Law & Grace


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The Law was given by Moses.
Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

The Law says—This do, and thou shalt live.
Grace says—Live, and then thou shalt do.

The Law says—Pay me that thou owest.
Grace says—I frankly forgive thee all.

The Law says—The wages of sin is death.
GRACE says—The gift of God is eternal life.

The Law says—The soul that sinneth, it shall die.
Grace says—Whosoever believeth in Jesus, though he were dead, 
yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in Him shall never die.

The Law pronounces—Condemnation and death.
Grace proclaims—Justification and life.

The Law says—Make you a new heart and a new spirit.
Grace says—A new heart will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you.

The Law says—Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things 
which are written in the book of the law to do them.
Grace says—Blessed is the man whose iniquities are forgiven,
 whose sin is covered; blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute iniquity.

The Law says—Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
 and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength.
Grace says—Herein is love: not that we love God, but that He loved us, 
and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

The Law speaks of what man must do for God.
Grace tells of what Christ has done for man.

The Law addresses man as part of the old creation.
Grace makes a man a member of the new creation.

The Law bears on a nature prone to disobedience.
Grace creates a nature inclined to obedience.

The Law demands obedience by the terror of the Lord.
Grace beseeches men by the mercies of God.

The Law demands holiness.
Grace gives holiness.of the old creation.
Grace makes a man a member of the new creation.

The Law bears on a nature prone to disobedience.
Grace creates a nature inclined to obedience.

The Law demands obedience by the terror of the Lord.
Grace beseeches men by the mercies of God.

The Law demands holiness.
Grace gives holiness.

The Law says—Condemn him.
Grace says—Embrace him.

The Law speaks of priestly sacrifices offered year by year continually, 
which could never make the comers thereunto perfect.
Grace says—But this Man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever . . .
 by one offering hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.

The Law declares—That as many as have sinned in the Law, shall be judged by the Law.
Grace brings eternal peace to the troubled soul of every child troubled soul of every child of God,
 and proclaims God’s salvation in defiance of the accusations of the adversary. 
“He that heareth My word, and believeth on Him that sent me, hath everlasting life, 
and shall not come into judgment (condemnation), but is passed from death unto life.”


excerpt from Sovereign Grace by Dwight Moody


Messages to listen blessed!


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I have been pondering about this a lot lately and I won't mince words to say that most of us have either experienced this or is presently battling with one or some. I believe it's safe to say this as fact and not as a blanket statement- that we are who we truly are when we are by ourselves, since there is no pressure of making a negative impression, offending or even being rejected by another. Even when one is converted, this remains a challenge because we are still in the flesh and our weaknesses continue to hound us- we are no longer enslaved to it nor do we willingly subject to it but the enemy would always be at our back, waiting for opportune moments- and we do make mistakes, we will too in the future. And lest we forget, God knows what is in our mind and heart for that matter...other people may not know what we think but He does. We are exposed to Him in every form or way, there is no hiding, it would be naive' to think or behave otherwise.

Along the same lines, we cannot justify our errors by using the alibi of flesh or grace. I am not a legalist, I think genuine christians aren't anyway but we cannot keep saying that we are covered by grace if we keep doing the wrong thing, hence we grieve the Holy Spirit. If we do think that I suppose we need to re-assess our spiritual walk and pray. Remember He responds to genuine repentance...
The important thing to remember my friend in times of temptation is to put all brakes on, stop, think and consider- that still small voice....for He speaks to our heart. You will find Him there straightaway, you will. Pray- bind that demon in the name of Jesus and cast it out, rebuke it, apply the blood of Christ that was shed for that very purpose.
That is the very reason why we need to be on our knees more, to just saturate ourselves with the Word & to spend time with God especially in this day and age where the devil is working overtime. BUT do not be discouraged my friend if you find yourself in that predicament- the scriptures encourages us and say that we are overcomers in Christ Jesus, the God in us has overcome all things for us and nothing can withstand His power.

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." Romans 8:37

Repent and leave it at His feet, don't look back but press on, press forward- trusting in His promises that He will see us through til the end. That is our's to claim.
I will leave you with a quote from C.S.Lewis:

 "Your real new self (which is Christ's and also 
yours just because it is His), 
will not come as long as you're looking for Him. 
Does that sound strange?
 The same principle holds, you know,
 for more everyday matters.
 Even in social life, you will never make an impression
 on other people until you stop thinking 
about what sort of impression you are making. 
Even in literature and art,  no one who bothers about originality will ever be original whereas if you simply 
try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been said before) you will, nine times out of ten, 
become original without you having noticed it. 
The principle runs through all life from top to bottom, 
Give up your self, and you will find your real self. 
Lose your life and you will save it. 
Submit to death, death of your ambitions
 and favourite wishes every day, and death of your whole body in the end submit with every fibre of your being, 
and you will find eternal life.
 Keep back nothing. Nothing that you have given
 away will be really yours. Nothing in you that has not died will ever be raised from the dead. 
Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run 
only hatred, loneliness, rage, ruin and decay. 
But look for Christ and you will find Him, 
and with everything else thrown in. "
~ C.S. Lewis



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End of Days


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Good evening friends, been awhile I know. I pray all is well with you also dear reader and that the Lord is just continually drawing you (and me too...) closer to Him. Below are videos which may be of interest to people esp. christians who believe that the Jews are the last sign prior to the literal changing of our bodies and before the Great Tribulation. I hope we keep an open mind as we watch the unravelling of the prophecies of the book of Revelation today in this present time. This speech shows how Israel is aware of their position and right, claiming the land that was given by the Lord to them, as is written in the holy scriptures. God open our eyes to see and our ears to hear...



When storm clouds gather...


