" The Sea Of Complacency "

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Everything around you seemed perfectly alright, there is no ground- shaking event that has toppled you so far, your mind? still normal, functioning. You still wake up the same time every morning, fervently breezing through your daily chores, routine and the days agenda. Working hard to feed the family, working hard at home to serve your family, studying, playing whatever you usually do in a day.
You've read your bible or listened to preaching tapes. You've been a good man or woman, father, mother, son, daughter etcetera...so far today. Your morals and values? yup, still intact. Everything is in its place, you think. And yet there is this nagging feeling that despite all these sincere efforts- there's something missing.
That despite the fact that you do love the Lord still there's a subtle unrest deep within and when you all of a sudden, glimpsed this strange cloud enveloping you, because after a series of mistakes, you start to wonder why?- that glimpse revealed that you have slipped into the sea of complacency. There you are drowning and you dont even know it. What a sad place to be, to be spiritually drowning. And yet we all slip into it, there are no exemptions. Yes, even the strongest amongst us.

Complacency- what a terrible word, it is defined as- " unconcerned ", what a terrible reality, it works like a magic potion. Indeed this is one of the many tricks of the devil, which lulls us into thinking and feeling we are still beside the Lord, still walking with Him, still communing with Him, when in fact we have gone another track. A track where everything seems the same and yet isnt. A track which leads downhill and furtherest from the Lord Jesus. A lot of christians get trapped in being complacent but it is a good thing that our Lord God Almighty reaches out to us, that He will save us from being totally drowned.

Some of us though do not take this matter seriously enough but we really should pay more attention because if we do not heed- we can totally fall. It blinds us. It rests in its laurels. It is self-righteous and stubborn, it bears many evil fruits. It is a very serious thing, fellow christian especially in these last days where everyone tries to, through their own merit, be spiritual or religious. It is a good thing to have that desire but we should come HIS way not ours. We should follow HIS path, HIS footsteps on HIS conditions.

And given the fact that everything now quickly changes from one thing to another ( esp. when we talk of morals...) its easy to get desensitized by the standard of the world BUT there is one true genuine standard of right and wrong, and it is Gods' standard. For true believers of Jesus Christ, let us lay down our life and fully surrender our will, so that we could love Him enough to obey Him in ALL THINGS.

This is a call for all of us...let us rise and bear the last leg of the race!
We should not let down our guards,we should not allow the devil to slip in, even through the smallest gap. Let us be vigilant, faithful, watchful soldiers of Christ.
Let us love Him with all that is in us because He did more than that for us.
He died and shed His precious blood because He knows without Him we cannot do anything, not a thing...not a thing fellow brethren.
We can never in this lifetime or in any lifetime, boast of any goodness in us. We were born with sin. But He provided a kinsman Redeemer. For you and for me.
Let us remember Him always, every minute of the day. May His word serve as frontlets over our eyes and hearts most especially.

May our spiritual senses sharpen with each passing of time and may complacency not dull our vision nor blind our sight.
But He who began a good work in you, in all of us is MORE than able to complete and accomplish it. That is His promise and let us keep that promise and hold on to it, no matter what the world says, no matter what temptations say, no matter what fiery trials and persecutions say. Because we are His. Amen!
" And He saith unto them, Why are ye rearful, O ye of little faith? Then He arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. " Matt.8:26
" But though O man of God, flee these things;and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love,patience, meeknes.
Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and has professed a good profession before many witnesses. " 1Tim.6:11-12

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