Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul And All That Is Within Me Bless His Holy Name !

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We always thought that only God can bless us but let me tell you friend- We can bless God too, indeed we can. How, you say ? by testifying of His goodness and faithfulness in our lives ! I know, I know...I too found it very nerve wracking to stand in front of other people and speak and it took me awhile to be able to overcome that fear. But that is the least thing we could do for Him and He deserves it don't you think ?
The God that we serve is a person, He can feel. In fact He gets hurt that also means He can be pleased as well.
I thank the Lord Jesus that He helped me understand that testifying is part of our worship to Him. He uses it to bless others, it serves as evidence to the unbeliever that yes, indeed God is alive ! that He answers prayers, that if He has done it for him/her, He can do it for me...
For fellow believers, it truly serves as a blessing and encouragement and a source of pride too- Hey, that is the God that I serve ! He is our Jehovah- Jireh ! He is our faithful, living God ! Amen. It increases our faith.

You know what ? whenever I hear someone testify, my heart thumps with joy, no kidding and most of the time I get teary because that's God...God changed this man or woman. God heals, God answers prayers, see ? it really touches my heart and I know all believers feel that way, whenever we see God's imprints in another's life. It's just remarkable. Even with what He does in my life- I still am at awe.

And it's important to testify when you feel led by God to do so too, we don't just stand up and yak away...we have to be led by the Holy Spirit, otherwise it wouldn't serve His purpose and He wouldn't be too pleased about it either. Many times I felt urged to testify and yet I let the opportunity slip by and then I'd feel like I have grieved the Lord because I did not act on His leading , then again there are times when I testify just for the sake of having something to say but of course I grieve Him again because there was no leading of the Spirit, see ? so we have to wait until He gives us the go signal- we'll know when to testify.

Also, giving our testimonies and experiences with Jesus is not confined in church alone, every Sunday. If God leads us to speak to somebody about Him - then act on it because we are His voice, we are God's eyes and ears, we are His body on this earth. What may seem to be a simple testimony or thought for you may literally save somebody else's soul and of course you won't know about it, only the Lord knows.
So, let us bless the Lord with all that is within us-
not just with songs,
not just with hymns,
but with a life surrendered unto Him so the Lord can use it for others. Amen !
Because as the scripture says-

" It becometh us to fulfill all righteousness..." Matt. 3: 15

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