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I had feasted once again in my Father's table this sunday morning and it was satisfying. Again, the Lord spoke to me in many ways and on many levels and I feel really priveleged. He was working on me the night before church, softening me up so I could benefit the next day (that was Saturday... ) all my thoughts were about the scripture and God's love for us, for me. I thought to myself 'this is where I always want to stay- in His sweet, comforting Spirit' in the bosom of my Father, hidden in Him.
Sometimes, friend, I find it difficult to put into words the love relationship going on between my God and I. It is something so intimate only He and I understand... and like a natural marriage I also go through tough times when my faith is tested, often to the limit, but whenever I fall- the good thing is Jesus is there to catch me.
He comes at the right time, see. The Lord knows when we need Him the most, His love is truly amazing. Beyond words, beyond reason, unconditional. I am at awe with my Creator. Bless the Lord oh my soul!

I did not use to be like this, friend, far from this - I did not really trust Him with everything. Fear can still take ahold of me before but I remember one time, the revelation of the scripture - I AM THE POTTER, THOU ART THE CLAY - suddenly became real to me, just like that. I know it was His grace that did it...from then on I knew, I was certain that everything that happened and WILL happen in my life is according to His plan and whatever may come my way, no matter how difficult it would be for me I would just yield to the Lord.

Nay but, oh man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed him, Why hast thou made me thus? Romans 9: 20

Somehow, somewhere along the way the Lord gently came to me, spoke to my heart, wooed my soul. Amen. He made me love Him, more and more too as time rolls by. This is where I found my dwelling place, my soul finally found its refuge and it's not in the world but it's in Jesus Christ my Lord.
How people reject this kind of peace, rest and comfort I would never understand...the only thing I know is that He found me. I am not worthy but in His eyes I am perfect. I am His Bride.

Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I'd agree with you. My relationship with the Lord is also intimate that onlu I and he can explain. So intimate that I'm willing to just lay down all the details of my life to him. praise be his name! Even how unworthy I am, he accepted me!

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