a poem by Kaye

My Lord I have hurt you
a thousand times and
I can no longer bear to stain thy name,
a reproach to thee I have become
I have sinned, I know I am to blame.
I love you Lord, you know this to be true,
And my heart truly aches,
living my life without you,
But I have been a coward, I have been truly weak
I have forgotten thy Word,
worldly pleasures I have seeked.
If I can only turn back the hands of time,
I wouldn't have let go of your precious hands,
Now I know that I am nothing,
I know without you I cannot stand.
Forgive me Jesus
from my heart I ask you to,
All I ever really want in this life is you,
I never meant to hurt you Lord,
I have been selfish and worldly-
to your precious Word
I have not been true.
Dear Jesus, please mend my brocken heart
And heal my erring ways,
Restore me with thy strenght
and let me serve you the rest of my days...
For my heart is crushed and
My spirit is brocken,
My wings are clipped that I cannot fly,
I feel so incomplete Lord, without you...
At night, I just lay in bed and cry.
Let me shake these pillars once again
Oh Lord,
Let me fight another battle for you
Help me, mend me, heal me
Let me begin my walk anew...
And as I poured my heart out
unto the Lord
A still, small voice
I heard instead:
My child, I won't give up on you
Even when you yourself decide to
For your name is engraved inside my heart
I am married to you, we can never part...
Right then I knew
He is the faithful One,
He is the Saviour of my soul,
He is greater than my unbelief,
Greater than all the
raging storms that howl;
His Word will fulfill what it was sent for
Not in vain did the cross He did bore,
My time will come,
I just know it...
With eagle's wings in the heavens
I will soar !
Praise to the faithful One, our Lord Jesus Christ ! amen.

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That was Awesome....I needed that this morning :)
Thank You!

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