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For genuine Christ seeking people, the world is getting worse by the day...You don't even have to mouth the words because it's quite evident and it's getting too uncomfortable even. Satan's handiwork is imprinted in every facet of this world that we are living in and nobody notices except for true believers. Everyone has been desensitized, slowly and surely and it is such a sad situation. Really. AND when somebody is brave enough to voice it out it's just dismissed as fanaticsm.

People will turn to anything except to God and it's true. You give them the Bible they won't read it but they spend money on gossip magazines, pornography or romance novels, you try to share your personal experiences or testimonies about what the Lord has done to you and they'll think you're extreme, cuckoo, or a fanatic and they'll brush off the topic and change the subject as fast as they can or are polite enough to listen but it does not really anchor in their hearts, to them it's just a story, 'good for you', no big deal...Your life to them, is not lived to the fullest.

They prefer the substitute life that Satan designed for those who aren't wary, for those who would choose it, instead of a life hid in Christ as living manifestations of Him- the true life that we were suppose to live. Let that sink real deep, friend. We weren't born to go clubbing , to get drunk til we pass out, to expose our bodies and parade to the streets almost naked, to watch immoral acts, to live adulterous lives, nor to become tyrants or oppressors of others...we weren't born in this world to outdo each other intelectually and physically, to slave ourselves to get rich, to suffer, to hurt, to harm ourselves or others, to plug ungodly, sensual music into our ears 24/7 thru mp 3's, ( I hope you can read between the lines with what I am saying ). We were not born just to live our lives and survive this life that we were given. Think about it.

Our lives, so precious in His sight were meant to be God fearing, our physical bodies meant to be covered and respected, our hearts- meant to be pure, our souls - meant to be His, and His only, for He is our Bridegroom. Now, I hope your heart catches it and I am speaking to fellow believers in Jesus- because the substitute life is not our life.
This is the age where lukewarm condition will be manifested, a conditon where it's neither hot nor cold, where God has become an icon of religion and not a living, resurrected God. Satan has cleverly and subtly devised all sorts of distraction so people would not seek Jesus.

We have everything in this day, the technology, the knowledge, progress has grown by leaps and bounds but genuine faith has dwindled down to almost non existent, may be a hard saying but it's true- there's the internet, which is 90% pornography according to statistics and research, we've got Hollywood where young ones look up to and idolize movie 'stars' who are in actual fact: drug addicts, anorexics, perverts, adulterers and fornicators, law breakers, immoral men and women ! and parents who do not have genuine motherly/fatherly hearts that they allow their children to do whatever they want, whenever they want...the world IS falling apart because they have rejected Jesus.

They have become comfortable with what the world offers and they forgot that we were born with a purpose- that we were born to seek our Creator and serve Him. To be sons and daughters of God so we could be like Him, simply put. And as in the days of Noah when he vigilantly preached to them and pointed their hearts to God and pressed on about salvation and to turn away from evil- he was mocked and labeled as insane...so will it be in this day. Crying out against sin and evil will one day become a crime, especially when the squeezing time comes. But God hath promised to all who belongs to Him- that not a hair in their heads will be harmed, He will come and take us home, Amen. And how those who loved Him and waited for him will rejoice when that day comes and rest assured- our God will see us through.

Lift up your heads for redemption is near fellow warrior in Christ! Press on!

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