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 We all go through phases in life- we get a fair share of good times and difficult moments. I am at this stage going through one of those trying times when you feel helpless, almost. I lost a child to the world, see...she decided to trek a path without God- thinking it is best for her, for now. But she will find out soon enough that an idea of a life without Jesus Christ is not true living but  is death- with no true happiness, no rest and anchor for the soul nor peace. It is hard for us to see her make that decision and for me personally- it really hurt me bad, my heart got really broken and it's almost as if I was mourning- tears just don't stop rolling down my cheeks and I realized I am, I am grieved to see a lost soul and that happen to be my own flesh and blood.
Lots of questions played in my head, questions which have no answers...I know in hindsight the questions will be answered but for now I cannot see any. As I lived my life as an example to my children, I instilled all the right values and advises, I shared all the life lessons and wisdom I have gleaned throughout my life and I had confidence in the way I brought them up. It was a moment of truth for me to realize that even that didn't hold water.
But I now understand that we all are our own person, one's experience cannot really define another, we all have a path to take and at the end of the day- the truth is our walk in life is very individual and it became even clearer why God deals with each of us individually. I respect that truth now and although it hurts- I decided to let her go. I have committed her to God and applied my faith, God's token on her, trusting God's promises and knowing that one day she'll come back, hopefully in Jesus' arms.
I never understood real parenthood until my children transitioned into adults, the pain, tears and heartaches that go hand in hand with the joy that they bring. Their pain is your pain, their loss is your loss and I found out that not all their joy is your joy, however ironic that may is true especially if they are in the wrong space.
I now see how God feels towards us His children...I now feel how it pains Him to see when His children take the wrong path or make wrong decisions knowing it will end in trouble or misery, I now understand  how at times He is silent or when He lets us go to teach us a lesson. If there is anything I can take out of this trial is that- I now understand God's heart better. Parenthood is God's way of making us understand Him better for He is both our Father and our mother. 
I sort of feel that the Lord is allowing me to go through this for a purpose...maybe to know Him even more than what I do now so I could appreciate how He is. In the midst of all this hurt, because I still am hurting- I want to give glory and praise to Jesus for being my rock and my stay. He is the one holding me, grounding me and at this time- cradling me close to His bosom. The enemy can devise ample ways to hurt us and he will but God- who is our rock of refuge and defender always comes to the rescue, He never forsakes His own. Amen. He uses sorrow and pain to teach us life lessons.
 And really if you ask me to sum things up- the true lesson in life is this: He is all that we need. Jesus Christ is the answer to all questions, He is the thirst- quencher, He is the true peace, He is Happiness, He is the song in our heart, He is our character, He is our redemption and our hope. But the condition is- to let down our guard and  open our hearts to Jesus. Humility is the first step.
So, my dear friend- that is truth whether we believe it or not. We really have to humble ourselves before God...after all the simplest truth that He is our maker is a good enough reason is it not? to surrender our pride and all our own understanding, to begin to see things His way- because His way is the right way, is the first step towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. I hope the Lord opens our eyes to this truth.
As for my daughter whom I love with all that is in me- I have done the best thing any parent can do- to just commit her to God. I breathe a prayer up to the heavens for her and leave the matter in God's hands. I believe God keeps His word and His promises for I have experienced this reality over and over in my life.
None of us can boast over another in terms of being 'more christian' for God is our righteousness, without Him in our lives- we will slip into the world quite easily and without resistance. I just pray that the day of realization come soon- for my daughter and for the lost souls of the world, so they can meet the loveliest, the fairest and most beautiful being of all- our Lord Jesus Christ. May God keep and preserve us in this evil generation.


Joe Brandt's Vision of California Earthquake (A re-print)


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Joe Brandts California Earthquake Vision

This account of a series of dreams (visions) was written by Joe Brandt, age 17, while recovering from a brain concussion in a Fresno, California hospital in 1937. It was previously published in “California Superquake 1975-1977?” written by Paul James. Keep in mind this was written in 1937…not recently. Look at when he saw the vision unfold (early spring), how the boys and girls were dressed, the sound the quake made as it pushed through the city streets and more.
The man who wrote this was a personal friend of the publisher at the time. The article is given as he wrote it in 1937, in boyish handwriting. He had fallen from a horse at age 17 and for days he had a concussion. During this period of time a continuing dream came night after night. It was as though he were viewing a tremendous earthquake and inundation in California and other parts of the world. Joe Brandt had also written in a drowsy state through his days while recuperating in the hospital about positions of various faults, strata of rock, earth movements,-so much material that a geologist of many years would scarcely attempt such a work. The boy knew nothing of geology or the possibility of a coming earthquake. There are five-points to note which lift this dream/vision out of the realm of ordinary night-time dreaming, and the huge sheaf of geology data out of ordinary day-time writings, as follows:
1. The dream/vision took place in perfect continuity, night after night, for many nights, always picking up exactly where it left off. This is super-normal.
2. The viewer was projected at least 30 years ahead in time, seeing modes of dress for youth not faintly imagined in 1937 by anyone. This is super- normal.
3. Half-sized cars were seen-many of them, and in 1937 such cars were not familiar to the United States. He remarked about the odd shape, which could have been the Volkswagen, now so common in the United States. There are about three times as many VW’s in California as elsewhere in our country.
4. Super-highways are noted, which he had not seen in his trips to Los Angeles from his home in Fresno, California. (By the way, he saw Fresno wiped out in the catastrophe.) This is super-normal knowledge.
5. He wrote about geology he had never learned, nor at 17 had there been time to learn that much. He was given a vast knowledge of “faults” of which he was totally unaware. This is super-normal knowledge. When checked later with a graduate geologist, it was found to be factual. Note: absence of birds. Birds and animals flee an area just before earthquakes.


EARTHQUAKE by Joe Brandt

The Day Of The Earthquake
I woke up in the hospital room with a terrific headache- as if the whole world was revolving inside my brain. I remember, vaguely, the fall from my horse-Blackie. As I lay there, pictures began to form in my mind-pictures that moved with the speed of lightning-pictures that revolved-pictures that stood still. I seemed to be in another world. Whether it was the future, or whether it was some ancient land, I could not say.
Then slowly, like the silver screen of the “talkies”, but with colour and smell and sound, I seemed to find myself in Los Angeles. It was Los Angeles-it was bigger, much bigger, and busses and odd shaped cars crowded the city streets. I thought about Hollywood Blvd., and I found myself, there, on Hollywood Blvd. Whether this is true, I don’t know, but there were a lot of guys about my age with beards and wearing, some of them, earrings. All the girls wore real short skirts… and they slouched along, moving like a dance. I wondered if I could talk to them, and I said “hello”, but they didn’t hear or see me. I decided that I would look as funny to them as they looked to me. I tried, for awhile, that crazy kind of walk. I guess it is something you have to learn. I couldn’t to it. I noticed there was a quietness about the air, a kind of stillness. Something else was missing, something that should be there.
At first, I couldn’t figure it out, I didn’t know what it was-then I did. THERE WERE NO BIRDS. I listened. I walked two blocks north or the Blvd…All houses…no birds. I wondered what had happened to them. Had they gone away? Where? Again, I could hear the stillness. I had never experienced anything like it. I listened…just the stillness.
Then, I knew something was going to happen. I wondered what year it was. It certainly was not 1937. I saw a newspaper on the corner with a picture of the president. It surely wasn’t Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier, big ears. If it wasn’t 1937, I wondered what year it was. It looked like 1969…but I wasn’t sure. My eyes weren’t working just right..
Someone was coming…someone in 1937… it was that fat nurse ready to take my temperature. I woke up. Crazy dream (There are pages here about a similar dream occurring-finding himself in Los Angeles-although it was the next day (in 1937) it was the same day in Los Angeles, and the dream would continue where the last dream left off.) My headache is worse. It is a wonder I didn’t get killed on that horse. I’ve had another crazy dream, back in Hollywood. Those people. Why do they dress like that I wonder? I found myself back on the Blvd. I was waiting for something to happen. Something BIG was going to happen and I was going to be there. I looked up at the clock down by that big theatre. It was 10 minutes to 4. Something BIG was going to happen. I walked down the street. In the concrete in front of a theatre they had names of stars. I recognized a few of them. The other names I had never heard. I was getting bored. I wanted to get back to the hospital in Fresno, and I wanted to stay there on the blvd., even if nobody could see me. Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that? Maybe it is some big Halloween doings, but it don’t seem like Halloween. More like early spring.
There was that sound again. that LACK OF SOUND. STILLNESS, STILLNESS, STILLNESS. Don’t these people KNOW that the birds have gone somewhere? The QUITE IS GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER. I KNOW IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Something is happening now!
It sure did. She woke me up, grinning and smiling, that fat nurse again. “It’s time for your milk, kiddo,” she says. Gosh, old woman of 30 acting like the cat’s pyjamas. Next time maybe she’ll bring hot chocolate.

