" Special Thanks To Special People "

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I want to dedicate this posting to all the people who made our holiday worthwhile and worth remembering. Actually the whole Philippine experience wouldnt really mean much without them, and first on my list would be the GUTIERREZ family- Tito Jun or " Architect " as we fondly call him, his humour and very warm and welcoming attitude towards us, " like family " really and Tita Belen or Mama 'B' - ahh- there are a lot of things I could say about her, personally- I am truly impressed with the way that she is and the life that she is living..her genuine love for the Lord and for others is really the light that surrounds her and apart from her outward beauty, that light emanates from the inside.I am saying this because I am blessed to meet a woman like her, I feel inspired to follow her footsteps, such a unique kind of person- strong and yet kind, brave and yet gentle, what a godly woman. Imagine if the world was filled with women like her...
Maxi, my bayaw and serenely pretty sister-in-law Ann, ( such a beautiful woman inside and out ) Ann- how could I forget our chats and musings about life and our husbands? ha, ha, ha I will always be reminded of her esp. when I cook my Carbonara. She is strong yet calm and gentle, like her mom...and of course their two lovely, lovely angels- Annika, with her pretty curls and charming ways and Gelo, quite angelic really, like a cherubim...We all fell in love with these 2 children, so much so that it broke our hearts to leave them.
Also one of the most beautiful couple I've met ( no kidding ) Kaye and Hartley, always ready to lend a hand- in our case her bedroom, for the entire time of our stay, not easy, tsk,tsk but she did it, and we truly appreciate it...and Hartley- such a gentleman and always there to volunteer himself without any hesitation.
To Jeh- who has gone from baby steps to milestones in her life...what a woman. She has become smarter and wiser in her ways and I am so proud of her. Her character is unique and tested by time and fiery trials and she has come out of it all, wounded and scarred but unscathed within. Thats how I see her. We have so many things in common cause were both warriors in this life. And for a time we fought it all side by side.
To Tita Tessie De Venecia, although we only spent 2 days with her, I have learnt a lot from her- little nuggets of wisdom, yet so valuable. I am glad we were given that chance. She talked about her experiences in life and was humble enough to include her flaws, her mistakes and the lessons she has learnt from all that...and whilst she was talking, I feel awed by the woman that she is. I admired her. I admired her strenght and her humility. I felt her love for the Lord and her joy and sincerity. Personally, she left for me, another footstep to follow like Mama Belens'. Bvette, who is really a kind hearted young woman, heavy with her first child, I do enjoy chatting with her...and Mike, who pops in occassionaly.
To Len also, I really want to say thanks, we hired her as 'yaya' to Joshua but to me, she is more than that. She has become dear to me, actually. At 16, without a mother, she has took on working for other people to help provide for her siblings and this to me is very admirable. She took on Josh and really did her work well, and despite the fact that we paid her for it, still I am grateful. I will pray for her and I do wish her life will get better soon, if not now.
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of these people. For making our holiday really special. May the Lord Jesus bless you and may He repay all your kindness!

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