Eternal life


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 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; 

for I am meek and lowly in heart: 

and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

Matthew 11:28-29

I was just thinking things through and reflecting a little bit about my life, you know my friend, year by year we get older and that aging process we cannot dodge that. Every time I look into the mirror and really examine the person looking back at me- there are more gray hairs than ever, I look a little bit more tired, a little bit of eyebag, a creased skin here and there.This is reality that we will grow old and die...but tears escaped my eyes and my heart just filled with joy when I get reminded that for us, for those who believe in Jesus Christ the death of the flesh is NOT the end and that means this life that we live now is not our be-all and end-all. After we breathe our last breathe here on earth, we will open our eyes to be with Jesus. Amen, what hope!
In my profession as a nurse, I am confronted day in and day out with death and the processes leading into death, I see deterioration everyday. I see sickness, diseases, suffering, grief, sadness, disappointment, hopelessness as well as a little bit of hope...there is that look in their eyes that tells of sadness you know? this makes my heart sink a lot of times.
I was thinking if these people only knew Christ- the One who CAN ease all suffering, who can heal all of their diseases, who can give them true hope , my heart gets heavy and I sigh a great big sigh inside not out of arrogance because I am a christian but it creates a burden in your heart for people to know Christ too. To tell them that there is hope, that there is genuine happiness, there is peace and true rest, that there is such a thing as living forever and there is a process for that too and it begins with knowing Jesus, it begins with humility, repentance and surrender.

The worlds frantic search for the fountain of youth, the notion of reincarnation, all the plastic surgeries and magic pills to maintain youth are all futile and feeble attempts- they are misplaced ideas but there is undeniably a common factor there- that desire to live forever, it is innate. There is a call for us to live eternally, deep within our subconscious- we know we are meant to live eternally but mankind tries to achieve this by his own knowledge and strength and that cannot be done. It takes a supernatural power to make it come to pass and that power can only be God. Christ has the keys of death and life and that was achieved at Calvary.
Christ is the firstborn of the dead and when He resurrected He has conquered the finality of death. For those who have not met the Lord yet, death is it and a lot of them is unprepared for it, they may say differently but when they are in their actual deathbed- more often than not there is fear. But see, this is what Jesus has been offering us all along- is eternal life. And the world is running out of time.

People make light of this plenty of times, they scoff and act all arrogant or all-knowing and say- try everything now, we only live once etc...- until they find themselves drowning in sin, a slave to their vices and bad habits until they self-destruct. They wake up one morning, old and have wasted the most part of their lives...some care to change, a lot don't. It is sad because a lot of people do not know what Christ is really all about. They see people who call themselves christians, who regularly go to church but their lives do not manifest Jesus. They all revert to the old life from Monday to Saturday, or they use christianity to perpetrate their own agendas. They mis-represent what a true christian is and so the world get the impression that christianity is a hoax or is just one of those religions when in fact it is not. That isn't what christianity is all about. It is knowing Christ on a personal level, it is an individual relationship. On another note- it is not a one man church or a group salvation either. We are instructed to worship with fellow believers also.

Once we decide to accept Jesus as our personal Savior- we willingly give up our rights, we decide to obey His instructions for us (in the scriptures) He gives us His spirit and we let Him take the wheel, we die to ourselves by His strength- we die daily to our own desires and lusts and we let Him shine His life through us. We are the living evidences of Jesus Christ to the world. We live our lives to serve others, to love others unconditionally.

I personally have not felt such liberty in life until I decided to let go of me and allow His will in my life. It is liberating to not live up to other people's expectations anymore, I stopped caring about what people will think or say about me. I fell in love with Christ and that was it, He has captured my heart. To be myself and to be loved and guided and taught by a God who holds my future is so re-assuring. He healed all my hurts, all the broken relationships and He answered all my prayers. This is no fairytale my friend, it's my testimony and it is real. I stand here to testify that there is a God who can transform your life and give you joy and peace and grace if you fall. He will turn your mourning into joy and when you do go through difficult and rough times isn't it better to go through them with God holding your hand? knowing that when things go wrong He is there as a refuge? as your Comforter and friend? instead of turning into alcohol and drugs or whatever substitute there is that the world offer we can come before Him? and it is as simple as a heartfelt prayer my friend... God is real, He is not a mythical character and what He offers us isn't false hope- it is genuine.

