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Posted on Saturday, July 29, 2006 | By Kaye | In

Yes, when I think of blogging isnt that the perfect word? well for me it is... ( LOL ) I mean hey- you can just throw anything out in the blue ( internet blue, that is ) without a care in the world ! and besides its free, which is great because you know how it is nowadays. Isnt it an awesome thing to make your thoughts, ideas, and whatever more ( probably heartaches too ) open to the cyber community ? yeah its a bit risky because your thoughts are out there for them to dissect, ridicule or absorb and needless to say there'll be those unsavory group of people who only dig into the ' unsavory stuff ', thats why even in the world of blogging there should be etiquette.
Unfortunately its just an option.
Nothing much to worry though because not all blogs get read anyway...it'll probably take ages for someone to even accidentally stumble upon your humble work, and they'll just probably raise an eyebrow and say - ' yeah, right...' he,he,he...
BUT blogging serves its purpose anyhow. Therapy or whatever reason it may be, you have your own little niche, with your own thoughts, ideas... your own small contribution to the online society, for better or for worse. I want mine to be ' for better '.

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