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Looking back to where I used to be, to where I am now- just makes me sigh with relief and surprise. I still couldn't fathom how far and how high God has taken me on this journey. My life used to be a was- life circumstances in the past have made me so vulnerable and no good possibility ever seem to exist for me, all roads were dead ends. No exagerration.
I have nothing. I come from a brocken home, I got married quite early and has gone through a lot in the early years of  my marriage, I was backslidden, I wasn't able to finish my tertiary education which is, in our culture- a kind of status quo and so I was ridiculed and looked down upon. I have no money, totally broke with four children and had been living with my in-laws for twelve years, which were I must say, trying times. But I plodded along life, I make do with what life sends my way but one thing that really sticks out amidst the rubble is God.
He was always there. He was the well of strength I drew out from, He was my friend and comforter, His words from the scripture just leaps out from the book and Word upon Word, line upon line became reality in my life. I knew though, deep inside, I knew He would pull through. I knew He would not fail me.
Words aren't enough to describe His love for us but I found this neat video on Youtube quoting and knitting together the various scriptures in the Bible, it's very encouraging and it speaks truth!  try listening in with your eyes closed :)

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