When I Survey The Wondrous Cross


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Redeeming The Time


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Good day my friend and I hope you had a good week, it's Sunday yet again and another week will spill in by tomorrow and with it comes a fresh supply of strength, grace and mercy from the Lord. I know, to some, that sounded like a cliche' but for people like me who has experienced the goodness of God- that is our hope. His daily sustenance of Word, his presence and encouragement is our very breath, amen. Truly, there is none like Jesus.
I hope you take the time to listen to the messages I have posted because they are good for the soul and if you want to get to know more of His word and draw nearer to Christ, especially in this hour- those messages really help. 
I am not a minister or whatever because I do not believe in women preachers, as I have a clear understanding of headship- that is why I do not really discuss any doctrine but I just encourage you all with my life experiences. But I can feel that some are hungering more for God so I continue to post online links to messages or preachings and I would encourage you to take that chance of accessing and eating the Word for the hour. Don't let this chance pass you by...

I know how it is to get engulfed by life and the routines of living, working etcetera...and one barely have enough time for anything leisurely, however, the Lord and who He is and what He offers is never a mundane thing. It is a life or death choice and there is no getting around it. Some might have realized that by now and I'm sure a majority hasn't figured it out yet but- at some point in our lives we get to a stage where we ask ourselves the question- 'What's our purpose in life? why were we born? why are we here on earth?'
Some will use humor to answer these questions or some will brush it off or some will be too arrogant to even entertain such questions seriously or having too much fun in the world to even pay attention but...they will find out the hard way and those questions will stand and will demand an answer.

All I'm saying is- now isn't a good time to mock around...all the Bible prophecies are lining up and becoming reality, soon the end will come and when it comes it won't delay and wait for you until you are finally ready to follow the Lord. The bible says to 'redeem the time' while we still have a chance to serve Christ, time WILL end. 
We don't really have the liberty of taking it easy and fluffing around in the valley of indecision and we get too comfortable for our own good. That is what the devil is trying to do really- making us all comfortable- everything fastfood, internet, games, technology, fame, money etc... and this gives us a false sense of security  and happiness, when the judgement of God is nigh at the door.

Friend, I already do sound like a brocken record- but give Jesus Christ a chance. Give Him a chance to free you from all forms of bondage- the sin bondage. Let Him unshackle you, let Christ burn out all the evil desires from you, let Him heal the brockeness of  your heart and let Him mend your ways. The life, joy and peace that He offers is eternal and it quenches all thirst and hunger. As the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:7 'Cast all your cares on Him, for he careth for you'... and that is truth. Jesus cares for you, do you care enough for Him too?

"The Nature of Sin and God's Desire To Restore"


Food for the Soul


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I thought I'd devote this whole post to this message
by Bro. Jeff Jenkins called "Balance" , it so blessed me 
and really brings my christian walk into a 
realistic perspective. I am sure it will bless you all as well.
Just click on the link:

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