Friend- there is still a small window of time left and the truth is no matter what we do there is going around it, no matter how many times we try to avoid Him, Christ is here, knocking on the door of your heart- will you pass Him by once again?  What will your choice be?


Our help


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Good evening friends, here's me again and the occasional post. It's been seven years last month (June) that Pure Faith is online and by God's leading still here. Seven years and we feel nearer to the changing of our bodies...I think I can speak for both christians and non-christians that we all notice how times have changed drastically in the last decade. It's not a nice world we're living in anymore and the evidence is all around. The devil has shaped the world to it's own image and we can actually see how humanity will slide down to the basest most degrading level ever imagined in the future. Near future. And like the Bible said-

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Rev.22:11

It is nearer than we think and it will come like a thief in the night, again based on the scripture. I sigh a big sigh, friend, and I believe those who are genuine christians do too, for the lost of the world, especially those who are close to our hearts and yet are unsaved. Sometimes, even for the people in our church. The sum of it all is this- that we have to meet and get to know Jesus Christ ourselves and we have to be certain as certain can be that we really do know Him. 

It is easy to say we belong to this church, we believe in this, that and the other, it is easy to act the part and dress the part but ultimately who are we really deceiving. God knows and if you keep still enough and hold your tongue long enough- you will realize too that being christian is more than professing it. It is more than being a member of a church, it is more than being a believer in the literal sense. 
The essence of our walk is His presence in our life, Christ at the helm, being led by the Spirit of God and in obeying that Voice. Recognizing His voice amidst the noise, recognizing Him in a person, or in a move. Otherwise we would be lost and can easily be led astray. We have to know Him. That is the only way to follow Christ, if we recognize Him. 
I really think it is of utmost relevance that we recognize the Lord, because only then can we hear Him and see Him through others, beyond the flesh and our errors. You will know the voice of the Sheperd, the sheep always know.

As per perfection, we will always make mistakes, not deliberate mistakes but ignorant mistakes. And it is through these mistakes that we learn His ways, that we are humbled, that we are molded. See, we have to come to a point where we have to just trust God completely- in everything. In good things and bad things, through good times and bad times. You know, friend, all I know is this- that He will become you're everything and He is faithful to keep you until the end, He promised that He will preserve His own. So chin up, fellow warrior, look unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of our faith. If you feel downtrodden, if you feel downcast, if you are backslidden- God is here right now for you. Believe it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post. God loves even the most vilest of sinners and it is not yet too late if you come now my friend, it is not yet too late. The gentile dispensation is slowly nearing its end but while there is this little time come back to Jesus Christ. Get away from the crowd, get into a place where there is only you and God, raise those feeble hands in prayer and surrender, He'll be right there beside you Jesus Christ our only help.

Psalm 146
Praise the Lord, O my soul!
 While I live I will praise the Lord;
I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.
 Do not put your trust in princes,
Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help.
 His spirit departs, he returns to his earth;
In that very day his plans perish.
 Happy is he who has the God of Jacob for his help,
Whose hope is in the Lord his God,

Who made heaven and earth,

The sea, and all that is in them;
Who keeps truth forever,
 Who executes justice for the oppressed,
Who gives food to the hungry.
The Lord gives freedom to the prisoners.
 The Lord opens the eyes of the blind;
The Lord raises those who are bowed down;
The Lord loves the righteous.
 The Lord watches over the strangers;
He relieves the fatherless and widow;
But the way of the wicked He turns upside down.
 The Lord shall reign forever—
Your God, O Zion, to all generations.
Praise the Lord!



aren't you tired of
the chatter?
aren't you tired of
the noise?
why don't you stop
running for a moment
and listen to that
still, small voice?
the world will always
rage onwards,
amusements will never
really go away
but it is really up to us
to keep quiet and learn
how to tame our ways...

we seem oblivious that there
is a raging battle,
our brethren are being slain
left and right-
my friend we are needed as
soldiers, to shine bright
this burning light;
remember we are not
merely dreamers-
we fight for a genuine cause,
we represent Christ our Saviour
to a world full of souls who
are lost.

for how will they know that
He is living? if our lives
does not reflect God at all?
how will they find their
way to Jesus if we refuse to
live the life to which we
were called?
rise up to the challenge
fellow warrior
let Christ rule your world
and your heart,
for only when He consumes
our whole being will His
Spirit never depart.

