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Posted on Friday, March 06, 2009 | By Kaye | In

I have been really busy and pre occupied these past few weeks now that I'm back at Tech and I find myself settling in again in student mode, so to speak. As expected I am swamped with homework and we have upcoming exams too and I am to do tons of studying. But somewhere at the back of mind is Lord who deserve to be my first priority, took a backseat. I must admit, I am ashamed of myself.
Distractions are everywhere but am I glad there are bells ringing in my head when things begin to take over. That still, small voice gets louder, though ever so gentle- reminding me to not forget about Him. I feel really bad too, when I feel like these things start to take ahold of my mind completely.

I believe that God should be the pre eminence in my life and although I know that I have not forsaken Him, still to forget to pray at nights and to spend less time reading His word- it's not ok, whatever the reason may be. I realized how easy it is to get distracted with earthly things and obligations without noticing it because it just happens, see. For me it is studies, for someone else it might be another thing- perhaps work, relationships or hobbies.
I'm sure you could relate to what I'm trying to say- you know how work tend to override everything else? when all you think about is work even at home? or better yet, relationships?

Although things should be taken in their context, personally, to me- it doesn't seem right to put anything else above the Lord and so I decided to make a few changes in my God deserve the best from me after all. I know I make mistakes, often - but it shouldn't stop me from trying to put in conscious effort to be pleasing unto my Lord.
I have to press on even harder, to fight the enemies attempt to dull my shine, to be able to truly reflect Christ in the midst of a dark world. That is my duty, the purpose of my life.
And I know despite me, He will see me through.

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