"But Whom Do You Say I am" Be blessed.


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 *Allow for the background music to finish then you can start listening to this video. I hope you get the encouragement that you need, it was a blessing to me so I decided to share it with you. God bless you friends. The end is at hand, all the prophecies are taking place in our midst- we cannot borrow the oil of the Holy Ghost- we have to have our own. Draw nigh unto the Lord and He will draw nigh to you, don't let the devil say otherwise...believe on His promises. God bless.

Oh, what a safety it would be tonight, how much greater it would be than all the bomb shelters and--and all the places we could think of, if this nation, which is called a Christian nation, could accept the gift of God that's been given to it: the great Holy Spirit poured out in this last days...
~ W.M. Branham

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