Let us give Him the respect
that we ought to,
and with humbled hearts
and on bended knees-
surrender our life and our being
to the One who died for you and me.
for He is the only One
who can satisfy you,
the only true victory is His'
the only One who can fill
all emptiness and calm all our
troubled seas.

He is faithful to answer
our prayers and swift to heed our call,
let us love Him with all that is
in us and not just pretend that
we know Him at all...
for we are His most treasured
possession, above rubies
and above silver or gold
and Christ is the pearl of great price-
the most valuable jewel of all.

by Kaye


Come Into The Ark- An excerpt from D.L.Moody's The Overcoming Life


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 I had the pleasure of reading this book written by Dwight Moody and was so blessed that the Lord spoke to me many times through it. I know it would bless you too so I decided to post parts of it here. It is quite lengthy but PLEASE- bear with it because it is so appropriate to our present time. I trust the Lord will speak to you through this too. God bless...

Men say, " I don't believe in the story of the flood." Christ connected His own return to this world with that flood:

"And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all."
I believe the story of the flood just as much as I do the third chapter of John. I pity any man that is picking the old Book to pieces. The moment we give any one of these things, we touch the deity of God. I have noticed that when a man does begin to pick the Bible to pieces, it doesn't take him long to tear it all to pieces. What is the use of being five years about what you can do in five minutes?

A Solemn Message

One hundred and twenty years before God spake the words of my text, Noah had received the most awful communication that ever came from heaven to earth. God said that on the account of wickedness of the world He was going to destroy the world by water. We can have no idea of the extent and character of the antediluvian wickedness. The Bible piles one expression on another, in it's effort to emphasize it.
"God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of the heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that He had made man on earth, and it grieved Him at His heart...The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way way upon the earth." Men lived five hundred years and more then, and they had time to mature in their sins.

How The Message Was Received

For one hundred and twenty years God strove with antediluvians. He never smites without warning, and they had their warning. Every time noah drove a nail into the ark it was a warning to them. Every sound of the hammer echoed, "I believe in God." If they had repented and cried as they did at Nineveh, I believe God would have heard their cry and spared them. But there was no cry for mercy. I have no doubt that they ridiculed the idea that God was going to destroy the world. I have no doubt but that there were atheists who said there was not any God anyhow. I got hold of them sometime ago. I said-

"How do you account for the formation of the world?"
"Oh! force and matter work together and by chance the world was created."
I said "It is a singular thing that your tongue isn't on the top of your head if force and matter just threw it together in that manner."

If I should take out my watch and say that force and matter worked together, and came out the watch, you would say I was the lunatic of the first order. Wouldn't you? And yet they say that this old world was made by chance! "It threw itself together!" I met aman in Scotland, and he took the ground that there was no God. I asked him,

"How do you account for creation for all these rocks? (They have a great many rocks in Scotland.)
"Why! he said, "any school boy could account for that."
"Well how was the rock made?"
"Out of sand."
"How was the first sand made?"
"Out of rock."
You see he had it all arranged so nicely. Sand and rock, rock and sand. I had no doubt but that Noah had these men to contend with.

Then there was this class called agnostics, and there are a good many of their grandchildren, alive today. Then there was another class who said that they believed there was a God; they couldn't make themselves believe that the world happened by chance; but God was too merciful to punish sin. He was so full of compassion and love that He couldn't punish sin. The drunkard, the harlot, the gambler, the murdered, the thief and the libertine would all share alike with the saints at the end. Supposing the governor of your state was so tender-hearted that he could not bear to have a man suffer, could not bear to see a man be put in jail, and he should go and set all the prisoners free. How long would he be governor? You would have him out of office before the sun set. These very men that talk about God's mercy, would be the first to raise a cry against a governor who would not have a man put in prison when he had done wrong.

