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Here are some really good messages to listen...let us nurture our soul with the pure Word of God. We are what we eat. Amen!

http://gostape.co.nz/resource/sundaysermons.asp >>> CLICK AND BE BLESSED!

" The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of God shall stand forever " Isaiah 40: 8

" In The Eye Of The Storm "


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Here you are caught in the middle of a howling, raging storm. You look around and all you see are flying debris- surrounded by bits and pieces of your dreams, you sit there helplessly, waiting for something, someone to wake you up from this terrible nightmare, someone to show you the way out. You try your best to put on a brave front for all the world to see but deep inside you started melting away...and this scares you, the fact that you know hopelessness has started eating away at your last thread of sanity.

I've been there a lot of times, friend. Too many times in fact and I tell you one thing- when you're trapped in the direst siuation, in that frightening storm- all we see is how terrible things are, how dark and hopeless, all we see is the chaos- that is what the devil wants us to see, that is what he wants us to feel...hopelessness, despair, sorrow, pain which will lead to unbelief- to not believe God's word.
BUT there is HOPE blog- reader and I know in this kind of circumstance you may not believe me when I say that God is right there beside you. Yes, you read that right, He is near to those who are brocken hearted He said so Himself :
Psalm 34:18- 19 " The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a brocken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit ...Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of it all ".

Do you believe Him?
Don't let the devil take over your life. YOU have the power to choose, see? I know it's not easy but it is possible, Jesus already paved the way to Him, He wouldn't ask us to surrender ourselves to Him and just leave us groping in the dark? it's not Him, it's not His nature to do that, He will help you. God is more than able to deliver you, He is the ' Great I am ' remember?

YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN GOD'S SIGHT if you weren't He wouldn't have died in Calvary, He wouldn't have bothered at all. We are bought with a price friend, God paid for us in full, God paid for us with His life though we are undeserving and are like filthy rags, to Him- in His sight we are worth something. Think about it, let that sink deep in your heart. And if we love Him we will value that gift of redemption. We have no excuse and we can't make excuses the rest of our lives because we will account for it all. But if we draw nigh unto Him He WILL draw nigh unto us. I don't know how else to say it because words will never really be enough to tell you of His great, eternal love for you and me...but I know it, I know it's true and it's here for us if we only believe.

If you are standing, hopeless, helpless in the middle of a raging storm I only have one word to say- LOOK UP ! don't look around you where all you see is chaos and all you feel is pain, LOOK UP ! Jesus Christ is the answer, let Him lift you out, let Him heal all your hidden hurt. There is no other answer, no other way but Him.



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It's time. I can feel the stirring of the waters of my heart
I have been in the dumps lately blog- reader and I have struggled a lot but now I know what I want, I know what to do and I will follow my hearts desire... I love the Lord Jesus, he is the only one I'll ever need in this life and I'm certain as certain can be that I will not survive without Him. Storms have been raging round about and inside me but let them rage, let them howl- I know I am God's property, I am sealed for eternity and I am bethroted to Him and nothings going to take that away. He calls and He draws me near so I will come and take my place. Amen.
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