Where have I been. Where haven’t I been! I’ve been to the ends of the earth and back. I’ve been to the end of the world. There isn’t anything left. Not even Fresno, even though I’m lying here right this minute. If only my eyes would get a little clearer so I can write all this down. Nobody will believe me, anyway.
I’m going back to that last moment on the Blvd. Some sweet kid went past, dragging a little boy (twins, I guess) by each hand. Her skirt was up–well, pretty high–and she had a tired look. I thought for a minute I could ask her about the birds, what had happened to them, and then, I remembered she didn’t see me. Her hair was all frowzy, way out all over her head. A lot of them looked like that, but she looked so tired and like she was sorry about something. I guess she was sorry BEFORE it happened, because it surely did happen.
There was a funny smell. I don’t like it. A smell like sulphur, sulphuric acid, a smell like death. For a minute, I thought I was back in chem. (chemistry). When I looked around for the girl, she was gone. I wanted to find her for some reason. It was if I knew something was going to happen and I could stay with her, help her. She was gone, and I walked half a block, then saw the clock again. My eyes seemed glued on that clock. I couldn’t move. I just waited. It was FIVE MINUTES TO FOUR O’CLOCK ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON. I thought I would stand there looking at that clock forever waiting for the something to come.
Then, when it came, it was nothing. It was just nothing. It wasn’t nearly as hard as the earthquake we had two years ago. The ground shook, just an instant. People looked at each other, surprised. Then they laughed, I laughed too. So this was what I had been waiting for. This funny little shake. It meant nothing. I was relieved and I was disappointed. What had I been waiting for? I started back up the Blvd., moving my legs like those kids. How do they do it?
I never found out. I felt as if the ground wasn’t solid under me. I knew I was dreaming and yet I wasn’t dreaming. There was that smell again–coming like from the ocean. I was getting to the 5 and 10 (Newberry’s?) and I saw the look on the kids’ faces. Two of them were right in front of me, coming my way. Both with beards. One with earrings. One said: “let’s get out of this place. Let’s go back East.” He seemed scared. It was as if the sidewalks were trembling – but you couldn’t seem to see them. Not with your eyes you couldn’t. An old lady had a dog, a little white dog, and she stopped and looked scared, and grabbed him in her arms and said,” Let’s go home, Frou, Frou. Mamma is going to take you home.” That poor old lady, hanging on to her dog. I got scared. Real scared.
I remembered the girl. She was way down the block, probably. I started to run. I ran and ran, and the ground kept trembling. But I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t feel it. But I knew it was trembling. Everybody looked scared. They looked terrible. One young lady just sit down on the sidewalk all doubled up. She kept saying “earthquake, it’s THE earthquake.” over and over. But I COULDN”T SEE THAT ANYTHING WAS DIFFERENT.
Then, when it came. How it came. Like nothing in God’s world. Like nothing. It was the scream of a siren, long and low, or the scream of a woman I heard having a baby when I was a kid. It was awful. It was as if something- some monster- was PUSHING UP THE SIDEWALKS. You felt it long before you saw it, as if the sidewalks wouldn’t hold anymore. I looked out at the cars. They were honking but not scared. They just kept moving. They didn’t seem to know yet that anything was happening. Then, that white car, that baby half-sized one, came sprawling from the inside lane right against the curb. The girl who was driving just sat there. She sat there with her eyes staring, as if she couldn’t move, but I could hear her. She whimpered. Like a little girl. She made funny noises. I watched her, thinking of the other girl.
I said that it was a dream and I would wake up.. But I didn’t wake up. But I didn’t wake up. The shaking had started again, but this time different. It was a nice shaking, like a cradle being rocked for a minute, and then I saw the middle of the Blvd. seemed to be breaking in two. The concrete looked as if it were being pushed straight up by some giant shovel. it. It was breaking in two. That is why the girl’s car went out of control.. AND THEN A LOUD SOUND AGAIN, LIKE I’VE NEVER HEARD BEFORE…THEN HUNDREDS OF SOUNDS…ALL KINDS OF SOUNDS… children, and women and those crazy guys with earrings. They were all moving, it seemed, some of them above the sidewalk. I can’t describe it. They were LIFTED UP. and the waters kept oozing…oozing. The cries. It was awful. I woke up. I never want to have that dream again.