Then another class took the ground that God could not destroy the world anyway. They might have a great flood which would rise up the meadowlands and lowlands, but all it would be necessary to do would be to go up on the hills and mountains. That would ve a hundred times better than Noah's ark. Or if it should come to that, they could build rafts, which would be a good deal better than Noah's ark. They have never seen such an ugly looking thing. It was about five hundred feet long, and about eighty feet high. It had three stories and one small window.
And then I suppose there was a large class who took the ground that Noah must be wrong because he was in such a minority. That is a great argument now, you know. Noah was greatly in the minority. But he went on working.

If they had saloons then, and I don't doubt but that they had, for we read that there was "violence in the land",  and wherever you have alcohol you have violence. We read also that Noah planted a vineyard and fell into the sin of intemperance. He was a righteous man, and if he did that, what must the others have done? Well, if they had saloons, no doubt they sang ribald songs, about Noah and his ark, and if they had theatres they likely acted it out, and mother's took their children to see it. And if they had the press in those days, every now and then there would appear a skit about "Noah and his Folly". Reporters would come and interview him, and if they had an associated press, every few days a dispatch would be sent out telling how the work on the ark was progressing.
And perhaps they had excursions, and offered as an inducement that people could go through the ark. And if Noah happened to be around they would nudge each other and say: "That's Noah, don't you think he has a strange look in his eye?"
As a Scotchman would say they thought him a little daft. Thank God a man can afford to be mad. A madman thinks everyone mad but himself. A drunkard does not himself mad when he is drinking up all his means. Those men who stand and deal out death and damnation to men are not called mad; but a man is called mad when he gets into the ark, and is saved for time and eternity. And I expect if the word crank was in use, they called Noah "an old crank."

And so all manner of sport was made of Noah and his ark. And the businessmen went on buying and selling, while Noah went on preaching and toiling. They perhaps had some astronomers gazing up at the stars and saying,"Don't you be concerned. There is no sign of a coming storm in the heavens. We are very wise men and if there was a storm coming, we should read it in the heavens." And they had geologists digging away, and they said "there is no sign in the earth." Even the carpenters who helped build the ark might have made fun of him, but they were like lots of people in the present day, who will help build a church, and perhaps give money for its support, but will never enter in themselves.
Well, things went on as usual. Little lambs skipped on the hillsides each spring. Men sought after wealth, and if they had leases, i expect they ran for longer periods than ours do. We think ninety nine years is a long time but i don't doubt but theirs ran for nine hundred and ninety years. And  when they came to sign a lease they would say with a twinkle in their eyes:
"Why this old Noah says the world is coming to an end in one hundred and twenty years, and it's twenty years since he started this story. But I guess I will sign the risk and lease it."

Someone has said that Noah must have been deaf, or he could not have stood the jeers and sneers of his countrymen. But if he was deaf to the voice of men, he heard the voice of God when he told him to build the ark. I can imagine one hundred years rolled away, and the work on the ark ceases. Men say, "What has he stopped work for?" He has gone on a preaching tour, to tell the people of the coming storm- that God is going to sweep every man off the face of the earth unless he is in the ark. But he cannot get a man to believe him except his own family. Some of the old men have passed away, and they died saying: "Noah is wrong.". Poor NOah! He must have had a hard time of it. I don't think I should have had the grace to work for one hundred and twenty years without a convert. But he just toiled on, believing the word of God.

Moving In

But I can imagine one beautiful morning, not a cloud to be seen,Noah has got his communication. He has heard the voice that he heard one hundred and twenty years before- the same old voice. Perhaps there had been silence for one hundred and twenty years. But the voice rang through his soul once again, "Noah, come thou and all thy house into the ark."
The word "come" occurs about nineteen hundred times in the Bible, it is said and this is the first time.It meant salvation.You can see Noah and all his family moving into the ark. They are bringing the household furniture. Some of his neighbors say, "Noah what is the hurry? you will have plenty of time to get into that old ark. What is your hurry? There are no windows and you cannot look out to see when the storm is coming." But he heard the voice and obeyed.
Some of his relatives might have said, "What are you going to do with the old homestead?"
Noah says "I don't want it. The storm is coming." He tells them the day of grace is closing, that worldly wealth is of no value,and that the ark is the only place of safety. We must bear in mind that these railroads that we think so much of, will soon go down;they only run for a time,not for eternity. The heavens will be on fire, and then what will property, honor, and position in society be worth?

