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Christmas is a man-made tradition indeed, and it has been commercialized in many ways but it does serve it's purpose- somehow, this occasion brings families together and second it serves as a reminder to the whole world that we have been given the gift of life through Jesus Christ. Let us not forget this precious truth amidst the feasting, the shopping and the madness this holiday season brings. 2010, is not too far away...and so is His coming. My prayer is for us to have a closer walk with God, for us to truly allow Him to be the Lord of our lives.

 The world has been talking about the 2012 doomsday based on the Mayan civilization prediction BUT the 'end of the world' as we know it, has been written on the Holy scriptures, in the book of Revelation for a very long is not new. However, it has been written in the scriptures that we do not know the time nor the hour- which means it could happen sooner than that. Are we prepared? are you prepared? am I?
We need to do some heart searching, dear friend. Anyway, God bless you all and I pray our desire to be like Jesus grows even stronger everyday!  Amen.

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That is such a powerful photo. I really like it.

Thanks Sherry :) I love it too, because I believe the Lord is always near...we just cannot see him with our carnal eyes.

Love the way you put it right out there … you love the Lord.

May 2010 be kind to you and your family.

Thanks for the visit - Maxi

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