It came again. Like the first time which was a preview and all I could remember was that it was the end of the world. I was right back there–all that crying. Right in the middle of it. My eardrums felt as if they were going to burst. Noise everywhere. People falling down, some of them bad hurt. Pieces of buildings, chips, flying in the air. One hit me hard on the side of the face, but I didn’t seem to feel it.
I wanted only to wake up, to get away from this place. It had been fun in the beginning, the first dream, when I kind of knew I was going to dream the end of the world or something. This was terrible. There were older people in the cars. Most of the kids were in the street. But those old guys were yelling bloody murder, as if anybody could help them.. Nobody could help them. Nobody could help them.
It was then that I felt myself lifted up. Maybe I had died. I don’t know. But I was over the city. It was tilting toward the ocean-like tilting a picnic table. The buildings were holding, better than you could believe. They were holding. They were holding. The people saw they were holding and they tried to cling to them or get inside. It was fantastic. Like a building had a will of its own. Everything else breaking around them, and they were holding, holding. I was up over them-looking down. I started to root for them. Hold that line, I said. Hold that line. Hold that line. I wanted to cheer, to shout, to scream. If the buildings held, those buildings on the Blvd., maybe the girl-the girl with the two kids-maybe she could get inside.
It looked that way for a long time, maybe three minutes, and three minutes was like forever. Everybody was trying to get inside. They were going to hold. You knew they were going to hold, even if the waters kept coming up. Only they didn’t. I’ve never imagined what it would be like for a building to die. A building dies just like a person. It gives way, some of the bigger ones did just that. They began to crumble, like an old man with palsy, who couldn’t take it anymore. They crumble right down to nothing. And the little ones screamed like mad-over and above the roar of the people. They were mad about dying. But buildings die. I couldn’t look anymore at the people. I kept wanting to get higher. I kept willing myself to go higher.
Then I seemed to be out of it all, but I could see. I seemed to be up on Big Bear near San Bernardino, but the funny thing is that I could see everywhere. I knew what was happening. The earth seemed to start to tremble again. I could feel it even though I was up high. This time it lasted maybe twelve seconds, and it was gentle. You couldn’t believe anything so gentle could cause so much damage. But then I saw the streets of Los Angeles-and everything between the San Bernardino mountains and L.A. It was all tilting toward the ocean, houses everything that was left. I could see the big lanes-dozens of big lanes still loaded with cars-five lanes in one place, and all the cars sliding the same way.
Now the ocean was coming in, moving like a huge snake across the land. I wondered how long it was, and I could see the clock, even though I wasn’t there on the Blvd.. It was 4:29. It had been half an hour. I was glad I couldn’t hear the crying any more. But I could see everything. I could see everything.

Then, like looking at a huge map of the world, I could see what was happening on the land and with people. San Francisco was feeling it, but she was not in any way like Hollywood or Los Angeles. I seemed to see it was the GARLOCK FAULT, not just the SAN ANDREAS that was rocking San Francisco. It was moving just like that earthquake movie with Jeanette McDonald and Gable. I could see all those mountains coming together-the Sierra Nevada, and the San Andreas and Garlock.
I knew what was going to happen to San Francisco-it was going to turn over, because of Garlock. It would turn upside down. It went quickly, because of the twisting, I guess. It seemed much faster than Hollywood, but then I wasn’t exactly there. I was a long, long way off.
I shut my eyes for a long time-I guess ten minutes-and when I opened them I saw Grand Canyon, that great big gap was closing in, and Boulder Dam was being pushed from underneath. And then, Nevada, and on up to Reno. Way down south, way down Baja, California, Mexico too. It looked like some volcano down there was erupting, along with everything else.
I saw the map of South America, especially Colombia. Another volcano-eruption-shaking violently. Venezuela seemed to be having some king of volcanic activity. Away off in the distance, I could see Japan, on a Fault, too. It was so far off-not easy to see, because I was still on Big Bear Mountain, but Japan started to go into the sea. I couldn’t tell time, then, and the people looked like dolls, far away. I couldn’t hear the screaming, but I could see the surprised look on their faces. They looked so surprised.. They were all like dolls. It was so far away I could hardly see it. In a minute or two it seemed over. Everybody was gone. There was nobody left.
I didn’t know time now. I couldn’t see a clock. I tried to see the island of Hawaii. I could just see huge tidal waves…beating against it. The people on the streets were getting wet, and they were scared. But I didn’t see anybody going into the sea. I seemed way around the globe. More flooding. Is the world going to be drenched? Constantinople. Black Sea rising. Suez Canal, for some reason seemed to be drying up. SICILY.. she doesn’t hold. I could see map. Mt Etna is shacking. A lot of this area seemed to go, but it seemed to be earlier or later.
I wasn’t sure of time, now. ENGLAND…..huge floods-but no tidal waves. Water, water everywhere, but no one going into the sea. People were frightened and crying. Some places they fell in the streets on their knees and started to pray for the world. I didn’t know the English were emotional. Ireland, Scotland-all kinds of churches were crowded-it seemed night and day. People were carrying candles and everybody was crying for California, Nevada, parts of Colorado- maybe all of it, even Utah.
Everybody was crying-most of them didn’t even know anybody in California, Nevada, Utah, but they were crying as if they were blood kin. Like one family. Like it happened to them. NEW YORK was coming into view-she was still there, nothing had happened, yet water level was way up. Here, things were different. People were running in the streets yelling-”end of world”. Kids ran into restaurants and ate everything in sight. I saw a shoe store with all the shoes gone in about five minutes. Fifth Avenue- everybody running. Some radio blasting from a loud speaker that in a few minutes, power might be shut off. They must control themselves. Five girls were running like mad toward the Y.W.C.A., that place on Lexington or somewhere. They ran like they were scared to death. BUT NOTHING WAS HAPPENING IN NEW YORK. I saw an old lady with garbage cans, filling them with water. Everybody seemed scared to death. Some people looked dazed. The streets seemed filled with loud speakers. It wasn’t daylight. It was night. I saw, like the next day, and everything was topsy turvy. Loud speakers again about fuel tanks broken in areas-shortage of oil. People seemed to be looting markets.
Oregon, Washington, The Dakotas, Missouri, Minnesota, Canada
I saw a lot of places that seemed safe, and people were not scared. Especially the rural areas. Here everything was almost as if nothing had happened. People seemed headed to these places some on foot, some in cars (that still had fuel). I heard-or somehow I knew- that somewhere in the Atlantic land had come up. A lot of land. I was getting awful tired. I wanted to wake up I wanted to go back to the girl-to know where she was-she and those two kids. I found myself back in Hollywood-and it was still 4:29. I wasn’t up on Big Bear then- I was perched over Hollywood. I was just there. It seemed perfectly natural in my dream.

