" When Christ is Not Enough "

Posted on Wednesday, August 23, 2006 | By Kaye | In

It's a sad, sad reality...and it really breaks my heart that I will get to personally see the day when our Lord Jesus will not be taken seriously anymore by people. They are too absorbed with the world and the eventual death it offers, I dare say they strive with all their might to go to hell, unknowingly perhaps.
People just do not care at all ! they're only focused on temporary pleasures...living in the moment kinda' thing. Lustful, materialistic, filling the mind with evil imaginings, without holiness, without remorse, knowingly disobeying the Word ( tsk,tsk ) then going to church on Sundays. I just dont get it! Sometimes I think, especially for people that I love...sometimes I feel I want it more for them than they do themselves, because there is just no will.

I do not second guess my salvation, I know I am sealed in Christ but I am worried about the people I love. I do not want to judge them when the Judgement day comes, because in that day, I will either be for them or a witness against them, see. And the wrath that God has been holding up will be unleashed, for that is the appointed time for it. Its just that nobody is taking it seriously enough to STOP them on their tracks and TOTALLY repent and give over their lives to Him. Its beyond pathetic. Its sad.

We all have been warned, repeatedly enough- but most people keep ignoring it, probably finding it humuorous even ( God forbid! )... But we all are presented with choices each and every day of our lives, what you choose to do is your sole responsibility and YOU WILL ANSWER FOR IT in Gods throne one day.
But hey you have another choice, God gave you an option- and you'll only benefit from it if you'll take it...He bore all our sins, past, present and future, He is interceding for us right this very minute. He has paid for your soul, you will not stand before Him in the day of Judgement because you are pardoned.

Will you take up His offer? will you open your hands and let go of everthing youre holding on to, to be able to grasp His? will you take His hand with all your heart and carry the cross for Him? And will you do that because you want to?
What's your choice?

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