The first thing that alarms them is, they rise one morning, and lo! the heavens are filled with the fowls of the air. They are flying into the ark, two by two. They come from the desert; they come from the mountain; they come from all parts of the world. They are going into the ark. It must have been a strange sight. I can hear the people cry."Great God! what is the meaning of this?" And they look down on the earth; and with great alarm and surprise, they see little insects creeping up two by two, coming from all parts of the world. Then behold there came cattle and beasts, two by two. The neighbors cry out "What does this mean?"
They run to their statesmen who have told them there was no sign of a coming storm, and ask them why is that those birds, animals, and creeping things go toward the ark, as if guided by some unseen hand. "Well...we cannot explain it; but give yourselves no trouble; God is not going to destroy the world. Business was never better than what it is now. Do you think if God was going to destroy the world He would let us go on prosperously as He has? There is no sign of a coming storm. What has made these creeping insects and these wild beasts of the forest go into the ark, we do not know. We cannot understand it;it is very strange. But there is no sign of anything going to happen. The stars are bright,and the sun shines bright as ever it did. Everything moves on as it has been moving for all time past. You can hear the children playing in the street. You can hear the voice of the bride and bridegroom in the land, and all is merry as ever."

I imagine the alarm passed away, and they fell into their regular courses. Noah comes out and says: "The door is going to be shut. Come in. God is going to destroy the world. See the animals, how they have come up. The communication has come to them direct from heaven." But the people only mocked on. Do you know when the hundred and twenty years were up. God gave the world seven days grace? Did you ever notice that? If there had been a cry during those seven days, I believe it would have been heard. But there was none.
At length the last day had come, the last hour, the last minute, ay! the last second. God Almighty came down and shut the door of that ark. No angel, no man, but God Himself shut the door, and once the master of the house has risen and shut the door, the doom of the world is sealed; and the doom of that old world is forever sealed. The sun had gone down upon the glory of that old world for the last time. You can hear away off in the distance the mutterings of the storm. You can hear the thunder rolling. The lightning begins to flash and the old world reels. The storm bursts upon them, and that old ark of Noah would have been worth more than the whole world to them.

I want to say to any scoffer this, that you can laugh at the Bible, you can scoff at your mother's God, you can laugh at ministers and Christians, but the hour is coming when one promise in that old Book will be worth more to you than ten thousand worlds like this. 
The windows of heaven are opened and the fountains of the great deep are broken up. The waters came bubbling up and the sea bursts its bounds and leaps over it's walls. The rivers begin to swell. The people living in the lowlands flee to the mountains and highlands. They flee up the hillsides. And there is a wail going up:
"Noah! Noah! Noah! Let us in."
They leave their homes and come to the ark now. They pound on the ark. Hear them cry:
"Noah! let us in, Noah! have mercy on us."
"I am your nephew"
"I am your niece."
"I am your uncle."
Ah there is a voice inside saying: "I would like to let you in; but God has shut the door, and I cannot open it!"
God shut that door! When the door is shut, there is no hope. Their cry for mercy was late; their day of grace was closed. Their last hour had come. God had plead with them; God had invited them to come in; but they had mocked the invitation. They scoffed and ridiculed the idea of a deluge. Now it is too late.

God did not permit anyone o survive to tell us how they perished. When Job lost his family, there came a messenger to him; but there came no messenger from the antediluvians; not even Noah himself could see the world perish. If he could, he would have seen men and women and children dashing against that ark; the waves rising higher and higher, while those outside were perishing, dying in unbelief. Some think to escape by climbing the trees, and think the storm will soon go down; but it rains on, day and night, for forty days and forty nights and they are swept away as the waves dash against them.
The statesmen and the astronomers and great men call for mercy; but it is too late. They had disobeyed the God of mercy. He had called, and they refused. He had plead with them, but they had laughed and mocked. But now the time is come for judgement instead of mercy.


