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Good evening friends, I know I have not posted anything of late, I thought my time was up as far as writing here is concerned but something just tugged at my heart after hearing a sermon. The Lord stirred my heart so much in the direction of witnessing to people and that is my motive in starting this blog 8 years ago in the first place- is to testify of Jesus Christ, what He has done in my life and in others.
I know I have a gift of writing and I wanted to use it for His glory and what better way than use the medium of the internet to do this. I thought- 90% of what is on the net is filth then if somebody stumbled upon Pure Faith and see a bit of hope and light and know about the living God- it would be so great. And for Him to use this space, which I know for a fact He has by gauging the number of visitors on this site, is such a high honor, that He can use these fingers to type what He wants to say.
I feel that if the Lord wants me to continue on then I would gladly.

Last night I was listening to THIS sermon and the Lord answered my questions, a lot of them. It filled out the small pockets of 'why's' in my mind and it blessed me and encouraged me greatly. But what strucked me the most was when the preacher said this-

"the world is getting darker, everything around...but continue to witness to people because we have the greatest light, in this day we have the greatest light in us..."

That is as close to verbatim as I can remember, but that struck me the most. Being a christian in this day is difficult, we would be a hypocrite to say it is not. Distractions have never been so great, technology is way advanced. What the Bible said about this end generation to be like the days of Noah, like Sodom and Gomorrah is true and it is being fulfilled right in front of our very eyes. How could we miss it? How could we not feel that judgement is looming? how could we think that the evil of this world can continue on?

The world is getting darker than ever, morals are at an all time low, what used to be wrong is becoming trendy, cool, or 'right' in the world's eyes. Current popular icons or movie heroes are demonic creatures and images. The world have become a God-less world, it is scary to think that we are raising our children in this age where the name of Jesus Christ is only familiar because it is used as a swear word, where each one is to his own, where truth has become relative, where abortion even post birth abortion is viewed as a woman's right, where our sons and daughters can marry from the same sex, where our daughters have no sense of modesty, walking down the street half naked. World where is your hope? when judgement will fall on the land- who is your refuge?

For those who have not met the Saviour, let me have the privelege to say that God is real and alive today, let me say that after this life- our souls, we are going somewhere and God provided an exit. There is a heaven and there is a hell, we decide here. Critics can laugh all they want for now but whether we believe it or not, this is the truth. The scriptures which tell of Christ is THE truth, Jesus Christ Himself is the truth, the answer to everything and it can never be relative. Intellectuals of the world of course would disagree but I am unapologetic about what I say. 
Our life here on earth is short and it is not just about learning the ways of the world, it is part of it but certainly not the whole of it. We all will be given a chance to meet Christ one way or another, we all are given a chance to choose between right and wrong and deep down we know this to be true. We have to make a decision to either accept Him or reject Him. He is a just God that is why He gave us free-will, but you have to choose which side you are on. We cannot walk with one feet on the world and Christ in the other. That would be worse, lukewarm as the Lord describes it.

Friend- now is the time. Today is the day of salvation (2 Cor.6:2) as the scriptures say let us redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16), let us take our chance, let us take this opportunity to know Jesus Christ, to know what He has done for us, how He purchased us with His life, how He resurrected from the grave to show us that we too can resurrect from sin, that if we die believing in Him we will resurrect and meet Him in the air. This is truth, this is NOT a fairytale or an urban legend. Please consider God's offer of salvation to your soul before time runs out. Let me clarify also that this is not a scare tactic, I have no intent but to light your way a little bit and point you to the hope who is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than willing to help you, to transform you. He has been waiting for you to open your heart to Him for the longest time. It is hard to take that first step- but once you do it and walk by faith, believing- all things are possible. Believe in Jesus Christ, He is our only hope.

Below is a testimony of Bryan Melvin
a man who went to hell and came back to life
and gave his heart to the Lord.
Testifies that God is real. Be blessed.

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