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Death is slowly seeping in the world- both in the natural and the spiritual realm. It isn't unusual for us to see icons of death in clothing and accessories, movies, even in childrens cartoons- such as crossbones, skulls, even the grim reaper himself. The natural is just a reflection of the spiritual and the devil is marking us with death...if not physically then more so eternal separation from our God.
We don't really seem to notice these things or give much thought to it, we dismiss it as merely the fashion statement of the times but nevertheless the god of this evil age,satan, is evidently expressing his desire to separate us from our Maker.
He knows he does not have much time left, see and he'll try to get as many souls to death as he can BUT what a comfort to know that we have a God who fights for us. The very same God of the Old and New testament, is our God today and He is there to save us, protect us and give us eternal life if we choose to believe, serve and love Him.

We have a free moral agency, we get to choose who we serve and although people deny the concept of salvation, eternal life and does not change the fact that these things are real, they actually exist. That in this lifetime, I can say with confidence that, one way or another- we have had contact with God and I mean 'God' himself.
Perhaps you've heard about the Bible and the stories of the bible, have heard a preacher somewhere, even as a conscience He is there reminding us that there is such a thing as right and wrong, that is why we feel guilt. In many a deathbed I'm pretty sure the reality of God's existence hits people hard but I won't wait for my deathbed, friend. I want to know the Lord, my Creator, in the here and now whilst I have a chance to repent and surrender and I thank God for His abundant grace and mercy, that He gave us the privelege of repentance. For giving us the blood covenant, His Holy Spirit.

Choosing Jesus Christ over the world is not an easy task despite the desire that we have because the flesh is constantly at war with the spirit and it takes the supernatural to overcome indeed. It takes unconditional love to be able to surrender all to Christ. His unconditional love and it may surprise you, but yours too. To be mature in the Lord requires that we trust and love Him unconditionally...and that means despite anything that may rock your way, you'd still be holding on unwavering and believing.
And it is a process friend, a series of slips and falls, a series of battling and being in the sidelines, until we reach the stage where we outgrow ourselves and see that to be able to overcome all, we have to lay down our all.
God wants us to trust Him 100%, He wants us to learn how to feel assured and secure in the midst of chaos and crisis and He will help you get there. In fact, he already did all the hard work, all we are left to do is to repent, believe, surrender, trust, love and to watch and wait for Him.

Friend, let us choose life over death. The world portrays itself as exciting, bubbling with activity and 'life' but if you look real close- what it really offers is death. It is rotting to the core and soon the Lord God would annihilate it.
There is still time albeit very little...with love, I pray that we turn back and repent on our wicked, dishonest ways and seek the Lord. There is no more hope, there is no other hope but Jesus Christ.
Despite what intellectuals or philosophers say- truth is not subjective, although that is how it is being packaged nowadays. There is truth in the midst of all the spiritualism, denominations and religions of the world- There is one truth and that is JESUS CHRIST.
May the Lord open our spiritual ears to hear, amen.

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