" Letting Go "

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Life is not an easy road to travel and we realize that truth as we grow older. Everything gets complicated along the way, life throws all sorts of things at us and we get overwhelmed by so many things that our faith gets lost in the process. And for the devil it is an opportune time to hang gray clouds of depression over us, see. We are weak and frail and if our trust is not rooted in the Lord Jesus, we are easy prey.
Life is an everyday battle between right and wrong, when we try to do the right thing- all forces from the devil will come rushing at you, you don't really see it but it's there but let me tell you that there is a God who knows every single thing we go through, He knows it.
And you might say- why is he not doing anything about it? He has, my friend. He has given a solution to all our sorrow, to all our tears and heartaches, to all our pain, our sickness and diseases, to all the battles you will ever face. He finished it all at calvary. You may think- " oh I've heard it all before and it didn't do me any good, it's just words..." Well, you're just too blinded to see. Or even too proud to admit to yourself that you do need to change, that you need God to be able to bring that to pass. Worried about what other folks might say if you become one of those ' holy- rollers '.
Truth is no one can boast of great strenght nor greater faith, no one can ever be superior. We can all fall and tumble down in a blink of an eye because it is only Gods strenght, mercy and grace that holds each and every one of us. We need to believe, we need to trust Him. We need to let go of the things that keeps us from serving Him completely- all our worries and cares, our reputation, our pride, our bad habits and way of thinking, all the bitterness and past hurts.
I know it's not easy it is indeed a difficult thing to do but sometimes that is what He wants us to do, He needs us to let go of the hindrances so He could heal us from the inside out. So, we could start to become a reflection of Him.
Our walk with Jesus follows a blueprint, ' He orders the steps of a righteous man...' so when the pillar of fire moves we have to uproot our tent and follow His leading. That is how christians live their lives, we don't really plan because He does all the planning for us. We just need to wait on Him. It took the Lord years and years for me to finally let go of the things I am trying to keep for myself, I've gone through very hard times to be able to see and realize that I need to surrender all to be free. That the true meaning of freedom is not in ' keeping your own right ' but in ' letting go ' of that right.
Now, when I look back in time, I am truly grateful that He allowed me to experience all the sufferings, pain and heartaches because those were God's tools to chip off my rough edges- and mind you I've got plenty. Now I have collected stones in my pocket- reminders of the lessons God has taught me. They act as landmarks of my growth and maturity.
Those ' awful ' experiences made me love Jesus more, made me cling to Him more and I learnt to be confident in His word. They taught me to trust God in everything, now He is everything to me...I can't imagine myself without Him. Our God is a good God. He is faithful to all of us and all the words put together aren't enough to describe God's goodness. Amen.
" But what things were gain to me, I counted loss for Christ.
Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,..." Philippians 2 : 7 & 8

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