T.V., Radio, Ham Operators
I could hear now. I could hear, someplace, a radio station blasting out-telling people not to panic. They were dying in the streets. There were picture stations with movies-some right in Hollywood-these were carrying on, with all the shaking. One fellow ( in the picture (TV) station) was a little short guy who should have been scared to death. But he wasn’t. He kept shouting and reading instructions. Something about helicopters or planes would go over-some kind of planes-but I knew they couldn’t.
Things were happening in the atmosphere. The waves were rushing up now. Waves. Such waves. Nightmare waves. Then, I saw again, Boulder Dam, going down…pushing together, pushing together breaking apart-No, Grand Canyon was pushing together, and Boulder Dam was breaking apart. It was still daylight. All these radio stations went off at the same time-Boulder Dam had broken. I wondered how everybody would know about it-people back East. That was when I saw the “ham radio operators”. I saw them in the oddest places, as if I were right there with them. Like the little guy with glasses. They kept sounding the alarm. One kept saying: “This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea.. Get to the high places. Get to the mountains. All states west-this is California. We are going to the – We are going to the” – I thought he was going to say” sea”. But I could see him. He was inland, but the waters had come in. His hand was still clinging to the table, he was trying to get up, so that once again he could say: “This is California we are going into the sea. This is California we are going into the sea.” I seemed to hear this, over and over, for what seemed hours-just those words.
They kept it up until the last minute-all of them-calling out “Get to the Mountains-This is California.-We are going into the sea.” I woke up. It didn’t seem as if I had been dreaming. I have never been so tired. For a minute or two, I thought it had happened. I wondered about two things. I hadn’t seen all what happened to Fresno (his home) and I hadn’t found out what happened to that girl. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. I’m going home tomorrow. It was just a dream. It was nothing more.
Nobody in the future on Hollywood Blvd. is going to be wearing earrings-and those beards. Nothing like that is ever going to happen. That girl was so real to me-that girl with those two kids. It won’t ever happen-but if it did, how could I tell her (maybe she isn’t even born yet) to move away from California when she has her twins-and she can’t be on the Blvd. that day. She was so real!
The other thing-those ham operators-hanging on like that-over and over-saying the same thing: ” This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea. Get to the mountains. Get to the hilltops. California, Nevada Colorado, Arizona, Utah. This is California. We are going into the sea.” I guess I’ll hear that for days.

*Re-printed from: Prophecy News Headline

We Need Thee Every Hour


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Good evening friends!
I know I haven't written down anything in ages...partly because I am busy and not keeping still enough to listen to the Lord and I repent of that. I got so distracted and pulled into many directions lately but tonight after attending bible study- the Lord was able to break through to me at last. I really am thankful...I'm always in a better space when I can feel God with me and I feel totally lost and vulnerable when I leave His side. It just made me realize all the more how helpless we truly are without Christ.
This age is just getting darker and darker, everything in the world is...and it's becoming more pronounced and more revealing. Just browsing videos/movies- most themes or plots are vampires, witchcraft and demons, beasts and deformed creatures which within the story are portrayed as heroes. Demonic characters!

Some would say I am paranoid but the truth is- there are demon powers anointing these films- it is a manifestation of what's in the world today. I've never seen skulls and crossbones used so vividly in so-called 'art' or clothing and tattoos in any other generation except now, at present. You can only see them in bottles marked as poisons before- but isn't that ironic as well? skulls in baby clothes? the very intent of the devil is to separate us from our Maker through spiritual death- which is in fact worse than physical death.
Evil is slowly disrobing itself in society and has successfully impregnated itself in the minds of men, very subtly. There are no more boundaries to what is right or wrong, everybody is doing their own thing, so to speak and we are encouraged to have an 'open mind'. But that is not altogether right- we have to know what is right or wrong and we cannot tolerate these things in our lives.
Now I can clearly see why the Scripture said in Mark 13:20 that God will shorten the days in the end times otherwise no soul would get saved- is because these days have gotten so evil. Man cannot withstand such evil only God can. And only those who have the Holy Ghost- Jesus Himself, the blood on the lintel- would be saved. His seed. No wonder John cried so much in Revelations when he thought no one is worthy to open the book, because mankind would be lost. There would be no point to life, to living if there is no redemption from evil.

We have to remember this my friends....we have to always remember that without Jesus we are nothing. We are totally dependent on Him, every breath, every strength, from day to day, from hour to hour...we need Jesus Christ. And like Adam and Eve way back in the fall- we tend to run away. We hide from God, we hear His call but we hide from Him...that's the carnal nature- it will always reject Christ because the flesh is serpent seed, see..It's not from God and will never go back to God, hence the mortal body dies and we are left with a soul which is the true us. And this soul after death goes somewhere....and this destination is chosen here on earth, while we are still living and breathing. We can respond to God's call for repentance, humility, surrender and obedience or ignore Him and just live the way we want and do the things we do.
Nobody can tell you what to do is one thing but don't allow stubbornness and pride drag your soul to hell.
Friend, let us choose Jesus Christ and lay down our pride. Let us lay down everything- our own thoughts, opinions, principles and surrender them at His feet and let HIS mind come in you. So we could think the way He thinks, see the way He sees, act the way He acts and love our neighbours the way He loved us.
Let us desire Him. God bless.




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 I have learned a lot of things from being a parent at this stage in my life. My children are now young adults and every single day I almost always learn and reflect on something about parenting. It is sometimes a surprise when I can relate it to myself and the Lord. I would not deny the fact that I am just like any parent and my children though try as I might to raise them without imperfection- that in reality is to no avail. Children develop their own personalities, convictions and characteristics. I have experienced a lot of heartaches and worries with my children in their teenage years and I would say this very minute that is one of the things that's burdening my heart...and the hurt that I feel from my children I realized- really hurts. It kind of digs deep and it's just a dull ache really sitting in my heart and the only reprieve I would get is when I have them in my arms again. When they finally realize the love of a parent towards a child, when they can finally  say- 'i see it now'...when they finally understand why you say the things you say and do the things you do. But like all things- 'understanding' takes time, realizations take time simply because they have to have the space to mature and grow. And at this time- I feel in my heart to just let them go, I felt that that is what the Lord wanted me to do. But my prayers for them will never cease...prayers especially for their salvation. I believe God honours a mother's prayer for their children.
It's funny because when I am in tears and just feeling so sad because I am or say we are so misunderstood sometimes,  I think about God because in many, many ways He is to us a parent. He made us, He envisioned us and He gave His life for us and yet we rebel against Him, we treat Him with disrespect and despite His longing to draw closer to us- we keep running away from the Lord. He has been really patient though with us His children, as the Bible says God 'strives with man'- though for a time and season only.
So really, everything I am going through now- I reflect on it and I ask Him- is this how I make you feel Lord? is this how we treat you despite your goodness? am I running away from you? and I admit sometimes I do. I don't intentionally do them but I catch myself every now and again slipping away into the world and farther from God's safe arms, see. It can be easily done...the enemy is so cunning he can just fill your day with so many things and at the moment that's how I found myself. Work, studies, hobbies etcetera...all seem well and good but they slowly drag me away from God. Which is why I need more of Him, I really need to kneel down and pray away....I need, we need to spend every spare time with God especially in this day and age where deception displays as 'good' when underneath is death, there is no life but separation from Christ.
 I truly, honestly believe as well that I am not the only one going through this- I believe there are many christians out there being attacked in this subtle way. Just a gentle lull but our God is greater than all these and His seed will never be deceived, amen. He will protect His seed til the end.


