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Dear Blog-reader,
I am quite aware that I am dishing out all these things about christianity in my blog and I know the danger of being tagged as a fanatic, or extreme or whatever word you could find synonymous to those others I've mentioned above but nevertheless...I dont really care.
Blogging for me is a journey to getting to know myself better and I've found out that you cannot really maintain a blog unless you talk about your passions in life, I guess that's what makes it stand out from all the other peas in the pod, dont you agree?
And I found out that the number one passion in my life is our Lord Jesus, He changed my life, and it is a very good thing...that is the reason why I started this blog, because I want everybody to know that there is a God, that He exists, that He is not a myth or a figment of someones imagination and that He is not far away. I know we live in a cynical generation, friend, and I have bumped into really cynical, sarcastic, or intellectual people at every turn in my life...they have one thing in common- they always think they have you and your faith- figured out.
They psyche you up, they make their assumptions as to why you are a christian, they mock and snicker behind your back, or dismiss you as a nutcase. Well, they just havent met the Lord in a personal way. You know what? when you have had an experience with God, when He touches your heart, there is no turning back...
He quenches the thirst and hunger that food, drink and all the money and pleasure in this world cannot fill. The things the world offers are just temporary, but what Jesus offers us is eternal.I know I could go on and on about it...and thats where this blog comes in. I started this, thinking- if only at least one person stumbles on this and they would probably read a little, and if it makes them think about their life and their salvation, and give their heart a little bit of a nudge...then this would all be worthwhile for me.
I know I am straightforward with my postings in this blog but, in this day and age, someone has to. We need to get shaken and our rugs pulled off under our feet every now and then, all of us really...because we all cling to false security and assurances, when there is only one person we need, to give our weary souls a rest- and thats God. That is all I wanted to share.And thank you blog-reader, whoever you may be, for letting a ray of sunhine in, in your heart, God bless you and may He keep us til we reach eternity! Shalom.

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