Although Christmas is really a worldly tradition, still it reminds everybody that Jesus was born on this earth. At least somehow, that reality still echoes out despite the fact that Jesus wasn't really born on December...although again and again the devil tries to replace Him with Santa and gifts and merrymaking- I guess for a christian after the festivities of the day, we really know what it's all about.
Jesus Christ, the Saviour of all, has come into the world- He came to lay down His life for us. He endured the great suffering of pain and of a brockenheart so He could pave a way for us to reach eternity. And it's a blood stained path, blog reader, stained with His blood because it's the only way of redemption.
I hope we don't loose this precious thought amidst the busyness of this season.
Jesus Christ is the greatest and best present given to mankind. He is the reason for our celebration. Let us not forget Him. Let us not forget who we are.
It makes me sad to see how God's voice is drowned out by the world. People don't hear Him anymore...even christians. That precious still, small voice is life itself and yet we ignore it. No wonder in these last days Jesus is outside the door, knocking to get in because people have continually rejected Him.
Shame on us, shame on you and neglect our God, our Creator and ignore such a great gift of salvation and eternal life because God paid for it with His blood and yet we shut Him out. We pretend He does not see what we do and think. It may be hard to admit nevertheless it's true isn't it ? we all are guilty in one way or another.
That is why we need to be constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit otherwise no soul would be saved. It's easy to forget about Him...the devil has set up the world in such a way that we'll forget who we are and who God is, the genuine purpose of living, of our existence.
I pray for God's mercy and grace, that He opens our spiritual eyes and hearts so we could seek Him...because only He has the power to do it. Only He has the power to stir us unto repentance- to hunger and thirst for Him.
It's not too late to come to Him, friend. Let us seek a closer walk with God. He won't disappoint you. In fact He is your only hope.



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Satan has the world swaying to his rythm, it might be a hard saying but it's true anyway. When you step outside the box and look in, it's a very different view- what seemed to be a normal world to all, you know, everbody getting along with their lives, in fact it isn't.

There is MORE to this life than that blog-reader. We weren't born to get rich, to be popular, nor to attain all the knowledge in this world. We were born to make a choice. But satan has blinded our eyes, and stopped our ears from hearing the truth. And just as God has angels, satan has his demons unleashed to keep us from seeing the truth, to keep us from serving Jesus.

People are so oblivious to the truth about God, to our purpose in this life, to the point that people no longer believe there is a God OR people laugh, scorn and mock those who do take Him seriously.
He has turned into a myth, a fictitious character, a religious icon, even as an expression ! the young ones thought that the name " Jesus Christ" is only an expression...they do not know who He is. They do not know the power that precious name holds ! the name of their God, their Creator.
As for the believers, it is a sad truth but sometimes we follow Him for different reasons...
We have the responsibility to make sure we follow with a pure heart.
Because there is a great battle going on, friend. People on earth are making their decision right now whether they'll serve God or not and it's not just for the unbeliever too, same thing goes for the christian believer. There is a call going out to everyone-


The world today is saturated with distractions and all forms of evil so the ordinary man cannot fully see God. And the evil in our age is the subtle cannot detect it as evil but one needs spiritual eyes to see. Evil is subtly embedded in music, in technology, in politics, in fashion & trend...May God have mercy on our souls.
Let us pray often and ask for discernment, and healing of our souls, our hearts and minds. To stir the waters of our heart unto genuine repentance so it would bear the right fruit in our lives. Let us immerse ourselves in His pure Word and in His presence despite the world, despite ourselves...
As for fellow believers-
Let us go to higher ground ! there is a higher ground. Let's not stop here and get comfortable with what the world offers. We are pilgrims. This is not our true home. Let's get closer to Jesus, let us walk closer to Him and pray for the strenght that we need to forsake sin. Let's get people to Jesus, let us show them that there is a God alive in our midst through the testimony of our lives. May we have a servants heart and serve others with mercy, love and grace. Let us hunger more and thirst more for Him. Let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling. And may we follow and serve with a pure heart.
I pray you have spiritual ears to hear and understand what I'm saying.
God is our only hope. There is none here that is greater than the other for we are all part of His body,we all need Christ in our lives and we all need each other.
And despite the wounds, depite the scars, despite the suffering that we attained in His name, let us not weary fellow warrior in Christ. It won't be for very long.
Sorrow and suffering may last for the night but joy cometh in the morning.

Let us fight the greatest battle in this life with joy because He has already won for us. It is not easy, fellow warrior to fight against evil but the Lord God has prevailed even before this all started. Let us be assured and truly believe that we have the victory.
The hosts of God's angels are looking down on us, watching, cheering us on, there is no more hindrance, we're nearly there ! we're nearly home. Let's go on higher with Him.

Praise to our Faithful God !


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I haven't posted anything for awhile & that's because I was not in the spiritual state to do so...I have been discouraged and down and there was this gray cloud hanging over my head that I just cannot rid of but I am free from all that, God has brocken the chains that were trying to bind me & He delivered me, praise God.
I know that our christian walk isn't that easy, we have all sorts of things to overcome & that we get sidetracked every now & then, that is why I am truly grateful to Jesus whose patience, love & Word never fails me. And I love Him...I truly do, even if oft times I fail, stumble and fall- Christ is faithful to lift me up again from the filth of this world. Without Him I am nothing- and that is my testimony. His blood covered a multitude of my sins and I know He'll see me through to the end because He promised it.

God again made me realize that even if we go through phases in our spiritual life which brings about hopelessness, discouragements, and fear- it does not mean that He changed his mind about does not mean we're no longer His, it doesn't mean He gave up on us. it's just the enemy trying to convince you & me that God has forsaken us. But He never will, friend.
Whilst down in the 'dumps' so to speak, I thought- well , maybe He has given up on me, maybe I'm just deceiving myself...and so I stopped reading my bible at nights, I stopped myself from praying, but you know what, blog-reader ?

I missed Him. I terribly, terribly missed Jesus. I was heartbrocken. You know why ? because He is my all in all, He is everything to me and deep down in my heart - I know, I know that I belong to Him, I know that I love Him, I know that it's His name that is etched on my heart. I just know. There never was a pretension. I love the Lord and I know it's true love. I know He placed that love in my heart before the foundation of the world.

And despite the doubts that satan tried to plant in my head and in my heart...God has sent His Word to cut through all the invisible ropes that the enemy tried to bind me with.
Certainly, it is a spiritual battle- we cannot see with our eyes but our great God is fighting for us, despite our doubts, despite our fears, despite ourselves really.
He only needs to remind us of who we are in Him and that predestinated truth will shatter all the chains. Amen !
Truly we are serving a great and mighty God.

To our Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory, honour and power !

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