The time is coming again when God will deal in judgement with the world. It is but a little while; we know not when but it is sure to come. God's word has gone forth that this world shall be rolled together like a scroll, and shall be on fire. What then will become of your soul?
It is a loving call- "Now come, thou and all thy house into the ark." Twenty four hours before the rain fall, Noah's ark, if it had been sold at the auctions, would not have brought as much as it would be worth kindling for wood. But twenty four hours after the rain began to fall. Noah's ark was worth for a seat in the ark. You may turn away and laugh. "I believe in Christ! you say; "I would rather be without Him than have Him."
But bear in mind, the time is coming when Christ will be worth more to you than ten thousand words like this. Bear in mind that He is offered to you now. This is the day of grace; it is a day of mercy. You will find, if you read your Bible carefully, that God always precedes judgement with grace. Grace is a forerunner of judgement. He called these in the days of Noah in love. They would have been saved if they had repented in those one hundred and twenty years.

* I hope you were blessed my friend. May the Lord help us in this day to see the truth, the Lord has prepared a spiritual ark and sent a prophet for this age to reveal Christ to us. Let us accept Jesus now as our true Lord and Saviour and walk further into the light and know about His word and His message for us in the last hour. There is still time to repent, today is the day of salvation. Don't put it off for another time as there might not be another. May the Lord Jesus help us all.


Light In A Dark World


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Good evening friends, I know I have not posted anything of late, I thought my time was up as far as writing here is concerned but something just tugged at my heart after hearing a sermon. The Lord stirred my heart so much in the direction of witnessing to people and that is my motive in starting this blog 8 years ago in the first place- is to testify of Jesus Christ, what He has done in my life and in others.
I know I have a gift of writing and I wanted to use it for His glory and what better way than use the medium of the internet to do this. I thought- 90% of what is on the net is filth then if somebody stumbled upon Pure Faith and see a bit of hope and light and know about the living God- it would be so great. And for Him to use this space, which I know for a fact He has by gauging the number of visitors on this site, is such a high honor, that He can use these fingers to type what He wants to say.
I feel that if the Lord wants me to continue on then I would gladly.

Last night I was listening to THIS sermon and the Lord answered my questions, a lot of them. It filled out the small pockets of 'why's' in my mind and it blessed me and encouraged me greatly. But what strucked me the most was when the preacher said this-

"the world is getting darker, everything around...but continue to witness to people because we have the greatest light, in this day we have the greatest light in us..."

That is as close to verbatim as I can remember, but that struck me the most. Being a christian in this day is difficult, we would be a hypocrite to say it is not. Distractions have never been so great, technology is way advanced. What the Bible said about this end generation to be like the days of Noah, like Sodom and Gomorrah is true and it is being fulfilled right in front of our very eyes. How could we miss it? How could we not feel that judgement is looming? how could we think that the evil of this world can continue on?

The world is getting darker than ever, morals are at an all time low, what used to be wrong is becoming trendy, cool, or 'right' in the world's eyes. Current popular icons or movie heroes are demonic creatures and images. The world have become a God-less world, it is scary to think that we are raising our children in this age where the name of Jesus Christ is only familiar because it is used as a swear word, where each one is to his own, where truth has become relative, where abortion even post birth abortion is viewed as a woman's right, where our sons and daughters can marry from the same sex, where our daughters have no sense of modesty, walking down the street half naked. World where is your hope? when judgement will fall on the land- who is your refuge?

For those who have not met the Saviour, let me have the privelege to say that God is real and alive today, let me say that after this life- our souls, we are going somewhere and God provided an exit. There is a heaven and there is a hell, we decide here. Critics can laugh all they want for now but whether we believe it or not, this is the truth. The scriptures which tell of Christ is THE truth, Jesus Christ Himself is the truth, the answer to everything and it can never be relative. Intellectuals of the world of course would disagree but I am unapologetic about what I say. 
Our life here on earth is short and it is not just about learning the ways of the world, it is part of it but certainly not the whole of it. We all will be given a chance to meet Christ one way or another, we all are given a chance to choose between right and wrong and deep down we know this to be true. We have to make a decision to either accept Him or reject Him. He is a just God that is why He gave us free-will, but you have to choose which side you are on. We cannot walk with one feet on the world and Christ in the other. That would be worse, lukewarm as the Lord describes it.

