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Sometimes when I look in me or around me, I wonder and ask myself- what did God saw in me? what did He saw in us? the world is stinking full of filth, unrighteousness, perversion, iniquity...sin.
I don't even need that many words to open your eyes about the ' Sodom and Gomorrah ' condition of the world. Women hardly wear anything at all, they strut to the streets almost naked and no one cares, people talk and take drugs, they smoke like there's no tomorrow, they guzzle down alcohol like water, homosexuality is legal and is a warmly accepted culture, adultery and fornication is no longer an issue- it's the norm, rebellious children- parents no longer feel their right to exercise discipline because children no longer listen, perversions and immorality- especially on the net, - AND ALL THESE THINGS ARE NORMAL in this day and age.
They abound and no one says anything loud enough to rattle anybody to their senses, no one even raises an eyebrow.

This is the generation we're living in now blog- reader. This is where we're at.
Look at the killings, the genocide going on in Africa, the war in Iran, young children being taught how to use a rifle, how to aim and shoot, look at child prostitution and abuse, children as young as 13 having an abortion, look at same sex marriages....Now, open your eyes to all these things, quite unsavory to even read about it in one sitting huh? it can even be too much.
If I look inwardly at myself- no amount of good thing I've done in my lifetime could ever hold water when I face Him one day, even the Bible says our own good works are as filthy rags compared to His Holiness, see ( not that it's a bad thing of course ).

God is so holy and pure and me- me? I'm vulnerable and imperfect, a coward, a weakling as a matter of fact no matter what I do. And that's the truth.
So, imagine God's eyes beholding all these wickedness and even the hidden sin we all make. A whole world reeking with rotteness and stench. Honestly? sometimes it truly makes me wonder why. BUT...As I ponder on all these givens plus my being ' small ' and being a weakling, one thing crossed my mind...

God, our Lord Jesus Christ, is seeing something that we cannot see with our naked eyes. He is looking beyond the filth, beyond the evil. He will deal with all that, see...( all the wickedness in His time ) but in his sight, when He looks out there into our world- He sees the most precious, the most lovely thing to Him. Our souls, His very creation. And He desired that all of us be saved see, he made a plan of redemption, a way of escape, He gave His own life as sacrifice at Calvary and it does not stop there but He also knows that all of us would not make it.

I hope I could sugar coat it for you and me...but truth is, not all of us would make it. A lot of people would not choose Jesus. But knowing that, still, He made a way out especially for those who would choose Him. And that group of people, Abraham's seed- He will protect because they're under the blood covenant. Anyone who will serve God in spirit and in TRUTH is under that covenant. That is His promise. We are part of God and He is part of us...
We are His Bride, shimmering like diamonds, His very reflection in this dark, evil world. Living testimonies of His existence, new creatures walking around the earth, the very manifestation of Him.
He bothered, friend because WE ARE WORTH MORE THAN LIFE to Him. He made a way of escape. We are in the last days. Go ahead and scoff or mock me...but here I am telling you the truth, it's really plain as day. It's not the time to kid around, friend. It's the time to tremble, God will not forever hold His peace with the wickedness of the world. He will judge soon.

" Come unto me, all ye that labour and`are heavy laden, and I will give you REST. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest in your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden, light. " Mattew 11: 28- 30

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