" The Last Junction "

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Let me paint you a scenario...after years of travelling, walking along lifes' paths, climbing hills, mountains and crossing rivers , you suddenly come to a halt- because there's this great junction ahead, and you scratch your head thinking- havent I avoided a dozen of these before?, but then again you noticed this one is mighty different than the other ones. This seemed important, looming...you just can sense it.

You look to the left, then to your right and there is absolutely no other divertion to take except for these two highways. The left highway looked more festive than the other one, you can see people from far off merrymaking, you could hear some of your favourite tunes being played...you looked even closely and hey- you can see your old friends and some of your relatives having a good time, and everything in your flesh seem to sway you in that direction, but there is something strange about it all.

So, you found a rock to sit on and pondered for a little while, you peered at the other road- it was quiet, you cant see anybody, but there are fresh footprints which meant somebody must've been walking ahead, perhaps not too distant from where you are now. That sad, dusty road is really very unattractive...but as you sat there, you can faintly hear someone humming a tune, and you recognize that tune- isnt that one of those hymns you used to hear whenever you pass by that old church in the neighbourhood on Sundays? yeah, thats it, Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound- you've always liked that song, it unfailingly fills your heart with peace and rest but at the same time your flesh resists it.

You let out a sigh, as it dawned upon you, what this junction is all about. This is what you have been avoiding all these years and you thought you could get around it- and you did, for a time.
Now you realize, you can never really get round it, no sir, not in another lifetime...and here you are now at the end of the road, here it is looming before you. You know very well that you have to make a decision, you have to choose and you know where each of these roads lead to.

People dont really take this seriously because they have heard it a thousand times before- on TV, on the radio, in their churches and sadly from people whose life does not match what they profess. And it has turned out to be a fairytale for them, God has become a cartoon character. A myth. Even the rapture of the saints of God has been interpreted in various manners. Nobody cares anymore about their souls' salvation. But we can never escape it friends. We are held accountable for every single thing we think, everything we do, most especially. And when you know that God is telling you something, and you just ignore it...you are held accountable for it.

Even with the abundance of make believers all around us, there is still that group of people who are indeed, truly christians, and you can tell, I believe in your heart you can tell, if you have come in contact with a true follower of Jesus Christ. And you better pay attention when God talks to you.
Because there will come a time in your life when He will ask you for the last time, and that opportunity will never come again, even if you ask Him with tears.
The Bible says that- Gods' spirit will not always strive with man. God is giving out His last warning, it really pays to take heed.
Remember, we can put off responsibility but we can never avoid accountability.

Friend, it is time. The scripture says "Today is the day of salvation". Let us receive the gift of salvation and redemption that Christ generously offers us, which He paid for with His very life. I hope you do not take it lightly.
At the end of the day, it is your decision, which road your'e going to take.

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