Now is the time


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There has been a stirring in my heart of late, a call for unshackling, a call to go up to higher grounds. I feel that I have to decrease for God to increase and be seen in me. This desire in my heart for God to use me more is just becoming unbearable but I know what to do. I have to die out from the desires of the flesh, I need to tread lightly and let go of things that distract me from my walk with God so He could use me in the field even more. I have to become invisible for God to be visible. You might scratch your head and wonder what I'm talking about but at this stage this is where I am at and this is what the Lord requires of me and I have to rise to the call.
I have in my life the most precious treasure man could ever have- that is Jesus Christ Himself and it would be an honor to fulfill His word. Sometimes when I think about the Lord, I cannot fathom the privelege I have been given that the God of all creation made Himself known to me as a friend. He came to me as a faithful friend and I am truly grateful. His love just consumes me and all I could do is love Him back too. Right now, all I wanna do is to be of use to Him, to be His vessel, His hands and feet, His witness. I want to be fruitful, a doer and not just a hearer.

That is the problem with a lot of so-called christians, we deceive ourselves when we identify as christians and yet in reality we do not obey Him, we do not follow His word. We might check all the tickboxes outwardly but we are empty inside,see. We have to be certain that we are not just professing christians- we must be certain that we have the Holy Ghost, that we have the oil. If you feel a sense of urgency in me- you are right friend....I feel things will take place soon, i feel that the catching away of the Bride of Christ is at the door. I wanna be ready and I will prepare for the wedding supper.
Now is the time to get ready, not later, not tomorrow but now. Rise to the call fellow warrior- unload all the things that keep you from serving God, from spending time with God. Let us walk light with Christ Jesus.


The Brokenhearted


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One of the things of being a christian is that whenever we see, meet or hear people who are going through life difficulties- you just bring it to the Lord's feet as it becomes your burden too. You begin to see others through Jesus' see lost souls and you can't help but utter a prayer under your breath for them. Your heart just becomes heavy with burden, you just want them to meet God the way you do...
It's hard when that feeling just overwhelms me sometimes and I realize now how Jesus must have felt -multiplied a billion times as He felt the burden of the whole of mankind on His shoulder. I now know that everytime He lay His eyes on a man, all He could ever feel towards them is love and that great desire to fellowship in oneness again.
I had a lot of gentle nudgings from the Lord lately...just the other day I met a person who was in really bad shape health wise as a consequence of being an alcoholic, as well as the fact that there are behavioural and mental problems as well. So, to cut the long story short- that person is not helping herself. I judged her, in my mind, I was saying-  'well, you had it's all your fault, you're old enough and this is how you are...' but the Lord reprimanded those thoughts straightaway.
If Jesus was here right now is this how He'll view her? what would He do? what would He say? that was a rebuke to my judgemental attitude and I felt ashamed of myself. I did, I have no right to judge that person even if it was unintentional. What if that was me? I am only where I am right now by His grace, I have no self-merit whatsoever...every single drop of righteousness or goodness in me is God Himself for I have none. He is the only true goodness there ever is in the world.
Every single soul to Him is precious- including yours my friend, including yours. Do not hesitate to approach Christ because he is just there waiting, start with a prayer, a true heartfelt prayer. Our world is just full of broken hearted people- living broken lives but God specifically made a promise to this group of people, see-

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
~Psalm 34:18
That is a promise He keeps. So what does that mean exactly? it means when you are feeling down in the gutter, when you think you have just almost cried every tear you possibly have, when you see your hope being crushed, when friends and family forsake you, when life circumstances get worse, when you think there is nothing left to live for- JESUS CHRIST IS THERE right beside you. That may sound like a paradox but nevertheless that is true and He said so Himself but you have to believe it.
Faith brings God into the scene...when heads begin to look up in the heavens and the heart begins to bow in humility- that kind of atmosphere brings Christ. Don't be afraid to come to Him because He will heal your life from all hurt and bitterness, He will replace your mourning with joy, your tears with laughter, your cries with the songs of Zion. That offer is not exclusive to 'good' people, it is offered to all man, every man....especially to the sinner, to the repentant man. 
We just need to acknowledge that we cannot only truly rely in our own strength and plans and action- that we need our Maker, that we need a Saviour. We need Jesus- that is all He requires of to come. Do not hesitate my dear friend. You have a decision to make and it's self-deception to think that we could evade this truth in this lifetime. God will meet with you at some point in your life but you have to make that decision, you have to make a stand after making that decision and then you have to fight for it. You have to fight your way through to eternity with God beside you, strengthening you, refreshing you, overcoming for you.
This is the time of choosing. Hesitate no longer.


Our Heart


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An excerpt from Moody's writings
But we have been deceived by our own heart most of all. Who has not proved the truth of the Scripture “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?” “How many times we have said that we never would do a certain thing again, and then have done it within twenty-four hours!
A man may think he has fathomed its depths, but he finds there are further depths he has not reached. What gross self-deception is due to it! “He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool,” said Solomon. Luther once said he feared his own heart more than the Pope and all the cardinals.

Many a weeping wife has come to me about her husband, saying: “He is good at heart.” The truth is that is the worst spot in him. If the heart was good, all else would be right. Out of the heart are the issues of life.
Christ said: “From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.” That is Christ’s own statement regarding the unregenerate heart.
Some years ago a remarkable picture was exhibited in London. As you looked at it from a distance, you seemed to see a monk engaged in prayer, his hands clasped, his head bowed. As you came nearer, however, and examined the painting more closely, you saw that in reality he was squeezing a lemon into a punchbowl!
What a picture that is of the human heart! Superficially examined, it is thought to be the seat of all that is good and noble and pleasing in a man; whereas in reality, until regenerated by the Holy Ghost, it is the seat of all corruption. “This is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light.”

A Jewish rabbi once asked his scholars what was the best thing a man could have in order to keep him in the straight path. One said a good disposition; another, a good companion; another said wisdom was the best thing he could desire. At last a scholar replied that he thought a good heart was best of all.
“True,” said the rabbi, “you have comprehended all that the others have said. For he that hath a good heart will be of a good disposition, and a good companion, and a wise man. Let every one, therefore, cultivate a sincerity and uprightness of heart at all times, and it will save him an abundance of sorrow.” We need to make the prayer of David Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me!”

