Praise to our Faithful God !

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I haven't posted anything for awhile & that's because I was not in the spiritual state to do so...I have been discouraged and down and there was this gray cloud hanging over my head that I just cannot rid of but I am free from all that, God has brocken the chains that were trying to bind me & He delivered me, praise God.
I know that our christian walk isn't that easy, we have all sorts of things to overcome & that we get sidetracked every now & then, that is why I am truly grateful to Jesus whose patience, love & Word never fails me. And I love Him...I truly do, even if oft times I fail, stumble and fall- Christ is faithful to lift me up again from the filth of this world. Without Him I am nothing- and that is my testimony. His blood covered a multitude of my sins and I know He'll see me through to the end because He promised it.

God again made me realize that even if we go through phases in our spiritual life which brings about hopelessness, discouragements, and fear- it does not mean that He changed his mind about does not mean we're no longer His, it doesn't mean He gave up on us. it's just the enemy trying to convince you & me that God has forsaken us. But He never will, friend.
Whilst down in the 'dumps' so to speak, I thought- well , maybe He has given up on me, maybe I'm just deceiving myself...and so I stopped reading my bible at nights, I stopped myself from praying, but you know what, blog-reader ?

I missed Him. I terribly, terribly missed Jesus. I was heartbrocken. You know why ? because He is my all in all, He is everything to me and deep down in my heart - I know, I know that I belong to Him, I know that I love Him, I know that it's His name that is etched on my heart. I just know. There never was a pretension. I love the Lord and I know it's true love. I know He placed that love in my heart before the foundation of the world.

And despite the doubts that satan tried to plant in my head and in my heart...God has sent His Word to cut through all the invisible ropes that the enemy tried to bind me with.
Certainly, it is a spiritual battle- we cannot see with our eyes but our great God is fighting for us, despite our doubts, despite our fears, despite ourselves really.
He only needs to remind us of who we are in Him and that predestinated truth will shatter all the chains. Amen !
Truly we are serving a great and mighty God.

To our Lord Jesus Christ be all the glory, honour and power !

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