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Hello friend. It's been awhile but I'm still here- have not abandoned my post of duty :)
 It's 2013 already the world grinds on and is becoming more evil everyday, the signs are coming to pass just as prophesied and more will come to pass, so be it Lord Jesus. I am grateful though, so very thankful of the assurance that I have that I am saved, that my life and the lives of many others is now hid in Christ. I know it's not luck as some would say or a product of my own feeble attempts but by His mercy and grace can we say in all humility that we are saved indeed, amen.

This morning was such a blessing to me, I felt the power of Christ in the message that was preached to us and almost literally did I feel the fount of life, I felt revived and refreshed. I cannot help myself to say 'amen' to almost every sentence, I felt like shouting, praising, overwhelmed with joy at the Word being preached. It was about knowing our position in Christ- and not just knowing we are in position but to fight for our right to be in that position. It was about bearing the fruits of Christ in our lives, of using what we have for His service and the certainty that we are doing it within His will. It was about our role and our value as a part of the family of God and how others are influenced and affected by our behaviour and attitude. Amen! amen, amen. How I love the Word and the power of the Word in our lives. How thankful I am that the manna we receive from the Lord is fresh every single time whether it is ministered to us individually by the Holy Ghost or as a collective group in a church. Such power and goodness and grace!
I just hope and pray with a heavy heart that you too my friend would get to know Jesus Christ in all His glory and in all His truth for there is no other, He is the answer. That is the message to this dying world- we need Christ, we need God. We need to be partakers of Him. We need to withstand the evil of this time and live a surrendered life for Christ. We have to be certain of this, fellow warrior, we have to  make sure of our calling as the scripture says. We have to examine ourselves- the way we live our lives, our weaknesses, the things we tolerate, our behaviour and attitude towards God and to our neighbour.
Let us examine our heart for any hidden and unconfessed sins, any bitterness or anger towards another, any envy, any self-righteousness, pride, lust, false humility, pretense. Our sins are many we all know it, and being a christian does not mean we won't fail. We will and any times in a day however there is Someone who stood in the gap for us, the shed blood of Jesus Christ speaks for us and covers us, we only have to repent, confess and make things right. It's not too late dear reader, the mercy seat is open for you and I pray I truly do that you consider His offer of salvation, of knowing who your creator is and getting to know His many attributes. It is a pleasure to know Jesus, it s the highest honor to be His friend, to be a child of God. I know this for myself and there's never a day that I fail to thank Him because I would be totally lost and broken without Jesus Christ. I know that for sure.
 I can really only say these things but at the end of the day it is all up to you- to choose the Lord or to choose the world. I hope you choose Jesus.
Below are links to messages that I really highly recommend for you to listen in or watch. I'm not promoting or advertising any man or church but because there are so many links or videos out there who claim to preach from the Bible but they mix it with their own carnal doctrines, I just thought to point you to ones who I feel and know are genuine, in faith and in deed towards the Lord. May the messages strengthen you in your walk or search for the one true living God. Amen.



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