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"Bless the Lord all my soul: And all that is within me, Bless His holy name!" Psalms 103: 1

Living the christian life is often looked upon as one which requires much suffering, sacrifices and trials- which is partly true and on those account, people get turned off even before starting their walk with Christ BUT what most people don't see is the other three quarters of it and that is -walking the road of life side by side with your Redeemer is such a priveleged and joyful journey. It honestly is. Jesus gives us comfort in suffering, peace in times of turbulence, love amidst a hateful generation. Truly, the load is lighter to carry when God is with you and many will doubt that and find it hard to believe but it is true, my life and the lives of many others is a testament of that.

His presence just always makes me want to worship Him. I hum a hymn when I wash the dishes, while waiting for the bus, while cooking...well, every time I have a chance I seem to just want to praise my God! He placed a song in my heart and I'm sure it's the same with every believer out there- you know that to be a fact. You see Jesus Christ everywhere, even in the simplest things and especially in His creations.
Going to the beach, which is one of my favourite resting places- I just see the glory of God in it, I remember the scripture in Job 10:11 when God was reminding Job of His greatness:

"And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?"

(It is a wonderful book in the Bible by the way). Doesn't it make you wonder how the vastness of the ocean, with all it's roaring waves and depth- how it stays within its limits? it takes the supernatural to contain the waters in its place. Our God is truly a great God, He commanded the ocean to respect the boundaries He had given them.
Looking out from my window, the setting of the sun never fails to take my breathe away...the sky up above is painted magnificently and at night it is dusted with silvery, shimmery diamonds on a midnight blue background. It's turning me into a poet too, huh? (chuckle...) well, it does too, doesn't it ? and there are just no words to describe the display of beauty and grandeur of God. And to think that it's just a small portion of His glory.

The human body itself, testifies of it's Maker. Our body is meticulously designed by our Creator, every body system down to the organs and the tiny microscopic cells- everything was so cleverly engineered to protect itself and fight off any form of abnormal invasion. Of course, in saying that-we have to respect it and not abuse our bodies also, God entrusted that responsibility to us.
Plant life too, was not only given for us to eat but for other purposes as well, for example- people think that most medicines are synthetic but all the medicines we have now came from plants and animals or both. God made sure we have the supply that we need necessary for survival, see, and He gave us brains to sort it out. He just thought of everything, didn't he? makes me want to praise Him even more, amen.

Oh and let us not forget His sense of humour. Yes, He has that too, just look at the way He created some of the animals like: the platypus, pugs (a breed of dog, they're so cute!), the tapirs, star-nosed moles, the axolotl, the proboscis monkey, etcetera. He did not made them that way to be laughed at, their anatomy certainly suited their function. But He has a sense of humour too and God expressed that in some of His creations.
And they know, the animals know how to praise God, I really believe that. Why, at the break of dawn, birds start to chirp all at once is never a mystery to me- they are praising their Maker. How the whales come together in one place and dance and make their sounds, how the trees wave their branches, I know they are worshipping Him.

I won't go on and on, there's too many to mention, friend. I just sometimes feel that we need to go back to the basics and literally count the blessings we receive from the Lord. We forget too quickly and focus too much on the negativities of our lives that we forget to thank God for providing us all our needs, including nature, which we often take for granted. We even forget to thank Him for our meals, for the air that we breathe.

Let us give Him the praise, the adoration and worship that He deserves. Our God is a great God and He manifests His attributes of goodness, kindness, mercy, and love to all of us every single day, this very minute He is expressing His love towards you. We are just too caught up in the world, in our lives to see it, feel it. I encourage you, dear reader, to take time and appreciate His blessings- all of it. Slow down and take some time out with your Creator. Express to Him your gratefulness and love.
He wants to be loved too, see? that is why He chose to die for us, why He came to woo His Bride on this earth but He is such a gentleman, is He not?
He would not force anybody to follow Him. It has to come from the heart, the will to serve Him.

Praise God! praise Him for all His goodness! praise God for His mercy and grace towards us!
I give Him back all the glory, the power and praise, Amen.

God bless you all and I pray that we'll have a closer walk with Jesus Christ and that it gets sweeter and sweeter til the day of the rapture.

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