" Love Covers A Multitude Of Sins "


Posted on Friday, March 28, 2008 | By Kaye | In

I've always wondered how God could love a sinner such as I, and oftentimes the thought of it is overwhelming. Don't we all experience that ? We imagine a great God looking over the earth and here we are, puny little creatures, a forgettable 'dot' in the world ! we imagine He is way, way up there, somewhere beyond the clouds and we cross our fingers and hope our prayers get through to Him.

And whenever we've made up our mind to give our hearts to Him, satan the accuser, would point a finger at us and yell ' unworthy ' and then rattle on about every mistake, error or sin we have made. And, being the weaklings that we are, we get discouraged until finally, we 'accept' his accusation and then we'd think we're not good enough for God. That small spark then went ' pffftt ! ' Mission succesful, says the enemy, and he walks away and sends the demons of gloom and depression to ride on us.

But God's love towards us is so great and magnificent that He gave Himself for us, so that Christ's blood, shed at calvary was enough to cover the sins and iniquities of every human being born on this earth. And although satan makes it seem that God is out of reach, truth is, God is here , right now, sitting beside you as you read this, believe it or not. He is an ever present God. He is concern about you. But we always seem to struggle to believe because it takes faith, see. Faith believes without seeing.
All I wanna say is- no matter what you've done, blog- reader, He is always there to forgive and He is always there to take you back, with open arms...
In truth, we are unworthy, our righteousness is indeed filthy rags still in front of our great and holy God and that is the reason why-- He died at Calvary. His blood is the only acceptable compensation for our sins so we could escape the looming judgement before us, see ? I truly hope God opens your eyes about this.
He looks at us through His blood, and to Him it is as if we never sinned at all ! although there is a condition - that we genuinely repent of those sins ( fair enough, i think ).
And so Calvary is the greatest expression of love, that He laid down His life for you and for me and through that sacrifice, we received pardon for our sins. Amen !
Isn't He a wonderful God ?

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