" Fried Brains Anyone? "

Posted on Saturday, August 05, 2006 | By Kaye | In

Mwa-ha,ha,ha,ha...I'm going crazy blog reader, I didnt realize that going back to school after 10 years of ' vacancy ' has implications, tsk,tsk...All these medical jargon is frying my brains out! What? -- its my fault now eh? yeah, yeah, youre right as usual...But then again FYI I'm utterly, insatiably enjoying the challenge of adult learning, so much so I have observed that people in my class are starting to raise their brows whenever I get to answer questions, in laymans terms silly, I'm starting to become a nuisance...( oh dear! ). And so I promise, I wouldnt engage myself to the self appointed post of being the only student in class...ha,ha,ha...I know- thats one revelation isnt it? Shame. I didnt realize I was self- indulgent.LOL :->
OK, seriously now, I do like challenges. The synchronized ( as it seem to me ), onrush of tasks, assessments and presentations within a timeframe is so...stimulating. I like to see how I cope, how I do with every single bit of task. To me its a self-discovery trip. I found out how conscientious I can be, a bit of a pefectionist with my work, that I tend to overdo some things, etcetera... Well, yeah despite the fact that I think I am now developing migraine, and the "stare- at- the- wall-after-school" syndrome ( ha,ha,ha ) I am definitely loving it!
To develop friendships as well is a big plus for me, I get to know people from all walks of life and from all ages. Its a great way to broaden the mind, to not be judgemental, to listen to other peoples life experiences- which are quite enlightning by the way and to be tolerant of others ( because they are probably doing the same...), It makes me realize that we are all in the same boat together.
Well for all that and more, I am glad I decided to " plunge in " again. It may not be for everyone but I know it is for me...for now.

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