aren't you tired of
the chatter?
aren't you tired of
the noise?
why don't you stop
running for a moment
and listen to that
still, small voice?
the world will always
rage onwards,
amusements will never
really go away
but it is really up to us
to keep quiet and learn
how to tame our ways...

we seem oblivious that there
is a raging battle,
our brethren are being slain
left and right-
my friend we are needed as
soldiers, to shine bright
this burning light;
remember we are not
merely dreamers-
we fight for a genuine cause,
we represent Christ our Saviour
to a world full of souls who
are lost.

for how will they know that
He is living? if our lives
does not reflect God at all?
how will they find their
way to Jesus if we refuse to
live the life to which we
were called?
rise up to the challenge
fellow warrior
let Christ rule your world
and your heart,
for only when He consumes
our whole being will His
Spirit never depart.

Let us give Him the respect
that we ought to,
and with humbled hearts
and on bended knees-
surrender our life and our being
to the One who died for you and me.
for He is the only One
who can satisfy you,
the only true victory is His'
the only One who can fill
all emptiness and calm all our
troubled seas.

He is faithful to answer
our prayers and swift to heed our call,
let us love Him with all that is
in us and not just pretend that
we know Him at all...
for we are His most treasured
possession, above rubies
and above silver or gold
and Christ is the pearl of great price-
the most valuable jewel of all.

by Kaye

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