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 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; 

for I am meek and lowly in heart: 

and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Matthew 11:28-29

I was just thinking things through and reflecting a little bit about my life, you know my friend, year by year we get older and that aging process we cannot dodge that. Every time I look into the mirror and really examine the person looking back at me- there are more gray hairs than ever, I look a little bit more tired, a little bit of eyebag, a creased skin here and there.This is reality that we will grow old and die...but tears escaped my eyes and my heart just filled with joy when I get reminded that for us, for those who believe in Jesus Christ the death of the flesh is NOT the end and that means this life that we live now is not our be-all and end-all. After we breathe our last breathe here on earth, we will open our eyes to be with Jesus. Amen, what hope!
In my profession as a nurse, I am confronted day in and day out with death and the processes leading into death, I see deterioration everyday. I see sickness, diseases, suffering, grief, sadness, disappointment, hopelessness as well as a little bit of hope...there is that look in their eyes that tells of sadness you know? this makes my heart sink a lot of times.
I was thinking if these people only knew Christ- the One who CAN ease all suffering, who can heal all of their diseases, who can give them true hope , my heart gets heavy and I sigh a great big sigh inside not out of arrogance because I am a christian but it creates a burden in your heart for people to know Christ too. To tell them that there is hope, that there is genuine happiness, there is peace and true rest, that there is such a thing as living forever and there is a process for that too and it begins with knowing Jesus, it begins with humility, repentance and surrender.

The worlds frantic search for the fountain of youth, the notion of reincarnation, all the plastic surgeries and magic pills to maintain youth are all futile and feeble attempts- they are misplaced ideas but there is undeniably a common factor there- that desire to live forever, it is innate. There is a call for us to live eternally, deep within our subconscious- we know we are meant to live eternally but mankind tries to achieve this by his own knowledge and strength and that cannot be done. It takes a supernatural power to make it come to pass and that power can only be God. Christ has the keys of death and life and that was achieved at Calvary.
Christ is the firstborn of the dead and when He resurrected He has conquered the finality of death. For those who have not met the Lord yet, death is it and a lot of them is unprepared for it, they may say differently but when they are in their actual deathbed- more often than not there is fear. But see, this is what Jesus has been offering us all along- is eternal life. And the world is running out of time.

People make light of this plenty of times, they scoff and act all arrogant or all-knowing and say- try everything now, we only live once etc...- until they find themselves drowning in sin, a slave to their vices and bad habits until they self-destruct. They wake up one morning, old and have wasted the most part of their lives...some care to change, a lot don't. It is sad because a lot of people do not know what Christ is really all about. They see people who call themselves christians, who regularly go to church but their lives do not manifest Jesus. They all revert to the old life from Monday to Saturday, or they use christianity to perpetrate their own agendas. They mis-represent what a true christian is and so the world get the impression that christianity is a hoax or is just one of those religions when in fact it is not. That isn't what christianity is all about. It is knowing Christ on a personal level, it is an individual relationship. On another note- it is not a one man church or a group salvation either. We are instructed to worship with fellow believers also.

Once we decide to accept Jesus as our personal Savior- we willingly give up our rights, we decide to obey His instructions for us (in the scriptures) He gives us His spirit and we let Him take the wheel, we die to ourselves by His strength- we die daily to our own desires and lusts and we let Him shine His life through us. We are the living evidences of Jesus Christ to the world. We live our lives to serve others, to love others unconditionally.

I personally have not felt such liberty in life until I decided to let go of me and allow His will in my life. It is liberating to not live up to other people's expectations anymore, I stopped caring about what people will think or say about me. I fell in love with Christ and that was it, He has captured my heart. To be myself and to be loved and guided and taught by a God who holds my future is so re-assuring. He healed all my hurts, all the broken relationships and He answered all my prayers. This is no fairytale my friend, it's my testimony and it is real. I stand here to testify that there is a God who can transform your life and give you joy and peace and grace if you fall. He will turn your mourning into joy and when you do go through difficult and rough times isn't it better to go through them with God holding your hand? knowing that when things go wrong He is there as a refuge? as your Comforter and friend? instead of turning into alcohol and drugs or whatever substitute there is that the world offer we can come before Him? and it is as simple as a heartfelt prayer my friend... God is real, He is not a mythical character and what He offers us isn't false hope- it is genuine.

Friend- there is still a small window of time left and the truth is no matter what we do there is going around it, no matter how many times we try to avoid Him, Christ is here, knocking on the door of your heart- will you pass Him by once again?  What will your choice be?

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