Deep down in my heart I can feel how close it is- the actual rapturing away of the Bride, and the fulfillment of prophecies in our day serves as a confirmation. The world, everything around us is getting more evil by the day, one could hardly recognise truth and one could hardly see holiness in the lives of men.
Values and virtues of common society barely thrive in the arrogance of modern day and now they have rejected the scripture and this has been foretold in the Bible. The lukewarm condition of this generation was prophecied and soon the whole world will detest the very idea of christianity. Nevertheless, evil will not prevail in the never has and never will. It may bluff and roar and scare, even kill and destroy BUT God's anointed ones will never be touched, hallelujah.

The Lord God will redeem what is His, all of it- from His creations to the very precious souls that were part of Him from the beginning. Our God will do away with all the evil in this world- demons, sin and all the corruption which took place, whether in the natural or spiritual realm.
Sometimes, I often wish that the finality of rapture will take place but then again we cannot precede God's plan. He is always on time, He has his own time...
I cannot really cut my race short, it is a shame to do so. If we look down through the ages, all the saints who were persecuted and who suffered- bore their cross with joy to the very end, indeed I feel shamed to even think or pray for God to give me an easy route or short cut. Jesus himself chose to go through the whole process of redeeming us, despite the fact that He has the power to make things easy for Him, yet He was faithful to the prophecy.
I still have to accomplish everything the Lord wants me to accomplish by God's grace and that is the same with each and every one of us.

The lives of God's children follow a blueprint. There are no accidents, even the sufferings we go through were all permitted and it is all for God's glory. And we must realize that we can never claim any victory, because without Christ we are nothing. We cannot even overcome ourselves, we need His spirit to do the overcoming for us. I made that mistake a long time ago, I thought I can do things for Him, but He broke me down to nothingness and then I realized that it takes the supernatural God to break all the unseen fetters that bind me. I am a weakling, I am just a speck in the universe. Oh, but how that little 'speck' is precious to my Lord's eyes, I cannot fully comprehend nor explain but I know to Him, it is worth dying for.

I only know this: that in my life Jesus Christ must increase and I must decrease. To be humble enough to repent, to be humble enough to love others even those who'd done me wrong. To always set my eyes on the Lamb of God, believing and unwavering. To depend on His strength and wisdom - the mind of Christ, the rest of my days, every single day. To allow Him to break me when I needed to get brocken, to allow Him to heal me when it is time for healing. To prophecy again to this dark and dreary world.
I am just a simple believer and all I have is the love of Jesus in my heart, not because I chose to but because He placed it there from the beginning...amen.

It is not yet too late for you, friend. There may be little time left, choose ye your God this day. Who will you serve ?
will you continue in sin or will you turn from the wickedness and repent, turn back to the Almighty God?
The choice is yours to make, blog-reader, just remember that our God is not just a merciful God but He is also a God of judgement. We are accountable for the way we lived our lives.
Harden not your hearts and let Jesus Christ heal you from all unbelief.



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As I was reading through the archives of PF, I suddenly felt overwhelmed. I again was reminded of how good God is to me, how He manifests His attributes of being a father, friend, Lord and Saviour, a knight- in- shining armour, a Healer, Jehovah-Jireh- in my life. He was all those things and I feel honoured by His constant presence. Sometimes, it feels like it's just the two of us, just Him and me...although I know He is the same with every believer out there, still I feel special when He is around.
It is such a privelege, such an honour that in this lifetime, God has stepped into my life and like the faithful potter- slowly worked on the clay until His vision of me in his mind is slowly moulded and manifested bit by bit within and without.
I was a tough clay to work on, I resist every now and again yet His gentle persuasion won me over. He watered my 'self ' down with His word. He just didn't give up on me. I was unworthy and an infidel but He looked beyond the clay and now I just cannot thank Him enough. There are no words, even my own flimsy version of love can never match His'.

I remember, when I was still living in the Philippines- we were so short on cash, that night we got nothing to eat, there was nothing in the pantry at all and I don't have a single cent on me. So, I was very much distressed as I have four mouths to feed. So, I prayed and asked Him to provide us something for tea...then after an hour my brother in law (who lives an hour away) came and gave us 150 pesos, he didn't even talk to me- he told my daughter he was passing by and just handed her the money. Praise the Lord.