The Original Sin, click to read


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I had my first experience of a patient who passed away during my shift and it was sad, I know it will be the first of many. I thought straightaway  where her soul went- did she come across Jesus? did she come across someone who told her about the Lord? was she told of salvation? was she told that there is a way out?  When I went back to the room and saw her demeanor, I knew she was dead...I felt for a pulse and grabbed my steth and there were no heartbeats... I sighed, hoped and prayed to the Lord that her soul would not perish. I do not know if that amounts to anything but I hope she went to the right place, I hope it was light that she saw at the end of a tunnel.
It reminds us of our mortality but we also have to think beyond that. A lot of people don't believe that there is a place we go to after death- and there truly is...remember in the Old Testament when Saul summoned Samuel? the story of the rich man who went to hell asking for a drop of water? Jesus Christ Himself went down to Hell and took the keys of death- for we are all headed that way, it is just a matter of decision and our eternal destination is decided here on earth, we make that decision by accepting or disbelieving God and His word. Men act oblivious to this truth, some will say 'enjoy life now and worry later' not realizing that 'later' can mean a long time in hell.

For those who serve, believe and obey the Lord- there is no fear of death because we know where we'll go after we have breathed our last breathe on earth. As the scripture says in 1 Corinthians 15:54-55
 So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.
 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?

This experience burdened my heart even more as death constantly reminds us all that life here on earth is for a time and season only. As I straightened her body and folded her hands across her chest I realize that the body truly is just a shell which houses the soul. The flesh will return to dust but the soul is the prized possession. Jesus Christ died to redeem the soul of man when He died at Calvary- He went to hell and grabbed the keys of death off the devil's hand. Jesus resurrected and when He did- we did too, for we are in His loins, we are part of Him which makes us heirs of the resurrected life spiritually and naturally. That is the inheritance of the believer, amen. Thank you Lord for making a way.
It is not too late friend, to make that life-changing decision. It is not yet late too find refuge and gain eternal life in Jesus Christ. As long as you are still breathing, there is hope- I gently urge you to surrender your life to Christ, He is the true life and He is just waiting for you. The Lord wants us to live forever with Him, that is His desire...I hope we don't hesitate any longer. Let us take the offer of salvation seriously while there is still time.
 In this light, here are videos I want to share about testimonies:

 A lady who died, went to heaven and brought back to life again:

A man who died went to hell and back to life and became saved:



Has God Become A Social Taboo?


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 It's late at night but I still can't sleep, my mind is still buzzing... I have always been a nocturnal creature :) ever since I was a child, lol. Well I am just pondering on some stuff at the moment- about my general observations on how the present civilization behave towards God.
Just from my day to day experience, talking to people from all walks of life and from observing modern culture, it really isn't difficult to get a sort of consensus on how we respond to spiritual things or to Christ for that matter. Isn't it strange how people just shy away or feel embarassed or akward whenever a topic about God is discussed? if for example, we chat about animal rights, politics or any other topic really we are just all ears and easily whip up a conversation even with complete strangers but drop in a line or two about salvation, about the cross and Jesus Christ- they will either be polite and let you carry on for awhile then excuse themselves, outrightly inform you that they aren't into any of that or open their heart and listen. No surprises that only a handful will be genuinely interested. So why is that? I wondered.

It is the devil's agenda of course to erase and destroy God and anything remotely 'Godly' from our existence, from our memories and from life. He wants to keep us from knowing our Creator, from knowing the purpose of our existence, from who we are.
And that has never been so pronounced in any other generation than today...For it is subtler in this day, the strategy is most refined that it is hidden under the anointing of the white horse rider and only those with the Holy Ghost could see. If we look closely and examine current events there is a blatant attempt today to completely water down christianity and classify Jesus Christ as just one of the many gods or spiritual leaders of the world, to destroy the testimony of the risen Christ. They have expanded the definition of 'spirituality' to accomodate paganism and witchcraft.
Dare I say this again but I urge all of us to examine ourselves... We are living in the end of time. There is no room for second thoughts and make no room for doubts. Make no room for complacency fellow christians, the battle is raging at it's peak. Arm yourselves in Christ and stay hidden under the blood of the Lamb- We are at war.

Discussions about God and Christian practices has become a social taboo...Praying has been banned in schools all over the world even in christian nations, hospitals no longer keep the Bible by the bedside, when you bow your head in prayer before a meal people think it's strange or ridiculous, when you talk about God in workplaces it is viewed by many as inappropriate but isn't it funny how jokes with sexual undertones are well tolerated? Christianity today has become so watered down but let me tell you that despite make believers and personal opinions- there is true Christianity. There is a genuine Bride of Christ, a genuine church with Holy Ghost filled believers who manifests God in their lives.
There seems to be a hush-hush attitude in the world towards anything Godly and it is a very sad thing, people do not realize the value of Christ. Very much like when He was here on earth years ago, the Life Giver was in their midst and nobody recognized Him. I really can see what Bro. Branham was talking about when he said that Christ is crucified the second time in our age because it is true and we do this by rejecting Him, by barely acknowledging His existence. Jesus Christ indeed in this Laodicean Age- is being kept out of men's hearts by the devices of the enemy and He is knocking to get in (read Rev.3:20).
In the days of Noah, the Ark was the way of escape, it was supposed to be their salvation from death and judgement- and faithful Noah preached every single day that he can before the flood came but we all know the story. Nobody listened to him, nobody went in the ark except for his family and they all died, they realized too late, they did not heed the warning. And as the scripture says

 "As it was in the days of Noe [Noah], so shall it be also in the days of the [coming of the] Son of man." (Luke 17:26)

That is the prophecy for this age- evil imaginings, sexual perversion and immorality is rampant, hearts have waxed cold, itching ears that cannot stand rebuke and chastisement, rebellious and proud spirits and a lot more...but to you who loves the Lord and those who desire to fellowship with Christ- do not get disheartened, God will protect His seed. He is greater than all the evil multiplied together. He will never forsake His own, for we are His. We are the feminine spirit taken from His side exactly as Eve was to Adam, amen, those who have an ear let Him hear. So, there is no possible way for the Bride to get deceived at all. What an assurance! we really have to rejoice as our lives are hidden in Him and the blood shed at Calvary has fully cleansed us.
The battle is raging- the enemy will try their hardest to lull us into a spiritual sleep but deception and death is NOT our inheritance. The overcoming power IS our inheritance, to resist the evil in this age IS our inheritance and it's not just positive talk, it's not psycho babble it is truth.


