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People get discouraged from serving God and surrendering their lives over to Him because they are in bondage to a lot of things. They are slaves to drinking, gossip, smoking, adultery and fornication, lying, envy, pride, materialism, lust etc... AND all these things are by- products of unbelief. Unbelief to God and His Word. We take God's word lightly, too lightly in fact we don't even consider to think about it, we don't really allow it to saturate our hearts and lives. Yeah, sometimes we read the Bible but it's just letters we see. We don't really take it in, you know ? then it just becomes religion, a tradition or habit see?

The first step towards breaking free from unbelief is FAITH. Believe Him unconditionally. Have faith in His plans for you, trust Him with everything especially when there are situations in your life that you can't understand. And when there are unanswered questions or prayers, do not doubt- it's probably not the right time yet for Him to make a move, be patient and learn to wait because God is never late, friend- He comes at the right time, ALL THE TIME.

Let Him hold your hand and bring you through the tough and rough patches of your life. Draw nigh unto God and He won't disappoint you. Read the Bible and meditate. Pray, go to a place where there's only you and God, no disturbance ( no cellphones...). Confess all your sins to Him, repent of them and OBEY what He says. Attend a fellowship, where Jesus Christ is uplifted, where God's word is the highlight ( and not the singing and dancing...).

And you ask- what if it's difficult to let go ? it's true blog reader, it is hard and it will be hard because it's human nature to disobey God. We were ' born and shaped in iniquity' ( Psalm 51: 5 ) that's what the Bible says. We were born in sin. If we were left to our own devices- do you think we'd go after holiness ? after living a life of sacrifice and obedience ? I don't think so. But He already won the battle for us, blog reader, we only have to play our roles out. The bible is overflowing with His promises and assurances for you and me, let's have confidence in Him. " My yoke is easy, and my burden is light..." Matt. 11: 30
Every part of us itches after the pleasure of the flesh because we still are in the flesh, but we must realize that it is God who stirs the waters of our hearts unto repentance. If you feel restless and thoughts about God sneaks up on you everytime, perhaps in the back of your mind and then in your heart- that's God. He is the one who draws us near to Him. He is the one who seeks after us and if you think you're on a mission to find God, friend- it's the other way around, He is the one who puts those godly thoughts in your heart, He is the one with the mission. If we could only keep still for a moment so we could hear what He's trying to tell us, then repent of our sins and make a life changing decision to serve Him for good- He's just there - ready and waiting.
It only takes the supernatural powers of God to break free from all the chains that hinder us from following Him. So, don't take too long thinking about it . Time will be up soon and He's coming to take His Bride away, whether were ready or not. I hope you consider His invitation.

" Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. "
2 COR. 6:2

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What bride are you talking about?

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