Now is the time


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There has been a stirring in my heart of late, a call for unshackling, a call to go up to higher grounds. I feel that I have to decrease for God to increase and be seen in me. This desire in my heart for God to use me more is just becoming unbearable but I know what to do. I have to die out from the desires of the flesh, I need to tread lightly and let go of things that distract me from my walk with God so He could use me in the field even more. I have to become invisible for God to be visible. You might scratch your head and wonder what I'm talking about but at this stage this is where I am at and this is what the Lord requires of me and I have to rise to the call.
I have in my life the most precious treasure man could ever have- that is Jesus Christ Himself and it would be an honor to fulfill His word. Sometimes when I think about the Lord, I cannot fathom the privelege I have been given that the God of all creation made Himself known to me as a friend. He came to me as a faithful friend and I am truly grateful. His love just consumes me and all I could do is love Him back too. Right now, all I wanna do is to be of use to Him, to be His vessel, His hands and feet, His witness. I want to be fruitful, a doer and not just a hearer.

That is the problem with a lot of so-called christians, we deceive ourselves when we identify as christians and yet in reality we do not obey Him, we do not follow His word. We might check all the tickboxes outwardly but we are empty inside,see. We have to be certain that we are not just professing christians- we must be certain that we have the Holy Ghost, that we have the oil. If you feel a sense of urgency in me- you are right friend....I feel things will take place soon, i feel that the catching away of the Bride of Christ is at the door. I wanna be ready and I will prepare for the wedding supper.
Now is the time to get ready, not later, not tomorrow but now. Rise to the call fellow warrior- unload all the things that keep you from serving God, from spending time with God. Let us walk light with Christ Jesus.


The Brokenhearted


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One of the things of being a christian is that whenever we see, meet or hear people who are going through life difficulties- you just bring it to the Lord's feet as it becomes your burden too. You begin to see others through Jesus' see lost souls and you can't help but utter a prayer under your breath for them. Your heart just becomes heavy with burden, you just want them to meet God the way you do...
It's hard when that feeling just overwhelms me sometimes and I realize now how Jesus must have felt -multiplied a billion times as He felt the burden of the whole of mankind on His shoulder. I now know that everytime He lay His eyes on a man, all He could ever feel towards them is love and that great desire to fellowship in oneness again.
I had a lot of gentle nudgings from the Lord lately...just the other day I met a person who was in really bad shape health wise as a consequence of being an alcoholic, as well as the fact that there are behavioural and mental problems as well. So, to cut the long story short- that person is not helping herself. I judged her, in my mind, I was saying-  'well, you had it's all your fault, you're old enough and this is how you are...' but the Lord reprimanded those thoughts straightaway.
If Jesus was here right now is this how He'll view her? what would He do? what would He say? that was a rebuke to my judgemental attitude and I felt ashamed of myself. I did, I have no right to judge that person even if it was unintentional. What if that was me? I am only where I am right now by His grace, I have no self-merit whatsoever...every single drop of righteousness or goodness in me is God Himself for I have none. He is the only true goodness there ever is in the world.
Every single soul to Him is precious- including yours my friend, including yours. Do not hesitate to approach Christ because he is just there waiting, start with a prayer, a true heartfelt prayer. Our world is just full of broken hearted people- living broken lives but God specifically made a promise to this group of people, see-

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
~Psalm 34:18
That is a promise He keeps. So what does that mean exactly? it means when you are feeling down in the gutter, when you think you have just almost cried every tear you possibly have, when you see your hope being crushed, when friends and family forsake you, when life circumstances get worse, when you think there is nothing left to live for- JESUS CHRIST IS THERE right beside you. That may sound like a paradox but nevertheless that is true and He said so Himself but you have to believe it.
Faith brings God into the scene...when heads begin to look up in the heavens and the heart begins to bow in humility- that kind of atmosphere brings Christ. Don't be afraid to come to Him because He will heal your life from all hurt and bitterness, He will replace your mourning with joy, your tears with laughter, your cries with the songs of Zion. That offer is not exclusive to 'good' people, it is offered to all man, every man....especially to the sinner, to the repentant man. 
We just need to acknowledge that we cannot only truly rely in our own strength and plans and action- that we need our Maker, that we need a Saviour. We need Jesus- that is all He requires of to come. Do not hesitate my dear friend. You have a decision to make and it's self-deception to think that we could evade this truth in this lifetime. God will meet with you at some point in your life but you have to make that decision, you have to make a stand after making that decision and then you have to fight for it. You have to fight your way through to eternity with God beside you, strengthening you, refreshing you, overcoming for you.
This is the time of choosing. Hesitate no longer.

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