Excerpts from the Writings of Dwight L. Moody


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Now if a person really hears the word of Jesus and believes with the heart on God who sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world, and lays hold of and appropriates this great salvation, there is no fear of judgment. He will not be looking forward with dread to the Great White Throne; for we read in 1 John iv. 17: “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as He is, so are we in this world.”
If we believe, there is for us no condemnation, no judgment. That is behind us, and passed; and we shall have boldness in the day of judgment.
I remember reading of a man who was on trial for his life. He had friends with influence; and they procured a pardon for him from the king on condition that he was to go through the trial, and be condemned. He went into court with the pardon in his pocket. The feeling ran very high against him, and the judge said that the court was shocked that he was so much unconcerned.
But, when the sentence was pronounced, he pulled out the pardon, presented it, and walked out a free man. He has been pardoned; and so have we. Then let death come, we have nought to fear. All the grave-diggers in the world cannot dig a grave large enough and deep enough to hold eternal life; all the coffin makers in the world cannot make a coffin large enough and tight enough to hold eternal life. Death has had his hand on Christ once, but never again.
Jesus said: “I am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die” (John xi. 25, 26). And in the Apocalypse we read that the risen Saviour said to John, “I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore” (Rev i. 18). Death cannot touch Him again.
We get life by believing. In fact we get more than Adam lost; for the redeemed child of God is heir to a richer and more glorious inheritance than Adam in Paradise could ever have conceived; yea, and that inheritance endures forever—it is inalienable.
I would much rather have my life hid with Christ in God than have lived in Paradise; for Adam might have sinned and fallen after being there ten thousand years. But the believer is safer, if these things become real to him. Let us make them a fact, and not a fiction. God has said it; and that is enough. Let us trust Him even where we cannot trace Him.
~ The Way To God and How To Find It


“Behold, I have prepared my dinner: . . . all things are ready; come unto the marriage.” Who would not feel highly honored if they were invited to some fine residence, to the wedding of one of the members of the President’s family? I can imagine you would feel rather proud of having received such an invitation. You would want all your friends to know it.
Probably you may never get such an invitation. But I have a far grander invitation for you here than that. I cannot speak for others; but if I know my own heart, I would rather be torn to pieces to-night, limb from limb, and die in the glorious hope of being at the marriage-supper of the Lamb, than live in this world a thousand years and miss that appointment at the last. “Blessed is he that is called to the marriage-supper of the Lamb.” It will be a fearful thing for any of us to see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob taking their place in the kingdom of God, and be ourselves thrust out.
This is no myth, my friends; it is a real invitation. Every man and woman is invited. All things are now ready. The feast has been prepared at great expense.
You may spurn the grace, and the gift of God; but you must bear in mind that it cost God a good deal before He could provide this feast. When He gave Christ He gave the richest jewel that heaven had. And now He sends out the invitation.
He commands His servants to go into the highways, and hedges, and lanes and compel them to come in, that His house may be full. Who will come? You say you are not fit to come? If the President invited you to the White House, and the invitation said you were to come just as you were; and if the sentinel at the gate stopped you because you did not wear a dress suit, what would you do? Would you not show him the document signed in the name of the President? Then he would stand aside and let you pass.
So, my friend, if you can prove to me that you are a sinner, I can prove to you that you are invited to this Gospel feast—to this marriage supper of the Lamb.
~ Sovereign Grace

Life a Seed-Time.

The analogy contains some solemn lessons. Life is to be regarded as a seed-time. Every one has his field to sow, to cultivate, and finally, to reap. By our habits, by our interintercourse with friends and companions, by exposing ourselves to good or bad influences, we are cultivating the seed for the coming harvest. We cannot see the seed as it grows and develops, but time will reveal it.
Just as the full-grown harvest is potentially contained in the seed, so the full results of sin or holiness are potentially contained in the sinful or holy deed. “When lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin, and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”
Just as we cannot reap a good harvest unless we have sown good seed, so we cannot reap eternal life unless we have sown to the Spirit. Weeds are easy to grow. They grow without the planting. And sin springs up naturally in the human heart. Ever since our first parents broke away from God, the human heart has of itself been thoroughly vile, and all its fruits have been evil. “The heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Do you doubt it? If you do, ask yourself what would become of a child if it was left to itself—no training, no guidance, no education. In spite of all that is done for children, the evil too often gets the upper hand.
The good seed must be planted and cared for, often with toil and trouble: but the harvest will be sure.
Do we desire the love of our fellows in our seasons of trial? Then we must love them when they need its cheering influence most. Do we long for sympathy in our sorrow and pain? Then we shall have it if we have also wept with those who weep. Are we hoping to reap eternal life? Then we must not sow to the flesh, or we shall reap corruption, but to the Spirit, then the promise is that we shall reap its immortal fruits.
Dr. Chalmers has drawn attention the difference between the act of sowing and the act of reaping. “Let it be observed,” he says, “that the act of indulging in the desires of the flesh is one thing and the act of providing for the indulgence of them is another. When a man, on the impulse of sudden provocation, wreaks his resentful feelings upon the neighbor who has offended him, he is not at that time preparing for the indulgence of a carnal feeling, but actually indulging it. He is not at that time sowing, but reaping (such as it is) a harvest of gratification. This distinction may serve to assist our judgment in estimating the ungodliness of certain characters. The rambling voluptuary who is carried along by every impulse, and all whose powers of mental discipline are so enfeebled that he has become the slave of every propensity, lives in the perpetual harvest of criminal gratification. A daughter whose sole delight is in her rapid transitions from one scene of expensive brilliancy to another, who dissipates every care and fills every hour among the frivolities and fascinations of her volatile society,—she leads a life than which nothing can be imagined more opposite to a life of preparation for the coming judgment or the coming eternity. Yet she reaps rather than sows. It lies with another to gather the money which purchaseth all things, and with her to taste the fruits of the purchase. It is the father who sows. It is he who sits in busy and brooding anxiety over his speculations, wrinkled, perhaps, by care, and sobered by years into an utter distaste for the splendors and insignificancies of fashionable life.” The father sows, and he reaps in his daughter’s life.
It is a solemn thing to think that the future will be the harvest of the present—that my condition in my dying hour may depend upon my actions to-day! Belief in a future life and in a coming judgment magnifies the importance of the present. Eternal issues depend upon it. The opportunity for sowing will not last forever; it is slipping through our fingers moment by moment; and the future can only reveal the harvest of the seed.
~ Sowing and Reaping

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