Friend- now is the time. Today is the day of salvation (2 Cor.6:2) as the scriptures say let us redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16), let us take our chance, let us take this opportunity to know Jesus Christ, to know what He has done for us, how He purchased us with His life, how He resurrected from the grave to show us that we too can resurrect from sin, that if we die believing in Him we will resurrect and meet Him in the air. This is truth, this is NOT a fairytale or an urban legend. Please consider God's offer of salvation to your soul before time runs out. Let me clarify also that this is not a scare tactic, I have no intent but to light your way a little bit and point you to the hope who is our Lord Jesus Christ. He is more than willing to help you, to transform you. He has been waiting for you to open your heart to Him for the longest time. It is hard to take that first step- but once you do it and walk by faith, believing- all things are possible. Believe in Jesus Christ, He is our only hope.

Below is a testimony of Bryan Melvin
a man who went to hell and came back to life
and gave his heart to the Lord.
Testifies that God is real. Be blessed.




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I'm sitting on my favorite armchair tonight, a beautiful velvety soft, moss green vintage chair i found in our local pre-loved store & i adore it. I love the way it feels on my back, soft & strong at the same time. I still cannot believe that i bought it for $20, so, so cheap. anyway- let's pretend you are here with me in this room and we're having a casual chat shall we?

Sitting here alone now...everyone is asleep, the house has settled with a hushed calm, finally. Here i am, left with a head full of thoughts and questions, meaningful & meaningless ponderings, words, feelings... all jumbled up like a dream. Sigh. It is overwhelming to be human, do you find that sometimes? i can re-phrase that too and say it can be overwhelming to be an adult. I wish there are days when i am just a child...not that my life is terrible, i am in fact happy and grateful for what i have and what i am and where i am now, i know it is all in His plan but the daily battle also wears me down. It affects you too I know. Life can be hard that sometimes i wish the Lord will just come now to take us, i mean not death but the rapture...but that is avoiding the battle altogether so that wouldn't really be part of His will. Hmm.
There are still so many things i wanna do. Yep even at 38- i want to spend more time doing my hobbies, i want to spend more time with my family, i want to spend a lot of time with the Lord, alone with Him, in prayer & worship. Lately, i feel that all i do is work...but one cannot stop working either, ho-hum.
I want to be more like Jesus, but i get lows every now and again and i am trying to 'control' my highs as well...arrogance and self-righteousness are my pet peeves & that is the least i want to become (goosebumps). I know some people think they are not afraid of anything, i think i must have said that too- but i realized that it would be hypocritical of me to say that i don't fear anything, even as a christian- more so now that i am a christian, i do have a fear. My fear is to break His heart, to live a life without Christ. I cannot bear the thought of that and when times come that i fail Him, that seizes my heart. I love the Lord because He loved me first so very much. He has shown me what true love is with the way that He loved me- unconditional, faithful, patient & gentle. And this, this understanding of Him & His love is why i am trying my best to share it to the world, regardless of anyone's opinion. He is the important one, Christ is the message to this world. And the joy, the genuine rest to the soul & the satisfaction of getting to know that the answer to all our questions is in Jesus is incomparable to anything that is of the world. For He is not of the world.

If the people only knew that now, today- there is a fount of life in our midst, free to all. That the transformational power of Jesus is real & evident in believer's lives, that it isn't a myth, that the scripture is a living, breathing text, that the fulfillment of the Word is becoming reality, that the promised Bride is going to be there, here in this end time is all coming to pass- it is true! It does, it burdens my heart that i know of this person, i know of this Jesus- the resurrected Christ. I know Him but not everyone does and I know that not everyone would waive their rights & give Jesus their heart.  Even at the cost of their souls. It crushes my heart to  understand that. To know their destination and the pain, the bitterness and guilt that they would feel- of knowing the truth & not acting on it.

I am aware too, I can feel the disappointment the world over from the people, from the saints of God even- the exasperation of looking for the true manifestation of God, for the fruits of the spirit at work in their lives and the lives of their fellow brethren. But my dear fellow-warrior in Christ- just continue to look at Him. In this dark and evil age the only light is in Jesus Christ...and a portion of Him is in His children- therefore the Word would be fulfilled. We will shine in this dark world as long as we walk in His light but if we stray from the source of light so shall our light weaken also. He provided a prophet for this day, to show us where the Word is, where we are at, to open our eyes to the hidden scriptures. That is the food we have to partake of in this hour. Whether we believe it or not that is the truth.

