way; but let men and women this morning come to that day, that day at Calvary, where Jesus despising that day, that shame to be stripped off, to be hacked to pieces, to be spit on, and made fun of by the whole world, by the church, by the people who should've loved Him; and yet in all of that, He opened not His mouth and went and died for those people that were making fun of Him.
23-3 God, take us to Calvary this morning, and if they say we're crazy, they say we got the Scriptures wrong, whatever they want to say, God, they cannot stand in the Presence of God and say it's wrong.They cannot cover their sins by the Bible. The Bible uncovers their sins, their unbelief to be popular to do like the rest of the crowd. Let them come to Calvary this morning and begin at Jerusalem, that repentance and remission of sins must be preached in His Name to all nations beginning at Jerusalem. Let them take that same crucified step to be hacked, and spit upon, and made fun of, and called everything that can be called in the line of religious renegades, tearer-up of churches, all they want to call.May we, Lord, this morning take our way with the Lord's despised few. May we walk like the apostles did, neither turning right or left, and from the goodness of our hearts serve God. Grant it, Father.Now, heal the sick and the afflicted that's coming into the prayer line. May these who raise their hands, in their hearts repent right now. May they who have stood back so long, quickly move to the water and have their sins remitted upon the Name of the sacrifice, Jesus Christ the Son of God. Amen.
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