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To be a believer in Jesus Christ in the midst of an unbelieving world can be a heartbreaking experience. Let me be honest with you friend, to hear what people say and think about Christ, about faith, about following Him in this generation ? my heart is often grieved really and I know fellow believers feel the same.
Truly, we are in the Laodicean condition where people are neither hot nor cold. They want the blessings, they want the joy, they want their prayers to be answered but when persecutions and trials come, when there are pressures to confront- they won't take part in any of it.

This is hard to say, but most people in this generation are just content to sympathize with the Gospel, they watch in the sidelines- they say "oh, good on you brother, good on you sister" and then turn their backs and walk away.
The world mocks christianity, they think themselves above it. They crucify Christ over and over again by rejecting Him.

One time, I was doing a school project and a friend told me, to not include anything 'godly' on the slideshow because it was just 'politics' ! I know what she means, I know where she's coming from but being a christian, that comment pricked my heart.
And I often hear an acquaintance commenting about a certain person who is a christian and that how that person is 'overly religious' because there was a "God Bless You" sign on her door and scriptures in the house, they were mocking her, they then suddenly stopped because they realized I was there...

Since when did faith in God became politics? since when did it become shameful to be a follower of Jesus?
Isn't that a virtue? Should we not tell our children about the true stories of the Bible? the stories of Jonah, Abraham, Moses and all the old testament saints? Should we not tell them about the great and mighty love of God, who came down and was made flesh, and was crucified then resurrected for us ?
Should we keep them from knowing these things ? and instead let them idolize fictitious characters and hollywood celebrities who live filthy lives instead ?
There is no such thing as being 'over religious', if anyhting what we need is MORE of Jesus.

The world and its people is fulfilling their part of the prophecy indeed. The great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- the very same God we are serving today is pushed out, locked out of peoples hearts and lives. And that is expected.
It's everywhere... the day is nigh when the whole world will condemn christianity, not just in communist countries. The love of God will only be felt by those who truly serve Him, it would not forever strive with man, says the scripture...
Friends, will you reject God too ? He is on the outside, knocking. Will you turn Him away ? will you turn a blind eye?
Are we above it all ? don't we not need Him in our lives ?

I can only call now to fellow believers and to those who are willing to carry their cross and obey His will-

Let us run hard, let us run for our lives.
Let us cling to God with all that is within us and I pray that we do not loose our vision of Jesus Christ.
May we not forget Him, our God. May we not forget Him.
Let us repent from the heart and may it bring forth the fruits of repentance in our lives.
Let us amend our ways and realize that time is at hand.
It is now or never, friend.

Lord Jesus, help us with all these things, remind us of you Lord. May we see you in your creation, in the circumstances of our lives. May we not loose our vision of You, for you are the precious One.
Lord, you are our portion in this life. If we loose you there is nothing left but the filth and rotteness of this world.
Help us overcome.
We claim Your strenght, your will and your promises in our lives. We claim it in your name, Lord Jesus Christ.

"Therefore now amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the LORD your God; and the LORD will repent him of the evil that he hath pronounced against you."

Jeremiah 26: 13
a poem by Kaye

My Lord I have hurt you
a thousand times and
I can no longer bear to stain thy name,
a reproach to thee I have become
I have sinned, I know I am to blame.
I love you Lord, you know this to be true,
And my heart truly aches,
living my life without you,
But I have been a coward, I have been truly weak
I have forgotten thy Word,
worldly pleasures I have seeked.
If I can only turn back the hands of time,
I wouldn't have let go of your precious hands,
Now I know that I am nothing,
I know without you I cannot stand.
Forgive me Jesus
from my heart I ask you to,
All I ever really want in this life is you,
I never meant to hurt you Lord,
I have been selfish and worldly-
to your precious Word
I have not been true.
Dear Jesus, please mend my brocken heart
And heal my erring ways,
Restore me with thy strenght
and let me serve you the rest of my days...
For my heart is crushed and
My spirit is brocken,
My wings are clipped that I cannot fly,
I feel so incomplete Lord, without you...
At night, I just lay in bed and cry.
Let me shake these pillars once again
Oh Lord,
Let me fight another battle for you
Help me, mend me, heal me
Let me begin my walk anew...
And as I poured my heart out
unto the Lord
A still, small voice
I heard instead:
My child, I won't give up on you
Even when you yourself decide to
For your name is engraved inside my heart
I am married to you, we can never part...
Right then I knew
He is the faithful One,
He is the Saviour of my soul,
He is greater than my unbelief,
Greater than all the
raging storms that howl;
His Word will fulfill what it was sent for
Not in vain did the cross He did bore,
My time will come,
I just know it...
With eagle's wings in the heavens
I will soar !
Praise to the faithful One, our Lord Jesus Christ ! amen.

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