" Therapeutic "


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Yes, when I think of blogging isnt that the perfect word? well for me it is... ( LOL ) I mean hey- you can just throw anything out in the blue ( internet blue, that is ) without a care in the world ! and besides its free, which is great because you know how it is nowadays. Isnt it an awesome thing to make your thoughts, ideas, and whatever more ( probably heartaches too ) open to the cyber community ? yeah its a bit risky because your thoughts are out there for them to dissect, ridicule or absorb and needless to say there'll be those unsavory group of people who only dig into the ' unsavory stuff ', thats why even in the world of blogging there should be etiquette.
Unfortunately its just an option.
Nothing much to worry though because not all blogs get read anyway...it'll probably take ages for someone to even accidentally stumble upon your humble work, and they'll just probably raise an eyebrow and say - ' yeah, right...' he,he,he...
BUT blogging serves its purpose anyhow. Therapy or whatever reason it may be, you have your own little niche, with your own thoughts, ideas... your own small contribution to the online society, for better or for worse. I want mine to be ' for better '.

" Comfort Zone "


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We always hear people talk about their 'comfort zone', which suggests limitations/ boundaries/perimeters, their very own 'space' I think is the proper word. We all have one or use to have one, because to say otherwise would be hypocrital. Its our bubble, its a place where we know who we are, or more aptly- we 'thought' we knew who we are ( until you decide to explore beyond it...) or what were capable of.

Inside your comfort zone, everything is - well, in order or everything is where it should be. Your action, your reaction- in other words YOU are holding the reins. But truth is we can only control our lives to a certain degree. So I will be brave enough to suggest that our comfort zone is only an illusion... because that is our own making, our own design and our own concept. And because there IS a genuine source of comfort, the eternal kind of comfort and rest. We think we can hold everything on our own but sadly - we cannot. Now thats something to think about...

Do you want to know the downside of it though? one cannot grow inside a bubble. You have a limited perspective about life, about human interaction, you become stagnant. And it eventually gets boring, why? because...there is no challenge, there is no battle, there are no cuts and bruises to sharpen the senses, there is not enough suffering to purge ones' character.
I believe the best thing that you can get out of life is " character ". And I believe you only get it OUTSIDE your comfort zone. Outside is where the battle begins.

Outside is where you really get to know yourself, what kind of decisions you are going to make, which path you are heading for, which side between good and evil you tend to lean on and will lean on, who you really are, to learn to let go and do what is right. Because ' stepping out' of it is not the whole point, its when you decide youre finally ready to go beyond your own comfort and boundaries, allowing God access to your life ( because I believe His way is the only true way...) to learn to embrace it AND learn from it.

It might not be an overnight thing to some people, because it asks for sacrifice. Change requires sacrifice. Most of us needs a long process because as we grew older, weve put on layers and layers of barriers, sometimes thorny ones too. It isnt simple. The Lord knows what He's in for when He stretches His hand out to us. But wont it be worth it? for our very own sakes?

To be able to finally bend yourself to reach down or up to others genuinely, to be able to discern the right from the wrong, to have the strenght to say NO, to acknowledge truth when it comes and to be forgiving to others and to yourself knowing that we are all imperfect. And thats when true self respect begins- when you have made the decision to step out, to be brave enough to meet life head on, to be able to embrace sorrow and suffering, who are Gods greatest teachers.
Then we can look at ourselves in the mirror and see a mature man shining with character. Then you have come full circle to who you are.
Why wait then? Isnt it time to finally break out of it?

" Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning...or putting onof apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price."
1 PETER 3: 3-4

"The Kiwi Dream"


