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 Good day to all. I have been reading and listening to some real-life experiences of people and I feel that I wanted to share these to you as they are witnesses to truths about God and the spiritual dimension. What we often only hear or read about- the Lord has actually allowed these people to see so they could tell us about it.
I don't readily take what people testify or profess as truths, I am wary of these things and often sift and match everything according to what is in the scriptures...however, after having watched and read these people's testimonies, I truly felt that they are genuine, I felt that they are telling the truth, it matches with the Word and there were no undertones. They only point to Jesus Christ too (and not themselves) which is the main criteria.
I hope after going through these vids and reading the links- I pray that the outcome would be a stronger conviction to seek God- to encourage you to make the decision to follow Jesus and to serve Him. 
I have said this a hundred times before- we are running out of time and we only have this life to make that life-changing decision. I hope we don't hesitate any longer. May you be encouraged in Christ.

Angelica Zambrano
a girl who died, went to see hell & heaven

Emmanuel Amos Eni
a former chief of witchcraft and
satanist who is now a genuine christian

Luke Malarkey
a boy who died during a car crash
he went to heaven and was with Jesus whilst in coma
he lived to tell his experience


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