Where is Jesus in your Life? Consider this Question


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Life's Hope is In God Alone


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People never run out of things to do, we always keep busy. In fact a 24 hour day is not enough to finish our work. I must admit, I too am frequently caught up in the hustle and bustle of life...for me right now it is studying. But when these things seem to take over, I start to feel a bit grieved inside, my soul aches to be with my Creator- to be able to set the flesh aside and keep still until I hear from my God. Friend, I have never felt such peace outside of Jesus. I guess once you've let Him in, in your heart and life- you won't be the same ever again and I speak from personal experience. I have no regrets in choosing a life of obedience...despite the world.
I know for a fact how a lot of people raise their eyebrows and are quite critical when christian principles are discussed but it honestly does not bother me. Laying down my life, my will, my all to Jesus has been the greatest and best decision I've ever made. My life is a living testimony of His existence, His goodness and the power of redemption and transformation. I cannot ask for more...and you can have the same experience too.
God is the ONLY one who can fill every gaping need in your life and that is the truth. Alcohol, friends, money, reputation and everything else in the world could only get you so far, it's all temporal. At the end of the road, we all get to meet with our Creator and there is no exemption. I can imagine how a lot of people will be surprised to know that there is a God after all and that they chose to believe the finite theories and knowledge of man rather than the truth. I pray, whilst there is still a little bit of time left- do think about it. Seek your Maker because He is just a prayer away. Find out the truth for yourself, read the bible and spare some of your time to do some heart searching. There is much to gain and nothing to loose.
It is sad that a lot of people don't know Christ and in their ignorance they reject Him. Christianity has been perverted so much that the truth is like a needle in a haystack, so to speak...but there is hope dear friend. The author and finisher of our faith- Jesus Christ is alive, He exists despite how the world depict Him as just any other god. The truth is He is the only God. He is our Maker, He was the One who formed us in our mothers womb, He knows our likes and dislikes, He knows us inside and out. AND Jesus knows that deep inside your heart, there is a thirsting and a hungering for life...eternal life and He is there to meet that need.
Friend, He is the answer, the only answer. There is nothing like Jesus, not one thing ever comes close to the unconditional love He offers- the peace and rest that He is so willing to give you, let me tell you is so real and lasting, you'll never forget it. It stays with you, for eternity...amen
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