It makes me sad to see how God's voice is drowned out by the world. People don't hear Him anymore...even christians. That precious still, small voice is life itself and yet we ignore it. No wonder in these last days Jesus is outside the door, knocking to get in because people have continually rejected Him.
Shame on us, shame on you and neglect our God, our Creator and ignore such a great gift of salvation and eternal life because God paid for it with His blood and yet we shut Him out. We pretend He does not see what we do and think. It may be hard to admit nevertheless it's true isn't it ? we all are guilty in one way or another.
That is why we need to be constantly reminded by the Holy Spirit otherwise no soul would be saved. It's easy to forget about Him...the devil has set up the world in such a way that we'll forget who we are and who God is, the genuine purpose of living, of our existence.
I pray for God's mercy and grace, that He opens our spiritual eyes and hearts so we could seek Him...because only He has the power to do it. Only He has the power to stir us unto repentance- to hunger and thirst for Him.
It's not too late to come to Him, friend. Let us seek a closer walk with God. He won't disappoint you. In fact He is your only hope.

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