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I felt that the Lord answered the questions simmering in my head for the last few weeks this Sunday morning. Our pastor's message hit the nail on the spot, so to speak and I feel quite relieved. I have been wondering a lot lately about the 'gray areas' of life and such and such...about how God can be just to each and everyone of us and yet He stays just to His own word. Sounds a bit contradictory huh? and yet He is that way.
God looks at the intent and desires of our hearts.
He does not look at us the way common men do because even the most righteous man on earth (if there is one...) will make wrong assumptions every now and again, but Jesus looks beyond the veil of flesh.
He looks straight to the heart and He knows if that soul beareth His seed or not and He will deliver that soul from death.
And so, based on predestination there is no worry at all because whatever happens, whatever will happen you are already sealed into His kingdom. You were born to carry that seed and to manifest it in God's appointed time. And sometimes that truth takes time to settle in, because we think we can 'contribute' to our salvation but let me tell you friend,it is all, purely by God's grace and mercy that we will make it to eternity. It is only by the tender hand of Jehovah that we will pass from death to life.
There begins the dilemma- what about my faith? what about my virtues of being a kind and honest person? what about my sacrifices of going to church every Sunday? giving my tithes? helping those in need? etcetera...?
I will have to ask you back- what about them?
These things are all good and well, I hope I don't get misinterpreted here but these acts of righteousness can be done without God. They can simply be reduced to religion.
Because it is God who stirs our hearts unto repentance, He stirs us unto goodness, He stirs us into obedience to His word. We cannot own it because He has done it for us in the first place. The flesh is cursed from the day Eve disobeyed and so it resists and will continue to resist things that are holy because of it's sinful nature. But the blood of Christ redeemed us...His blood washed all our sins away. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us grow more and more into His likeness, word upon word- and which may not happen straight away, which for some, may take some time...but remember His ways are not your ways, He knows when the right time is for you and me. And He keeps His promises...
So do not doubt yourself, fellow warrior in Christ because the Lord is true to His word, He is faithful. He will see you through- to the end.
I have read, discussed, and learned plenty regarding people's ideas about God and in retrospect-and I'm not being arrogant but for want of a proper term to use- it all seemed like childish blabber to me. People will always attempt to intellectualize, discredit or partially accept the concept of God and christianity. But to someone who has experienced the Lord himself ? God goes beyond being a concept but He becomes the living word. The be-all and end- all of your life, the greatest, sweetest presence one will ever get to know. Jesus Christ.

"The Altar of the Heart" a reprint


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We often hear people testify about their answered prayer, about the things the Lord has done for them and how great it truly is, but not until we have experienced it ourselves do we realize the power it unleashes in our lives. Sometimes we even feel silly because we appear to be talking to the wind or talking to ourselves ( or so it may seem to us ) and more often than not it's the desperation the drives us to utter even a phrase or two of prayer...some dont even bother at all.
But praying is a very powerful thing- and I'm not talking about vain repetitions or chants or memorized prayers. I am talking about the real thing, the 'straight from the heart' talk And it's not just all about asking either- asking for blessings, asking for help, asking for relief from our lifes' worries and cares, it may be part of it but certainly is not all of it.

I know some people have the vaguest idea about praying because when they pray they ask God for such and such- like winning the lotto or something so they could help others or give a church a big donation BUT our requests and prayers should align with His Word and will, others get disappointed because their prayers were not answered ( according to their imagined outcomes ) God indeed answers ALL our prayers but not always with a YES, see, it can be a WAIT or perhaps NO.
Prayer is above and beyond that. Praying can be a simple singing of a hymn or even a melody, it can be a sentence or two of thanks in the morning, or you can shut your bedroom door and pray til the wee hours of the morning...whatever form it may take, it has to be a sincere, heartfelt attempt to connect with God. It makes a lot of difference. It is intimate, it is sweet. It is an experience with our God Almighty.

True prayer is when we go to our altar- not the man made altar but the Altar of our heart, it's when our heart and soul desperately seek for Gods will and voice, it's pouring out who we are and all we are to God, it's where we breathe out our cares and worries, it's where we grieve for the sins we have committed and ask for forgiveness, it's where we sing the sweetest hymns only our soul can utter, it is where we keep still and silent and wait on Him, it's where we die daily to our will, it's where He anoints us and gives us strenght for the next battle. But above all- it is the trysting place of the bride and the Bridegroom.

Praying is where the Bridegroom whisphers His love to the Bride. He wooes our spirit and draws us near. It's not complicated, friend. You talk to Him as you would a friend. Simple. All you have to do is be sincere and true about it. He wont judge you, He wont place demands on you. Our Lord Jesus loves you, it's His pleasure to hear from you, it's His pleasure to help you- to ease your fears and worries, calm the storms in your life...After all He is our Creator, we are fearfully made in His image. He made you and me didnt He? I guess that says it all. Amen.

"And having a high priest over the house of God; let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil concsience, and our bodies washed with pure water. " Heb. 10: 21-22
" Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace in time of need. " Heb. 4:16

Pressing On


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I have been really busy and pre occupied these past few weeks now that I'm back at Tech and I find myself settling in again in student mode, so to speak. As expected I am swamped with homework and we have upcoming exams too and I am to do tons of studying. But somewhere at the back of mind is Lord who deserve to be my first priority, took a backseat. I must admit, I am ashamed of myself.
Distractions are everywhere but am I glad there are bells ringing in my head when things begin to take over. That still, small voice gets louder, though ever so gentle- reminding me to not forget about Him. I feel really bad too, when I feel like these things start to take ahold of my mind completely.

I believe that God should be the pre eminence in my life and although I know that I have not forsaken Him, still to forget to pray at nights and to spend less time reading His word- it's not ok, whatever the reason may be. I realized how easy it is to get distracted with earthly things and obligations without noticing it because it just happens, see. For me it is studies, for someone else it might be another thing- perhaps work, relationships or hobbies.
I'm sure you could relate to what I'm trying to say- you know how work tend to override everything else? when all you think about is work even at home? or better yet, relationships?

Although things should be taken in their context, personally, to me- it doesn't seem right to put anything else above the Lord and so I decided to make a few changes in my God deserve the best from me after all. I know I make mistakes, often - but it shouldn't stop me from trying to put in conscious effort to be pleasing unto my Lord.
I have to press on even harder, to fight the enemies attempt to dull my shine, to be able to truly reflect Christ in the midst of a dark world. That is my duty, the purpose of my life.
And I know despite me, He will see me through.
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