Again, when I was processing our papers for immigrating here in NZ- my daughter, my son and I were in Manila, it was pouring hard and we have an appointment to keep. I was carrying my son on my left arm, holding a huge sack of clothes on the other, my eldest daughter was carrying a knapsack on her back and a pram. We travelled five hours on the bus and my son was burning with fever.
So, I just muttered a prayer under my breathe- if the Lord could halt the rain til we get to our destination and - it did immediately! I was so relieved. The thing was- we need to ride three jeepneys as well as do a bit of walking before we reach the embassy.
So, what happened? everytime we were on the jeep, the rain poured and just when we're about to get off- it stops and that happened the whole day. It never occured to me as coincidental because the pouring of the rain worked like clockwork. It was a supernatural act from the supernatural God, amen.

And one of my favourite testimonies was when I was having trouble with my left foot...I was suffering for two years, the soles of my foot was so sore I limp when I walk and as I was walking along the footpath, I realized- hey, I do not have to suffer from this, the God that I serve is the healer ! and I just prayed a simple prayer- the pain went right there and then and it never came back. Amen.
I decided to share some of the things God has done for me because you can have the same experiences, dear friend. God's promises is not limited to an elite group of people- it is for all of us, for all who believe in Him. If you think you are unworthy- well, who is worthy?
There is only One who is worthy and He paid for it all. The worthy One was nailed to the cross to pay our debts in full and His blood satisfied the law. When the father looks on the book of debtors -our names are not in it. Jesus Christ, God himself wiped the slate clean.

Now, the same God who worked miracles in the lives of His children can move in yours this very minute but He could do more if you let Him- He could change you. He is the only one who can.
If you're starting to feel you've had enough of this world, if you feel there's something missing in your life despite having it all- then the Lord is undoubtedly calling you...He is knocking on the door of your heart.
If you are thirsting and hungering, if deep down in your heart you feel that you want to serve Him then answer His call and take up your cross, follow the Lord. And let me say how it is never a burden, blog-reader...His load is the lightest of all loads and if at times you feel weighted, He will even carry it for you. In fact, God has done all the work, He finished it all. Victory is ours, all His promises are ours. We only need to have faith in Him.

Let God be God in your life, don't hold Him back from pouring His blessings on you because it is His joy to do so.
The world offers nothing but deception and death, everything this world offers is temporal- it won't last. What God offers us however, is eternal: to spend our lives with Him, to eternally have peace, rest, and happiness. Imagine, one day you'll see Him face to face- the One who were a father, a saviour, a friend , a healer to you- you'll get to embrace Him and say 'Thank you, Lord for saving me'.
As for me and many others- I'm sure we all can't wait for that day to come.

God bless you.



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We often hear people say that our worst enemies are ourselves and isn’t it true ?
We get into the habit of putting the blame on others and we give too much credit to the devil sometimes. Don’t get me wrong blog- reader, the enemy is an expert when it comes to tempting and he’ll do just about everything to get us to disobey God BUT we are the ones who make the choice. We choose which path to take, how far we’d go, the spirits that try to shackle us ? you might be surprised to know that they are not strangers, we actually know each and every one of them. We easily recognize pride, lust, greed, envy, anger, self- pity, depression, hatred, disobedience, malice, ungodliness, apathy, homosexuality, rebellion, etc... when we see it on others but we are either blind or in denial when these spirits are on us.

The sad thing is, most of the time we cover up our own personal demons. We know they are there, we get to a place where we realize their existence in our lives but we don’t do anything about them. Most people voluntarily enslave themselves to these evil spirits, and they nest in you and bring in more. And to those who doubt- yes, they are indeed demons so they must be exposed for what they truly are and not be masked under the many labels that man come up with, these spirits that I’ve just mentioned before are not mere products of our ‘psychological’ self. It is important to know that they are fallen angels and their mission is to destroy man’s relationship with their Creator, with our God.

They hinder us to come to God and all are vulnerable, both Christian and non-christian.
But our great God Almighty raised a standard against this evil. He provided a foolproof way of escape, see- He gave us Calvary, He gave us the Resurrection, the Lord gave us the Holy Ghost- His very own spirit ! amen.

The Lord gave us Himself and what better way to counteract the evil but with Jesus Christ. Everything above, in and even underneath the earth is subject to His name, every single spirit and creation acknowledges their Creator. They know who He is, man do not and there lies the irony of it all. The Lord’s blood that was shed for mankind at Calvary marked the greatest victory- it rent the veil in two literally and spiritually, God took the keys of hell and death from satan and redeemed every single man born on this earth. Through His sacrifice, we can now come under the blood and claim our salvation, and that offer is available to every single soul.

The question is- will you accept it ?

