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2007 was a good year for me and my family and I truly am grateful to God for that. I've had 'ups' and certainly a lot of 'down' moments but let me tell you how it really blesses me whenever I look back, in hindsight and see God's imprint in every area of my life...that He was there walking alongside me - even when there are times He is silent, yet He was there.
What comfort that brings to my soul ! if there is any revelation that has really had an impact on me, that would be the one- the fact that Jesus Christ will never leave you on your own - groping in the dark or halfway, He finishes what He starts, He never will fail and that He keeps His Word, amen.

Now, how couldn't we love a God like that ? how couldn't we obey a God who keeps us close to His heart ? that, blog- reader, is my prayer...I want a closer walk with Him. I want to obey Him, I want to please Him and get to meet Him one day and thank Jesus personally, give my heavenly Father a big hug.
Can't wait and I know, soon it will come to pass. I just know it.

Though I know I have failed God plenty of times last year and for sure this year I will too, still it's my hearts desire to put every mistake right so Lord help me on that. It's a tough call because the flesh resists godliness but God's love and grace is sufficient, it's more than sufficient.
All the words and alphabet put together still would not suffice to describe God's great love- it's just beyond human comprehension and more so when it fills your reader, there are no words.

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