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The world continually evolves, people change, promises get brocken and we fail, we all do...but my heart sings for joy, that the one true hope of all is never changing. God remains true to His nature and He remains true to His word. Despite how the devil perverts the scripture, despite the pride and over confidence of man in his own knowledge and how in this day and age- there is no more sense of right or wrong- God's truth remains truth. Darkness is exposed in the light of His word, there is no hesitation nor doubt about what is right and what is wrong, if you are led by the Holy Spirit, you will know.
We live in what society calls 'the age of tolerance', the term itself is self-explanatory- it is the embracing of all. However righteous it appears to be, and the fact that the philosophy is universally appealing, still one must be truly cautious- as it hinges on conformity and compromise. There is a very thin line between these two and if you open your eyes and look closer- it leads to spiritual adultery. I know, strong words, but I do say it as it is.

In God's economy, there are no grey areas, there is only black and white. I suppose that is the reason why He has to clothe Himself in flesh, because despite the fact that He is a fair God - which requires the law and it's consequences, He also is full of grace and mercy. Jesus hung the world's sin on that cross for our sake, to reconcile God and man through the ONLY acceptable sacrifice, knowing that none of us can really satisfy the law because we are born and shaped in iniquity, thus under the blood covenant we were made kin to Him. Amen, it is so powerful and beautiful- God's love for us and it is yours for the taking.

I have walked the road of life with God and sadly at times, without Him. The times without the Lord were miserable and heartbreaking, I could almost convince myself that He has abandoned me but He always prove me wrong. He will even say, in my lowest moments, that I am an overcomer- I am almost tempted to scoff, like Sarah when she heard Melchisedec that she will bear Abraham a son- because I have given up on myself. But the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob- that same God who made a way for all the saints of old and new and present, have a very special plan for me. I don't know it yet but I have this feeling in my heart, that the winds of change will blow soon. All the signs He sent me, leads to His path only and in my heart of hearts- I believe my God. I know Him, I have met Him. He is love unchanging.

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Holiday blessings with God in our hearts.

Dorothy from grammology

A marvellous website!
Congrantulations and best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy.

Thank you all for your greetings and for taking the time to comment ;) I really appreciate the kind words and friendship. God bless!

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