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I haven't made any posts lately blog- reader, firstly because I only blog here when there's something in my heart that I know might help others but other than that reason I won't write anything. Second, ( gulp, this is hard...) I feel like a failure lately. But, here I am blogging again...I'm being brave you see.
You know what? it frustrates me sometimes when there are things that I know I should do yet I still can't? it just makes me feel really, really bad. I love Jesus so much but I still hold back some things, no biggie ones but still... and it makes my heart sick.

I know and I have a deep conviction of total surrender and probably there ARE things that will be hard to surrender- BUT I believe God will ripen our desire to give it all to Him. And I thank Him for that. I thank Him in advance because I know He will give me the strenght that I ask for to be able to overcome.
And guess what? the Lord knows that, He knows we cannot overcome that is why He gave His life at Calvary. His blood, pure, unadulterated is the only acceptable sacrifice. And He did it for you, for me but sometimes we forget just how big that is, it is priceless. He clothed Himself with our sin to take upon our chastisement. It is deeper and more precious than what we think of it now. And I appreciate that. so...I will give up the things I ought to. It's a small thing compared to what He has done and given.

I realized walking the 'walk' means trusting Him in everything WITH everything and it's a never-ending lesson. God with His infinite wisdom ministers to us every single day, we just need to listen hard and when we do, His voice will drown out the noise of the world- even our very own voice, our doubts and fears, our 'own' opinions until all we hear is Him. Isn't that wonderful? we are priveleged to hear that still, small voice. He gives us peace and rest, He calms the storm.
And isn't He good to remind us these things? ( even at this very moment I am being reminded ). Praise the Lord for His faithfulness- even to us, who are unfaithful and unworthy, for in Christ Jesus He reconciled ALL things.

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