We were given free will, we were given free rein, we get to choose. It does not really take long before we realize that at the end of the day, there is only two paths to choose from: It is only between right and wrong, evil versus godly. Although the devil seem to confuse us with ‘gray areas’, in actual fact there is none. There is no gray area at all but a trap of ‘undecision’, which only delays our journey to Christ even more, until we become complacent. Complacency is one of the enemy’s best tool to date, it is subtly deceiving and we need to recognize it but only through God's word can we expose that spirit. His light scatters all darkness, the scripture says...and everything that is done in darkness will be made known, see.We know that no sane man would want to be a slave to these demons, we need God's great mercy to stir our hearts unto repentance...true repentance.

For those who have not had any experience with the Lord:
There is a God and it is time to hearken unto Him, it is time to repent and to really think about where you want to be at the end of life's journey. Our soul goes somewhere after we've shed this flesh and deep, down inside I know there is a great desire to be reunited with our Maker.
Friend, we have little time left...soon, no more. We have to make up our minds. We need to humble ourselves and allow God to move in our lives, let Him unshackle all the chains that bind you- all the spirits that try to keep you away from knowing Him. Because the truth is friend, we need Him and there is no salvation besides Jesus Christ.
The scripture says in Matthew 6: 24
"You can not serve two masters, ... you can not serve both God and the god of this world".
And again in Joshua 24: 15 & 21
"15: And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.
21: And the people said unto Joshua, "Nay; but we will serve the LORD

It is time to stand up men and women of God ! it is time to forsake our arrogant and unbelieveing ways and repent and turn back to our God, who is the God of restoration, amen.
Remember that Jesus is greater than all the evil put together in the entire universe, He only uses it as a tool to bring out the shine and lustre of His precious diamonds, which are us, amen.
God is greater than your unbelief, nothing can hinder Him from getting to you but you have to open your heart to Him. He gave us free will because God does not want to impose Himself on us- so if we decide to serve Him, it's from the is genuine.

To all who read Pure Faith:
God bless you all and may we meet at Jesus's feet when we've reached eternity. Shalom to the bride of Christ!

Testimony Series 3


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I remember having asked my christian friend Christine Ruegg, one of the few people closest to my heart, if she could share with me some of her testimonies. The Lord has used her countless times and I am always blessed whenever she shares her precious experiences with the Lord to me.
God's work in the lives of His children testifies of His greatness, His awesomeness and it gives us hope, increases our faith amidst this evil age.
Last Sunday she handed me a piece of paper with one of her testimonies and I was overwhelmed with joy that the Lord lead her to do that. So, as much as it was a blessing to me- I'm sure it would be to you too.
Read on...

"For this cause ought the women to have power on her head because of the angels". I Corinthians 11: 10

It was early 2007, when I became very tempted to cut my hair, although I knew it was wrong and that I'd been taught that long hair in the Bible means 'uncut' hair. At that time in my life I was struggling with a few worldly things and several sisters I knew had begun to trim their hair and I heard every excuse why it was okay.
So, I eventually decided I would first ask God to clearly show me if I shouldn't cut it at all,
and if He didn't- I would cut my hair the following week. I think it was two days later, I had a dream where a man was chasing me with a knife and had me cornered, tried to stab me but was unable to touch me with it though he was stabbing wildly towards me.
Then a voice said to me "He can't touch you because you have uncut hair". The next night I had another dream, I saw myself holding scissors about to cut my hair and all around angels were crying and pleading for me not to cut it, saying they only have the authority to protect me if my hair is uncut.
I suddenly realized though I can't write it in words, what it would mean in the useen spiritual
world if I cut my hair, then I started screaming at myself- "Don't cut it!, please don't cut it!".

Needless to say I didn't. About 3-4 weeks after this, it was a strangely quiet afternoon at work ( I work in a knife shop ), around 4:00 pm and there was not a person in sight when a drunk , crazed man staggered in swearing and shouting that he's going to stab me, kill me...
He was very worked up and angry, he used extremely foul language. I looked at him and suddenly realized that this was the same man that had unsuccessfully stabbed me in my dream !
I felt such a peace and I just looked staright at him, knowing that he could do absolutely nothing to hurt me! He suddenly went all nervous and ran out. A few seconds later he walked back in and said "Sorry about that, lady", then left. It's just the grace of God to have prevented me from cutting off my God-given protection even when I was already determined to do so. Praise the Lord !

Christine Ruegg

Indeed the God that we serve is a living God and in the event of evil spirits tempting us, our Lord promised that He would raise a standard against this evil and He will every single time.
Amen !
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