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We've heard a great deal about living the great American Dream but let me tell you about the'Kiwi Dream'. May I begin by saying NZ truly is a 'clean and green' country, hardly any trash or traffic- and if they do say there IS traffic, its still by Philippine standards anyway- not considered as. The roads and highways are smooth as smooth can be.
The people are generally warm and very friendly, for example- just walking along a footpath and someone is walking past by you , there is a 99%chance they will greet you (and to reciprocate is the usual norm of course).
The population is made up of the local natives called Maoris, ' Pakeha' which refers to Caucasians- who are usually of the european, irish, or english descent, South Africans, Indians, and Asians- most of them Chinese.
There's a lot of funny names of towns and streets too (given you are a Filipino) ,shall I rattle on? ok...there's a place called "Pukekohe", "Aongatete", "Pukehinahina" and the like. Here's one for the laughs- a huge billboard saying "A Slice of Heaven- Pukekohe" ( he,he...go figure!)
The landscape of the country is breathtaking, nature lovers will find NZ a haven. Rolling hills and mountains dotted with flocks of sheep, 'black and white' cows, deers...the air itself is so fresh and clean it hurts my nose when I breathe it in too deeply, 'Crisp" is the best word to describe it. Kiwis are the outdoorsy type of people, they like bushwalking, mountain climbing, skiing, kayaking. Sports is a big thing here, its deeply integrated in their system. And top of the list is Rugby- with the NZ All Blacks of course, followed by Cricket ( which I personally find boring), and still a lot more, too many to mention anyway...
And everybody works, its just a way of life. It isnt uncommon to see a 16 year old working in cafes' , supermarkets, gas stations, well wherever work is available. As for education, schooling is free from Primary to Intermediate (middle school) to college (their term for HS) and when they choose to go to a University, the government provides a student loan, interest free. There is also an abundance of 'adult learners', people my age and surprisingly even older ones who gets a second chance to attain the educational achievement they need. The learning environment is quite good too, as they try to implement a stress free atmosphere- My first day at the Uni, the professor was playing classical music on the background while lecturing, sassy huh?
The climate is a bit of everything though, its a popular saying here that we get four seasons in one day, and yup we do especially in winter. Coming from a tropical country, I love experiencing the four seasons. Me loving summer is a given but I particularly like Autumn because of the golden, amber coloured leaves...reds, yellows, quite earthy.
Special needs people especially kids are well taken care of by the government, they will provide what they need from equipment to nappies and medicine etc...free of charge. That alone for me is quite impressive, dont you think?
Cafe' culture is alive and kicking- take your pick from flat white, to mochaccinos', capuccinos, long black, short black, macchiato or the liquer infused coffees which you can buy for reasonable prices , followed by fine dining, and yes- the fish and chips thing, which is popular with all age groups, not to forget- meat pies, pavlovas, roast beefs and lambs are a favourite. Kiwis love to drink (and overdrink!) so friday nights, bars are choke full of people and that goes on til Sundays, its like a drinkfest or something.
Well anyway thats how I know NZ from living here...and I havent even covered it all ! but I love it. I appreciate everything about it. And grateful to be part of this humble Kiwi dream. Kia Ora!

"Living the Life"


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Being a christian isnt easy especially in this generation. Where being a 'Born Again'is often ridiculed and mocked. It has even evolved into a trend. It's a shame specially for people who have seen the light and who truly loves the Lord...but it's all part of it- Jesus Himself said that we who are true christians will suffer reproach.
I do accept that but it doesnt make it easier. I've been through it so many times...feeling like an oddball, sticking out like a sore thumb, being ridiculed behind my back, BUT allow me to say that I'am proud to follow Christ, I'am willing to bear all kinds of reproach because I love Him and I guess only kindred spirits will understand that. And apart from that there are endless forms of temptation and they arent the easy type, those are the ones targeted at your weaknesses...your very own waterloos' I suppose.

Yes we do fail and quite often perhaps but am I grateful that He holds me up and sees me through. That is the confidence that we have in God, the reality that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the only unchanging thing in this unstable and ever changing world. We know we can count on Him and that He will never fail.

Given all His wonderful qualities, I realized that the only thing I could give back to the Lord is my desire to draw nearer to Him, to be able to manifest His life through mine that others may see, that despite all the cruelty,chaos and negative things in this world there is a God who loves them and is concern and willing to help and lift them out of the miry clay...if they let Him. Walking and living Gods'way is a life changing experience and when you do you wont trade it for anything else. That I can guarantee. Though it isnt a bed of roses as some might think, at the end of the road and everythings been said and done...choosing Christ is more than worth it.

" One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple."
PSALM 27 : 4

" Sacrilegious"


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That was the first thing that entered my mind when I saw the news on the telly just the other day, about a young man supposedly a 'pastor' handing out updated english versions of the bible, in neon pink nonetheless (...wait theres more) AND in big, bold letters which says-- ( hang on to your seats) Jesus Loves Porn Stars....ugh! there I said it! I almost puked in disgust! and my jaw dropped just like what happened to you now dear reader. He was giving them away in a mall and was being interviewed about it, and there he was proud of his work...explaining away saying that it makes it easier for them to 'distribute' bibles that way, meaning in that unwholesome packaging. I hate to admit that sex indeed sells. You can see it in every single thing, from adverts to everything else, they just abound with sexual undertones seething beneath the surface, but hey- using it to promote Gods word is just extremely horrid. It's downright evil. It robs the integrity of the bible. And porn stars? oh, for crying out loud... "Sacrilegious" is even an understatement dont you agree?
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