 Let us look beyond the flesh and discern the Christ in each other that is important but equally important is to be really, truly honest to ourselves and to God if we need more of Him and to repent and align ourselves accordingly if we are not. God's principles are always balanced, we cannot weigh one thing heavier than the other because He is just. Otherwise we make mockery of Him see because He knows everything, we cannot deceive Him- He knows our heart.
However do not be disappointed in yourself too, continue to trust in Him and if you truly love the Lord then you would naturally obey Him. Nobody needs to feel that they need to push you to change or correct you if the Holy Ghost is in you- He will lead you into all truth, listen to your inner teacher. Be still, take the time to stay still and listen to what He has to say. Your own heart knows its faults, your own sins will condemn you so make an about turn and retreat from the wrong path. If that still, small voice says there is something wrong with our attitude, behaviours, view points then stop right there and pray for wisdom. Pray for Him to help you change.

Friend, let us do what God says- let us bear and forbear one another, let us love each other in truth and in Christ. It is time for that seed to grow and bloom into a Son or Daughter of the King- our Lord Jesus Christ. That is no contest. God bless you and may we all be strengthened in Him each day as we draw closer to our body-change. Amen.


PC Desktop Christian Wallpaper :)


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Hello friend. It's been awhile but I'm still here- have not abandoned my post of duty :)
 It's 2013 already the world grinds on and is becoming more evil everyday, the signs are coming to pass just as prophesied and more will come to pass, so be it Lord Jesus. I am grateful though, so very thankful of the assurance that I have that I am saved, that my life and the lives of many others is now hid in Christ. I know it's not luck as some would say or a product of my own feeble attempts but by His mercy and grace can we say in all humility that we are saved indeed, amen.

This morning was such a blessing to me, I felt the power of Christ in the message that was preached to us and almost literally did I feel the fount of life, I felt revived and refreshed. I cannot help myself to say 'amen' to almost every sentence, I felt like shouting, praising, overwhelmed with joy at the Word being preached. It was about knowing our position in Christ- and not just knowing we are in position but to fight for our right to be in that position. It was about bearing the fruits of Christ in our lives, of using what we have for His service and the certainty that we are doing it within His will. It was about our role and our value as a part of the family of God and how others are influenced and affected by our behaviour and attitude. Amen! amen, amen. How I love the Word and the power of the Word in our lives. How thankful I am that the manna we receive from the Lord is fresh every single time whether it is ministered to us individually by the Holy Ghost or as a collective group in a church. Such power and goodness and grace!
I just hope and pray with a heavy heart that you too my friend would get to know Jesus Christ in all His glory and in all His truth for there is no other, He is the answer. That is the message to this dying world- we need Christ, we need God. We need to be partakers of Him. We need to withstand the evil of this time and live a surrendered life for Christ. We have to be certain of this, fellow warrior, we have to  make sure of our calling as the scripture says. We have to examine ourselves- the way we live our lives, our weaknesses, the things we tolerate, our behaviour and attitude towards God and to our neighbour.
Let us examine our heart for any hidden and unconfessed sins, any bitterness or anger towards another, any envy, any self-righteousness, pride, lust, false humility, pretense. Our sins are many we all know it, and being a christian does not mean we won't fail. We will and any times in a day however there is Someone who stood in the gap for us, the shed blood of Jesus Christ speaks for us and covers us, we only have to repent, confess and make things right. It's not too late dear reader, the mercy seat is open for you and I pray I truly do that you consider His offer of salvation, of knowing who your creator is and getting to know His many attributes. It is a pleasure to know Jesus, it s the highest honor to be His friend, to be a child of God. I know this for myself and there's never a day that I fail to thank Him because I would be totally lost and broken without Jesus Christ. I know that for sure.
 I can really only say these things but at the end of the day it is all up to you- to choose the Lord or to choose the world. I hope you choose Jesus.
Below are links to messages that I really highly recommend for you to listen in or watch. I'm not promoting or advertising any man or church but because there are so many links or videos out there who claim to preach from the Bible but they mix it with their own carnal doctrines, I just thought to point you to ones who I feel and know are genuine, in faith and in deed towards the Lord. May the messages strengthen you in your walk or search for the one true living God. Amen.


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