A Song in my Heart

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Whenever I am by myself or in the car driving along, I always find myself humming a tune...not from any particular song, but simply a tune from my heart. A worship tune, I call it because I always end up worshipping God when that melody starts to flow from my lips. I just cannot help it, I am not much of a singer but there you go, my heart just runneth over with praise & adoration for the One love of my heart, that even in the midst of the daily buzz of living I find myself singing or humming a tune or two.
I find it comforting though, to be free to worship my God is precious and liberating especially in a world full of restraints, critics and false idolatry. To be able to worship the Creator of all in spirit and in truth indeed is a privelege. A privelege that most of us take for granted.
On another note:

Can't help but notice how demonic icons such as skulls and bones, demons, cartoon demons (and some are cute ones too), devil horns and the like keep popping everywhere, it seems to be a reigning theme in this generation. That gives me goosebumps, the Hell dimension is truly settling in and except for genuine believers, everyone appears oblivious to it. It's just a fashion statement they say, but even I could argue that...so what kind of statement then?
This generation is reflecting the spirit that is in the world now. I find it hard to shop for my son because most clothing items have skulls, or demon icons printed on them and I don't want my child to wear 'death marked' clothes. That is exactly what the devil is doing- he is marking mankind with death and not just physical death but worse- eternal separation from God, the spiritual type of death.

We are living in dangerous times, friend. Man's faith is waning and in place of God are many idols. The biggest one is 'Self', think about it. Man's intellect has risen sky high that the thought of God has become mockery to them, they lost their faith and sometimes the only way for the Lord to reach to them is through rude awakenings. When death comes near, it reminds us of our mortality...and then we seek God.
No matter how much science and carnal knowledge discredit and refute the truth of God and His word, that does not change a thing. Our own mortality attests that there is One who is immortal, there is One who gave us life, that we have a Creator. Man's intellect can never replace that which is eternal because we are finite, our knowledge is finite. We get overly confident in ourselves, in our achievements, in man's greatness and knowledge, but friend, we all know deep inside that the end of all journeys truly leads to one road and one road only- we have to meet with our Creator, our God. When that time comes, what will we say then?

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Hello kaye,

Everyone does know deep inside that there is coming an end to this life and there is an eternal destination.. I don't understand why so many desire to fight and argue that truth for they do know in their hearts the truth but they keep rebelling against it.. Why do people rebel against God.. He only loves them and desires to always be with them.

Tamela :)

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