the humdrum of life
is a steady stream of
the waking, the dreaming,
the series of in-between
with orchestrated chaos
of throbbing hearts and
racing minds.
the delicate pauses which
I thriftily find-
sometimes late at night or in the
early morn
just a quiet, settled hush
like the calm before the storm;
And it is here within this
pause where I seem to hear
His voice-
a gentle nudge to remind
me to lift my head up
and rejoice-
to know that amidst this
there is a divine order of things,
that life is not merely
a journey which consists of
mundane routines.
to understand that in His image
I was born and made,
as a reflection of Christ's life
to an erring world today.
Not that I may boast of it
or to fill myself with pride
but to express His unconditional love
wherewith we may abide.
The world does not even know it
but they have an aching need-
they try to satisfy themselves with
fruits from the wrong seed,
but when the pressure comes along,
when faced with great suffering or death
people suddenly realize how
finite we can get-
uncertainty and fear stares us
right into our face, there is no
escaping the truth that in the end
we go someplace...
so here I am, here we are-
right here within my pause,
let me tell you that there is Someone
who hath pleaded for our cause-
He stood between the gap and was
on His knees in Gethsemane
He did not pass the bitter cup that 
was meant for you and me-
instead He drank it wilfully and took
up the weight of our cross
He offered everlasting life 
to all souls who are weary and lost.
His love is unconditional,
His peace beyond compare
He is real- in the here and now
if you take the moment to care.
Jesus Christ is the answer- 
and I know you may have
heard it all before but truth
is I am not merely saying this
to convince you even more-
it is the truth from the beginning of time
and so it will be in the end,
but there is a call of mercy, 
a time of grace
for us my friend-
I hope we heed the call of God
and may these words never depart
for it is never too late to follow Christ
and experience light and love 
within our heart.

by kaye


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