" Desensitized "

Posted on Sunday, September 24, 2006 | By Kaye | In

Truly this generation is fulfilling the Sodom and Gomorrah condition, where they just would'nt respond anymore to Gods' call. Where when you try to do the right thing accordingto Gods Word - you get snickered at behind your back, and labelled as a legalist, when you know in your heart you only want to do what is pleasing to Him, as a christian. And it'll get worse and worse. Just last week, the NZ education sector announced that praying in schools is illegal ( sigh...), you could actually be brought to court for it.
Violence, sex and other immoralities in films and print get by without being noticed especially when famous actors or models portray them or if it is ' artistically ' done, sounds familiar doesnt it?

Simple explanation really, everyone is being desensitized. Violence, sex and low morals are common things, they happen everyday to everyone. The next generation- OUR children- will grow up with this environment, with this mental conditioning...and its sad isnt it?
Its sad because you can see and feel it, not only out there in the world but now even amongst true believers. Let us be wary, fellow christians and let us continue on with the battle- for it is indeed a battle and all of us are battlefront warriors.
Let's not be ashamed of who we are in Christ, even if we have to suffer mens' reproach. This is the time where we need to cling closely to the Lord Jesus, where we need to pray more and meditate more on His Word.
We need more of Him and we have to realize that before its too late.

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